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Thank you for sharing that. It seems to be a wonderful sail around for those on board and ashore. Although I personally won't miss having Halifax inserted in a TA. It seems to have been an excuse to justify a TA stretched to 9 days.
What I will miss is the opportunity to take a six-day crossing from Southampton to Halifax, disembarking in my own country. We had to pay the fare for New York and get permission from Cunard to leave the ship in Halifax. (According to the Canadian government, Canadian passport holders don't need permission to disembark, but we discussed that earlier.) We only did this once, in 2014.

I hope they will bring back these occasional calls. Next year there is only one call in Halifax, down from four - two cruises and two TAs - for this and the previous few years. Next year the only way to take a QM2 TA to or from a Canadian port will be the annual autumn voyage to Quebec. This takes two weeks. We are taking this from Quebec to Southampton in October this year.