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  1. There is something that prevents hanging inside, but I can't recall what it was. That's why we kept ours on the outside. We didn't use the kind that hang on a rod because, after they took all those drawers out of the sitting area in Navigator, they tried to make up for it by putting another, small, dresser in the closet directly under some of the rod space. We did use the space between the rod and dresser by putting a small hanging shelf piece there and using that for more "drawer" space. It all worked out.
  2. I drink my coffee black, so the problem isn't the milk. To avoid the problem with the brewed coffee poured in dining areas, I order a Cafe Americano.
  3. It's going to depend largely on the ship, so you may want to ask about this on the forum for the cruise line in question. On Regent, the holder fit nicely on the outside of the closet door, since they provide walk-in closets. We chose the outside because hanging it inside got in the way of something (I forget what). On Crystal, which has sliding closet doors and therefore wouldn't take a hanging anything, an over-door did not fit on the bathroom door or entry door and allow it to close properly. So, instead, we found an under-bed shoe holder with 16 compartments and kept it under the sofa in the room (as we were storing suitcases with our clothes for the cold climates that would come toward the end of the cruise under the bed).
  4. Thanks. The write-ups on the new milestones are not models of clarity, so this helps. Do you know whether, if you are booked on a world cruise and reach a milestone at, say, the second segment, can you use it on, for instance, the third segment? Or is that like the back-to-back situation that remains unclear?
  5. Then there's the Song of Flower. I realize that today her smaller cabins and scarcity of balconies would not be acceptable to luxury cruisers, but I've not seen a ship before or since to match her.
  6. I can and do pack light for most traveling. But lengthy cruises are another animal altogether. Since this will be home for multiple months, and since I unpack once and am done with it for a long time, I give myself license to pack whatever I think I'll need or want. For multi-month cruises, many lines will provide for shipping up to a certain amount (usually the equivalent of two large suitcases). It's not just clothing. There's a multi-month supply of toiletries. And we all have our favorites that we may not be able to find in distant ports. Nor do we want to spend valuable port time looking for them. Little things, like an over-the-door shoe bag, electronics, first aid kit, etc., start to add up. Then there's shoes. I take a lot of walking excursions, so make sure I have at least two pair of walking shoes. Then there's slip-ons, a couple of dress shoes, sandals, etc. And, if the cruise is going to multiple climates, clothes for each climate. Plus changes of clothes from daytime casual to "elegant casual," which means account for at least two outfits per day (understanding the much laundry will be done along the way). And there will be galas on a world cruise, so at least one truly dressy outfit. Two swim suits, since I hate putting on a damp suit and ports with snorkeling (or good days for pool time) tend to be bunched together due to simple geography. It adds up. Over the course of the last decade or so, I've managed to take 3 lengthy cruises, ranging from 72 to 120 nights. No matter what, my travel buddy and I always wind up with the same amount of luggage: 2 large suitcases, 1 medium suitcase, and a small carry-on each.
  7. Of course, the ones that angle aft are more expensive than those that angle forward. You can get a forward-angled cabin in the "superior" category, but must move up to at least concierge to get one that is aft-angled.
  8. I just counted up---I've spent 192 nights on Navigator, almost all of them on Deck 6. Latest was last summer. In all that time, I've heard my neighbors maybe a half-dozen times. The soundproofing is not as good as on Explorer (where the soundproofing is extraordinary), but is no worse than any other ship I've been on.
  9. Only on cruises 16 nights or longer in duration.
  10. I was not suggesting that people were asked to dress a particular way. I was wondering whether people were aware that filming was going on, and perhaps chose to dress up more just in case (or knew that they'd be interviewed). Apparently, you knew that you'd be interviewed, even if you didn't know exactly when. But I suspect they didn't just turn up in your suite without a little advance notice. What was interesting was that many people in the background in the first installment were dressed up too, making me think that the dinner scenes were filmed on Formal Optional night.
  11. I have assumed that they were filming on Formal Optional night (note the Optional in that) and/or passengers were aware of the filming and gussied up to show off their best. I did notice that the attire was more casual on the whole in the second installment.
  12. I’ve often said that I wish that we could combine the best features of the two lines. In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep booking both, depending on itinerary, and enjoying what both offer. Thank you for doing such a terrific thread. It makes me look forward to my next Crystal cruise (alas, not til 2022) in addition to my upcoming bookings on Regent. And maybe someday I’ll get to see Mark Farris. I’ve heard so much about him. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the other pianists I’ve seen in Avenue and the Cove.
  13. I agree with Keith on the evening attire, at least in my (more limited than his) experience on Crystal. If anything, I found Crystal to be a bit dressier than Regent, at least during the world cruise. So it may be the newbie phenomenon. And ditto to Stickman re the robes. Particularly in the cabins where there is just the reach-in closet, we have our stewardess remove the bulkier robes. Love those light kimono-style robes in the warm/hot climates! Jackie, I'm glad you are enjoying Crystal. There's much to like there, and it sounds like you've found a quite a bit of it.
  14. When I last sailed Crystal (2016), they still has set seatings at dinner. And therefore did two performances per night to accommodate both seatings. Are they still doing two, or have they moved to one now that there's open seating? I can see that the size of the theater could be a problem if they do only one show per night.
  15. At the risk of taking this thread off-topic, if this happens on a cruise, it could be worthwhile to talk to your steward/ess or butler about it. I broke a strap on my favorite dress sandals while on a 72-night cruise on Navigator. I mentioned it to our stewardess, who said "let me see what can be done." The next day she brought them back, repaired. By the ship's carpenter. That was 11 years ago. I still wear those shoes.
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