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  1. There are those who like to speculate about the impending doom of the "older" ships--particularly Navigator. But it is just speculation, and based on utterly no actual information. Just ignore and keep booking the ships you love.
  2. We'd been looking forward to sailing again with you and Kerry, but alas it is not to be--at least not this one. The Australian and NZ ports make up more than a month of the cruise (and the western coast of AUS was a big part of why we booked it), and those look like no-gos. Add to that the uncertainty of other ports and Crystal's uncertain future as demonstrated by its worst-in-industry refund record. I'm glad to see its current cruises are going well, and I hope it recovers both financially and in terms of the trust of the clientele. But we just didn't see this cruise happening, at least with an itinerary worth the investment of money and time, so decided to beat the rush on refund requests.
  3. We cancelled the 2022 world cruise (sail date Feb 2, 2022) and requested a refund of our deposit on June 15, 2021. No refund yet, of course.
  4. If there is a U.S. port prior to the disembarkation port, there generally will be an immigration inspection at that port. Otherwise, anyone who wanted to avoid inspection could just leave the ship at that earlier port. Customs will likely be at San Diego, but that's usually a breeze-through.
  5. It's true of this Regent passenger. I love my aloha shirts, purchased at whatever discount joint I can find the cotton ones. There's more of us hoi polloi on Regent than people think!
  6. Usually new ports are marked as such on the itinerary on the website. I just checked the website for your cruise. It has 3 excursions listed. https://www.rssc.com/cruises/NAV220106/activities/regent-choice-plus-free/day-7 If your "manage" function is still showing TBD for this port, you might want to call Regent and let them know the problem and ask them to add your selection.
  7. Travel Guard has a policy that covers the full amount.
  8. Booked it! And got one of the mid-ship Gs with shower that we wanted.
  9. I've seen this on some ports even pre-pandemic. Usually it's ports that are new to Regent (and possibly the whole NCLH network). They're still working on setting things up.
  10. It has a lot in common with the Crystal 2022 WC that we just cancelled. And some other things we'd have liked to see on that cruise. So, yeah, we're booking.
  11. We're signed up for a grand cruise next year, and our TA has already emailed us the excursions list, though we can't start signing up until September. Last time we did a grand voyage, we were able to sign up for all the segments on that first day of availability. I assume that will still be the case. Re luggage shipping, here in the U.S. they usually pick it up 1-2 weeks in advance. But that has been for cruises that originated in the U.S. If sailing from a foreign port, it likely will be earlier, since the luggage needs to clear customs in the country where the port is located.
  12. I've noticed this on a few ports, but most still have a substantial array of included excursions that look desirable. And, of course, any small group excursion has a corresponding regular, included one.
  13. Exactly! Adding focus on something mentioned above: you can take the air deviation and pick your own flights, provided Regent has an agreement with the airline(s) in question. It does cost extra unless you are in the loyalty categories that provide it as a perk (which I am fortunate to be), but you are going to pay the deviation anyway if you take Regent Air and come in and/or depart other than the day of the cruise (or the day that your pre-cruise hotel starts, if you're in concierge or above or take the Regent hotel package).
  14. Re the domestic economy vs business/first on Regent Air. My experience has been that, if I take the Regent Air for an international flight, I wind up getting business or first class on the domestic segment. Regent doesn't promise this, but it always seems to happen. If, however, it is solely domestic, I usually do my own air, as I can do better than the credit amount, particularly because I fly from a non-gateway airport.
  15. Veuve Clicquot is the welcome bottle for the upper suites and for Titanium and above Seven Seas Society members.
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