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  1. Jember

    Clearwater Beach

    I think the taxi backto the ferry was like $10. The taxi was right out front when we wanted to leave. the bathroom was very clean and had plenty of space to change.
  2. I was on the Dawn in August. The guy in front of us was wearing a tank top and shorts and they would not allow him to be seated.
  3. I brought stainless straws from amazon. They came with a brush to clean. However, I hardly used them. Drinking without straws wasn't that difficult, even the frozen drinks since the melt fairly quickly.
  4. I was on the Dawn recently and did not have the same experience. The casino was smokey but I expected that. I sat many nights at Gatsby's and the smoke from the enclosed area did not bother us at all. Also, the smoking on the pool deck and deck 7 was contained to one side of the ship. I did observe staff directing smokers on the pool deck to the correct side on the first day.
  5. Jember

    Clearwater Beach

    Yes we saw a few landing. It was pretty cool!
  6. You could also take a minbus from the St. George ferry to Clearwater Beach. It was less crowded than Tobacco Bay. It has a beach bar, bathrooms and rental equipment. The water was calm and we saw a lot of turtles!
  7. We were on the same cruise. Had a great time. We loved the entertainment throughout the ship, especially Flavors at the pool deck. The line to disembark was long but it moved quickly. We got in line around 8:20 and were off by 9. I'm not sure what time the boat was scheduled to dock but it was there at least by 7am maybe earlier.
  8. we only paid $15 from Clearwater Beach to the ferry dock in St. George! $35 to Tobacco is way too much.
  9. Just off the Dawn on Friday. They had pizza at the buffet daily.
  10. just off the dawn, they had angry orchard
  11. Jember

    Clearwater Beach

    Just returned yesterday. We loved Clearwater Beach!! We took the NCL free ferry to St. George's on Monday. Once off the ferry there were a number of minibuses and taxi's available. we took the minibus for $7pp one way. Clearwater was about 15 minutes away. Rented two lounge chairs and umbrella for $35. the beach was not crowded at all. There is a beach bar, bathrooms and you can rent things such as snorkel gear, kayaks etc.Saw a ton of turtles in the water! We took taxi back to St. George and then the free ferry back to Dockyard.
  12. Just back yesterday. we went to Horseshoe Bay the first day. there are minibuses right outside the ship that take you there for $7pp each way. Second day we took the free NCL ferry to St. George then a minibus to Clearwater Beach, again $7pp. Clearwater was much less crowded then Tobacco Bay. Last day we toured the Fort at the Dockyard and just walked around that area.
  13. Just off the Dawn. We brought a multi plug and plugged right into the 110. The multi plug had two usb ports and 3 outlets. It worked great. Our 110 outlet was at the desk and we just plugged phone, etc there
  14. i was on the same cruise, we had a great time! No complaints
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