My wife and two kids will be sailing on the Escape in June and this will be the first time on NCL and a ship were reservations are available. I have learned a lot from reading this board and appreciate the info shared. I still have a few reservation questions and when answering know that we are not interested in anything that has a extra fee.

1. We will only be eating dinner in the main dining rooms and probably early do we need to make reservations to avoid a wait?

2. I understand you can make reservations for After Midnight and the Brat Pack 90 days in advance but is there anything else I would need to make reservations for that early.

3. What can I make a reservation for when on the ship and is this something done right away for the entire week or done the day of. If it is done as soon as you get on board for the entire week how do you know what entertainment is offered later on in the week. On previous cruises we never knew what was going on the next day until we received the daily.