Vancouver disembarkation and extremely long taxi wait this week

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Heads up to anyone disembarking in Vancouver. We were just there on Monday 8/14 on the Sun and the taxi line was 1.5-2 hours long. We finally gave up after almost an hour and walked up the ramp to the street level then hailed a cab across the street. One of the people working at the port said they are filming a Ryan Reynolds film downtown (have been for weeks) and that it was causing a lot of traffic issues and trouble for the taxis getting down there. I would make alternate plans to take the train, etc. or expect to get your own taxi at the street (which means dragging your luggage up to the street level. They try and tell you that you have to take the elevator to the street but you can walk up the ramp that goes toward the train. Good luck.
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Yes, sorry abut this. There are a number of films/shows in production right now, all around the Lower Mainland. We see the trailers and sets all the time. I hope it didn't sour your view of this amazing city.
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No, I just wished I had known ahead of time and made other plans. The line was moving for about 20 minutes then just stalled and no taxis were coming. I am a bit bummed the port didn't address it at all. Just left us waiting in the line forever with no information. Then when people walked up to the street, any cabs that were in the area were being taking by them. It was a bit crazy and I feel like NCL or the port should have let people know there was going to be a lot of congestion and a longer wait for taxis.
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That whole mess was primarily because someone died on set just after 8am. Unsurprisingly when WorkSafe and the police are cordoning off an area that's already got some filming-related traffic restrictions, it makes life harder on taxi drivers and other road users... and reporting to the pier is very low on the list of priorities.
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Originally posted by Keith1010
Sorry to hear all this.

We have used a private vehicle there just because from time to time it can be a big problem getting a taxi.


Keith who have you used for private transportation? To airport?

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Originally posted by JVilleGal
Keith who have you used for private transportation? To airport?

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On our two last disembarkation's we had the cruise line arrange private transfers for us.

When we arrived to Vancouver we used a private company called Aerocar to get from the Vancouver airport to the Pan Pacific Hotel which is located at the cruise ship terminal.

Their web site is:

Hope this helps.