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  1. I agree with you Mike_DeA. I can't handle the sun or the smoke. I loved the Encore. Beautiful ship and a great areas to people watch.
  2. So the porters were so confused in the luggage and told people to go all the down to the door with their luggage. Needless to say people had their luggage with them going through screenings. It was crazy! once you got through security they checked you in fast. We are suppose to have mister drill at 3:30 and they are trying to get everyone on board now. Looks like we will be about 45 minutes behind schedule. Heard that cruise came from transatlantic and some issues with customs. That is what delayed everyone getting on. Looking forward to great cruise!
  3. The line to get on the ship is long. It is very unorganized and no one seems to know what is going on. I have a feeling we won’t be leaving port as scheduled.
  4. Our last NCL cruise we had a room steward who wouldn't hardly speak to us. He didn't go out of his way for us at all. Also it was the last cruise before heading to Europe. My husbands passport disappeared but we had no proof it was stolen (we didn't find out until we are standing in line at the port). There were some papers and we could have thrown it away by accident but I still think it was stolen. I think they stopped pool service. Last time I was on NCL I had to get my own drinks at the bar and yes I agree they aren't quick to wait on you. I honestly wonder if the drink pac
  5. We have done 3 RCCL cruises and 7 NCL cruises. Each cruise line has their own personality as many have already pointed out. I think it all comes down to what you like and enjoy. We like the Freestyle dining because some nights I don't want to eat at 8:30. Our last RCCL cruise in June our dining time was late dining which was at 8:30. Of course having Freestyle dining you usually don't get the same server. Our RCCL server was wonderful and knew what we wanted to drink each night without asking. Formal nights are more casual on NCL but you will see people wearing
  6. I agree that RCCL seems more formal. NCL is more laidback.
  7. Probably a rule follower who was new on the job. 🙂 I have never heard of them pulling anyone but I am sure it was better to be pulled before getting off the ship! Thanks for the post as I will keep an eye on this for future references.
  8. We did a Disney Cruise in the Southern Caribbean this past Jan. as a couple only for our 24th anniversary. I was amazed how many kids were on the ship (2 weeks after winter break) but it didn't bother us. We hung out at the adult pool area and in the clubs. The shows are fabulous and enjoyed meeting other couples. I don't think I would do it again though as there are other ships that have nicer adult areas and the entertainment is good.
  9. We have sailed on RCCL 3 times and NCL about 6 times. I find that the cruise lines have a lot of similarities. Dining: NCL: I do like freestyle dining. But it makes me eat more at the buffet because I forget to go to dinner until it is too late. 🙂 RCCL: You have My time dining which you can pick your dining time. I do like having a set time and the same waiter/waitress each night. Entertainment: I think both cruise lines does a great job with entertainment. I think it really depends on what you are looking for. Activities: NCL h
  10. I tried to find it but they were only showing Cricket. Also the men soccer had some game last weekend and they were showing those games. I couldn't find anywhere on the ship that was showing the women's world cup. I did see that I missed a great high scoring game last week with the USA women scoring 13 goals. 🙂 I did catch the last half today while eating lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Have a great cruise. We had a great cruise!
  11. No World Cup games are being shown. But if you love cricket they are showing it. The TV selections are very limited!
  12. I will let you know. I know when we cruised in the past they have shown the men's world cup games but we were in Europe. Thanks for the reminder of the app. I need to download now.
  13. If you go into the cruise already thinking it is going to be bad that isn't a good sign. Go in with a good attitude. Example: We were going on a cruise with another cruise line. I read all kinds of negative reviews about the staff being rude to the ship being in horrible conditions. I actually wasn't expecting a lot from this cruise. We get on the ship and had the best time. All the staff was amazing. We have actually been on that ship again. As someone said people may post more negative reviews before they post positive. Have a great time. Sounds like an a
  14. I am wondering the same thing. USA women play Tuesday and we will be on the ship!! I hope they do! 1 more day until we get on the ship!!
  15. I have friends who are sailing tomorrow on Majesty out of Fort Lauderdale and they have changed their itinerary. They have a sea day on Thursday and going to Costa Maya instead of Havana, Cuba. They are adding a refund in the value of 50% per stateroom of the cruise fare paid as a credit to your onboard account. If you don' use the onboard credit they will refund back the credit card on file. They are a little disappointed as her parents were supposed to go but because her step dad was born in Cuba he couldn't get the correct paperwork needed so they cancelled. It is a shame
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