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If you have cruised with Scenic recently...did you have trouble getting flight info?

I知 starting to believe they only have 1 person working in the air dept for the US side and it痴 impossible to speak with her...

I知 finding the customer service to be very frustrating pre cruise.

Is this isolated to me or an ongoing problem?


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We are doing Amsterdam to Budapest June 2018 and have booked and paid for our airfares(including upgrade to business class). We told them what airline we wanted to use and they got back to us with the exact flights we had been looking at. We have been advised of our seat numbers and can see them on our booking on the scenic Australia sight. We used a cruise travel agent.
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We got our airfare a few months ago for our Dec 6, 2017 cruise. No problems. Got exactly the flights we wanted. Can see them on the airline's website.
Sorry to hear you are having problem.

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We booked ours and had no problems at all. Very friendly and helped us pick the best options.

Sorry you have had issues.
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Joined Feb 2011 weird!!! I知 having the worst trouble...I値l try again tmrw Thx everyone...they seem to have plenty of staff on the Canadian side but not the American side.

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Originally posted by mom2travel weird!!! I知 having the worst trouble...I値l try again tmrw Thx everyone...they seem to have plenty of staff on the Canadian side but not the American side.

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Can you give us some details? Can you not get them on the phone? Are they not offering your preferred flights?

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I had similar problems for the cruise I just got off of. The timing that had been described in the materials came and went, and still no booking. My TA called, and they told her it would be another week. The week came and went, and no booking. She called again, and was told they were doing it on a rolling basis, and would get to us eventually. I called. Same thing. Polite, but vague.

I was concerned because my local airport has only one direct flight a day to Paris, and I did not want a circuitous routing. Finally, with a tip from someone, I found a person to help, and got the desired booking.

The U.S. office seems horribly understaffed (actually, so did the ship, but that's a matter for the review I'll be writing shortly). I expect that's because the U.S. has historically supplied little of their market. But that appears to be changing: it was announced on our cruise (Bordeaux) that, for the first time in Scenic history, U.S. nationals comprised the majority of the passengers on the ship--which was sailing full. So, let's hope that they start staffing the U.S. operation accordingly.
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Yes that was exactly the problem I was having. They said they would email me flights by the end of the day and then a week would go by. Kept calling and getting the run around, then didn稚 care for the flights they offered, they were trying to charge me extra 1st because I was not flying out of a gateway so I switched to a gateway and then they wanted to charge me for switching flights! I ended up talking to 3 different people and finally have flights confirmed but overall was NOT a good experience and literally took more then a month glad others are having a better experience.

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We are doing a cruise in May 2018, in about 2 weeks, the travel department was absolutely superb. They book all our flights, we paid to upgrade to business class, all flights were just what I had been looking at and hoping they would book.

My only concern is we're booked on Air France. They have not announced any strike dates beyond May 8th. I spoke to the Secnic travel department and they were reasuring that they would be able to make alternate plans if we needed them. We have our fingers crossed, would love to have trouble free trip.