Star Legend - most forward S category cabins

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Windstar Cruises
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Sacramento, California
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I'm looking at booking a cruise to unwind after retiring and the Star Legend Japan and North Pacific cruise or Alaska Wonders are candidates. My DH isn't interested in going so I would be sailing solo and interested in keeping the cabin category down to economize a bit.

How are the forward cabins 100 to 105? Because of the narrowing of the bow they appear to have a different configuration on the deck plan.

How is the motion that far forward - especially for the ocean crossing.

Because it is on this week's 7 for 7 special, I've booked an S1 on May 17. Switching to S would save a few hundred $.
Titusville, NJ
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I have never been in those cabins, but I would always opt for a cabin that is more mid-ship. There is noticeably less movement mid-ship, and a transpacific crossing might have some high seas. For the Alaska itinerary, it probably wouldn't matter so much since you are largely in the calm Inner Passage and wouldn't be in the open ocean.
northern California
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We were booked in Cabin 100 on a recent Atlantic cruise. The downside: it's the foreward-most cabin and you get all the sea action in rough weather, plus lots of noise when docking early in the morning. We had a couple of rough nights and my wife got pretty sick. I did not, so it all depends on your susceptibility to motion sickness.

The pluses exceed the minuses in my opinion. The cabin is configured differently than the rest. Inside the outermost door is a closet on each side, with the safe in one of them. Then you transit an inner door into the living room. The living room runs the width of the cabin with a large couch, two stuffed chairs, coffee table, cabinets (one with glassware), and lots of storage. The bathroom is large and contains a tub/shower. Perpendicular to the living room (to the right) is the bedroom and you can stretch a collapsing curtain from wall-to-wall between it and the living room. On one side of the bedroom is a desk that runs the length of the wall--very nice. We just really liked the arrangement of this cabin. We met a couple one evening that had been on something like 75 cruises with Windstar. Their favorite cabin on board was 100 and they tried to get it, but we already had it. Hope that helps.
Titusville, NJ
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There is a previous posting on this site called "Star Legend room 100 & 101", which provides a detailed description of the cabin as well as photos. Just do a search.
Sacramento, California
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Originally posted by ridethetide
There is a previous posting on this site called "Star Legend room 100 & 101", which provides a detailed description of the cabin as well as photos. Just do a search.
Found it! Thank you, that was quit helpful. I can see where some people might prefer the layout as one walks into the sitting area with the bed being further into the cabin. With two people and one wanting to use the desk/dressing table, the desk not being in the pathway between the two sides of the cabin would also be an advantage. Personally, I'd probably find some aspects of the layout non-ideal. It looks like one can't look out the window whilst in bed and having the closet in the hallway seems awkward. I'd thought from the deck plan that it possibly had more window than the other cabins but it doesn't - it has perhaps less window width.

Between that and not being the most motion comfortable person, I think I'll spring for one of the C1 cabins.
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I understand that traveling solo you would like to keep the costs down. When I travel solo, this is also important to me. However, I would recommend you to book a midship cabin specially because you will be alone. Ship movements can make your experience not so enjoyable.
Southlake, Texas
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It appears that the window in those cabins in question is smaller. I like the layout, it reminds me of the double wide suites on the Windsurf. I do love the large window though. Can someone confirm the window is smaller?