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  1. My friend and I sailed in 9309...I am so glad we switched from a IV to a SV...a true balcony. It was quiet and we didn't mind the additional steps to get to the back of the ship...that many more treats to enjoy!
  2. Sunset Verandah on Edge was amazing. We were on deck 9 so only passenger cabins above and below us. The view is amazing...the extra steps a plus for anyone who enjoys gelato as much as I do!!!
  3. I follow Captain Kate on Instagram. I believe it was posted on Sunday. Brilliant!!!
  4. My friends and I have Equinox in the Caribbean booked for January. We are going to escape the frigid Chicago winter...doesn't really matter how I get to the beach as long as I get to the beach. I've already researched Celebrity excursions rather than getting to the beach independently and find that the cost will be pretty close (transportation, lounge chair & umbrella). The only downside is not having the option to stay as long as I'd like...or being able to wander through town and have lunch at a favorite spot after a day at the beach. Different case for Reflection TA next Octob
  5. Thanks Poffles for turning me onto Bug's Lifejacket Demo. That cat always puts a smile on my face (and I am not a cat lover... please don't tell the Captain).
  6. I found "High Seas" a few weeks ago...watched one season per day (total binge-worthy). Loved the fashion, art deco decor, beautiful, spacious staterooms. The plot got a little hoaky in season three; that's probably why I loved it so much. I read that a season 4 was approved only to be cancelled...😂
  7. We will likely miss you by one sailing...we are booked for the 1/29 trip. Enjoy your cruise; happy anniversary!
  8. Sorry, no photos,. I would estimate a little less than 50% coverage.
  9. We were in 9309...no soot. Very quiet. Yes, lots of steps, but that justified the extra scoop of ice cream I had at dinner. I would book this cabin again in a heartbeat. SV is my new favorite location as long as there are guest cabins above and below.
  10. I should be sailing on Equinox now...departure was to be a week ago today from Ft. Lauderdale sailing the ABC Islands. I have spent every day thinking about what could have been. As disappointed as I am, I can look forward to the re-booked cruise for January (yes, I believe we will sail). Thankful that friends & family have remained healthy and I still have a job to pay for the three cruises I have booked for next year.
  11. Sunset Verandah has a true balcony; we sailed in 9309 and the balcony was a great size. When we arrived, there were two deck chairs and a table. We asked for, and received, two loungers. There was plenty of room for all of that furniture. We are also partial to the SV location...extra steps to reach, but the best view. We also always look for a deck that has passenger cabins both above and below so it's extra quiet. Enjoy Edge; she's a beauty!
  12. I was on Edge in SV 9309 with the bed near the balcony (always my choice). Looking at the Cruise Deck Plans website, it appears that both 7311 and 8319 have the bed near the bath.
  13. 2015...Equinox...my friend and I decided that after many early mornings (travel to the ship, visiting family pre-cruise, embarkation day), we would not set an alarm for our first day on the ship. It was a sea day...nothing to do; nowhere to be; let's just relax. At 5am, we were awakened by our next door neighbor standing on her balcony singing "you are my sunshine." 😆. We met up in the hallway a short time later, and a conversation started when her husband noticed my friend and I were both wearing Cub jerseys. Turns out they were from the town next to me (Northwest suburbs) an
  14. My last cruise was on the Edge this past December...great memories...and the photos give me something to look forward to. Next up is Equinox in 164 days (fingers crossed).
  15. Sailed on Edge this past December. Ashley Amber was the entertainment highlight...incredible voice. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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