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  1. ShannonSC2

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    After reading your post of the Bliss I am ready to book the Encore TA! Plus it will be happening during my 50th birthday! What a great way to spend a HUGE birthday celebration!
  2. ShannonSC2

    How to post pictures ??

    I use to use photobucket from my laptop to post pictures. I don't have an iPad anymore. How do you post from a Mac? If there is link that explains will be great. Thanks
  3. ShannonSC2

    EPIC Spring Break Cruise-March 31st

    Back to day one. I remembered what I had for dinner. :) I had the clam chowder and beef sliders. I will say the beef sliders were very good. My husband had the beef lasagna and he wasn't too thrilled with it.
  4. ShannonSC2

    EPIC Spring Break Cruise-March 31st

    I am not sure all NCL cruises do inside drills. I was on the NCL Sun in Alaska and our muster drill was outside. We were right under the speaker too. That emergency sound can get a little loud. :) I know the Getaway is inside. I am not sure about the others. Yes it is annoying when people talk during the drills. I was also surprised how many people had their drinks as I always remembered having to leave drinks outside.
  5. ShannonSC2

    REVIEW: NCL Getaway - April 1, 2018 Western Caribbean

    We have been on the Getaway twice. The last time my husband got a nasty sinus infection and had to use the medical center. I was very impressed how clean and how friendly they are. I do like the waterfront features on the Getaway. Loved your review.
  6. Here is my review of the EPIC this past week. This was my 2nd cruise on the EPIC. We went with a group of friends (14 all together). We have cruised several times during spring break and I will say that this spring break seemed a lot better than most. Yes it was crowded but that is to be expected. We had two mini suites. I will say I was very impressed with the mini suites. Pictures to come later. We are on the silver level and so close to the next level but need another cruise which won't be hard to do. I will post pictures later after I figure out how. :) When we arrived the line was very long. I had never seen the line so long. Of course we were scheduled for the 1:30 and it was 12:30. It was 1:15 when we got on the ship so I would say we timed it perfect. (My husband's time was at 1 so that makes up for the boarding early). Parking at Port Canaveral isn't bad at all. Actually a lot of parking spaces so we parked outside the parking garage which made for an easy walking with luggage. We had Krispy Kreme doughnuts left over so we gave them to the porters taking our luggage. I mean they couldn't go to waste in the car! :) We have never been out of Port Canaveral before so I am not sure if the long line is normal. 2 other ships were in port (Disney and Carnival). Once we got through security, the line seemed to go by quickly. We checked in and off we went to the ship. The camera guy wasn't there to take pictures so no one was begging us for pictures and had a camera stuck in our faces. He did come out once we walked by and we did grab a quick picture. :) Got on the ship with our washy, washy person spraying our hands. I love that they do this but I had to only get one hand done since I had stuff in the other hand. It is like juggling stuff around to get washy, washy! Rooms weren't opened yet so we went to the pool deck near Garden cafe for lunch and of course a drink. The last time I cruised out of Miami I had to sign for each drink and they reminded me of a tax. I didn't sign anything so I am wondering if it was a Miami thing. I always thought is was Uncle Sam trying to get his tax. We waited on our other friends to arrive and we all had lunch together. Another group with us was one of the last ones on the ship. Muster drill was the same. We were in the Manhattan Room and everyone talked the whole time. When on the Getaway you weren't allowed to talk as they kept calling you out and wouldn't do the drill until everyone "shut up". But no one paid attention. After the drill we were all dismissed. Don't try the elevators as everyone was on them. We walked the steps to the 15th floor for the sail away party. It seemed a lot of people didn't come to the sail away party. It was crowded but nothing like the 80's party! We went back to the room to find our luggage had been delivered. I am amazing at how fast they can deliver that luggage. Now we did have one piece of luggage that wasn't ours but we returned it to our room attendant. Speaking of room attendants we had Francesico (?). I like to get to know our room attendants but he wasn't a man of many words. Just the normal good morning or good evening. Dinner on this night was at Taste. We walked right up and was seated quickly. There were 8 of us. I will say the service was amazing. I can't remember what I had this night (I need to start writing this stuff down). I guess the most important thing was that I had cheesecake and it was delicious! But I love any type of cheesecake. My husband wasn't very pleased with his meal though but some people had the steak and it was perfect. We turned in pretty early this night. As we were getting ready to for bed we had a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne delivered to the cabin. I will see if I can post any pictures before moving to the next day.
  7. ShannonSC2

    Epic smoke bomb!!!!!!

    I just got off the EPIC. The smoke doesn't bother me as me as it use to. I did learn that if I walk around the other side of the pool (the opposite side of the smoking section) that you can't smell the smoke. That would be if you are coming from back of ship (Spice H20) go to the right side. The smoking section is on the left side of the ship. The night of the 80's party there was a lot of smoking happening in Spice H20 but the wind was making it go off the ship.
  8. ShannonSC2

    Epic LIVE March 24-31, 2018

    Awesome review! When you get off the ship I will be getting on! Love the spa raffles and especially when you win. I won a $100 a few years ago and enjoyed my massage! :) Hope you have a great week!
  9. ShannonSC2

    My View: The Epic Beauty/Beast

    I am sailing on the EPIC next week and I can't wait. This will be my 2nd time on her. I am just ready to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The OP: Your pictures are beautiful. Great review so far!
  10. ShannonSC2

    The Epic! I didn't hate it! But...

    Going on the EPIC for the 2nd time at the end of the month. We had a great time when we went the first time. This will be our 6th cruise with NCL. The first time we went on the EPIC I read so many negative comments. I was thinking in my head that I had made a mistake by booking it. We had the best time on the EPIC. Of course we were in Europe. The food was amazing, the staff was great and the entertainment was fabulous. The bathroom setup was a little awkward but we managed. :) I am hoping that this coming cruise for the EPIC isn't a disappointment. But I am having fun no matter what. Sailing with friends to celebrate graduation makes for a fun week! :)
  11. ShannonSC2

    Storm Damage To The Breakaway?

    This is the funniest post I have seen! :) Thanks for the laugh!
  12. ShannonSC2

    BA news in NY

  13. ShannonSC2

    BA news in NY

    Mother Nature is hard to predict even with the best technology. Systems can speed up or slow down in no time. In SC we knew a storm was coming but we didn't expect to get hit with 5-8 inches of snow. Charleston was supposed to get snow and wind up with 5.3 inches while Myrtle Beach got freezing rain/ice.
  14. ShannonSC2

    Escape Info/Tips

    NCL has Freestyle dining. You don't have a certain time for dining. So you don't really have a set table or server. You can have dinner at 6Pm or 7PM or whenever you feel like it. Some people like the freestyle dining where you can eat when you want and some people like having a set time/table/server. I have eaten at the same restaurant and asked for a certain server and was able to get if it wasn't too busy. As for speciality dining they are by reservations. They cost extra unless you have the dining package. I hope this helps. I am not an expert on the speciality dining as we don't use it often for our cruises. BY THE WAY I am a huge Tiger Fan! Just got back from the Sugar Bowl! Disappointing but we will return! :) Go Tigers!
  15. ShannonSC2

    BA news in NY

    And you will look back on this cruise experience and laugh about it one day. That is what we do with our Carnival Cruise experience. It was 8 years ago and some of the people in our group are going with us on another cruise this spring! :)