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  1. Maybe it's just the cruises I happened to look at, but it appears that the summer 2022 cruises have very few sea days.
  2. I happened to mention to an officer (who was not involved with food & beverage) in casual conversation how much I like Regent's cinnamon ice cream. That evening the head waiter asked me what evening would I like some. They made a batch a couple of nights later just for our table.
  3. I'd steer clear of booking on Crystal right now. Its parent company has defaulted on payments, and its refund record makes Regent (and almost everyone else in the industry) look like a speed demon. The parent is looking for a restructuring at the moment. Most travel insurers won't cover carrier default for them, and at least one major TA network is advising its members to discourage clients from putting money down on a Crystal cruise. It likely will find an out from all this, but in the meantime I'd sit tight and not book with them. Just so you know, I like Crystal and
  4. Also make sure that the credit card(s) you carry with you do not have international transaction charges. Exchanging currency for each country you visit can get tiresome and expensive in terms of fees, commissions, and sometimes lousy exchange rates, so using credit cards where you can is helpful, and those international transaction fees can really add up.
  5. My TA checked. For the cruises that Regent cancelled, they are refunding by sailing date, and are currently on August. We had a late September sailing date. Deposits for later cruises have been refunded where it was the passenger, not Regent, that did the cancelling, so they aren't part of the mass process.
  6. We have not yet gotten our refund. Looking at the spreadsheet, it looks like we are outliers, so thanks for the reminder. Contacting my TA now.
  7. Obviously I don't know much about the industry. But I seem to recall Apollo Management (admittedly, not fully a private equity firm but definitely having operations in that space) having holdings in both Regent Seven Seas and either Crystal or Genting at some point. But perhaps not concurrently.
  8. The part about the financier being interested only in one of the brands--believed to be Crystal--indicates that it's likely someone in the Western world, since that's Crystal's traditional market. I can't see it being another cruise company--they are all seeking cash, not investing it. As others have said, it's likely a private equity firm. Financial writers have been speculating that, if the cruise industry survives, it will be in for a re-alignment. And the money people thinking that through are going to want a ready customer base so that they don't have to re-invent the market, but instead
  9. Have you gotten your travel insurance yet? If so, does it cover carrier default? If so, you may be better off holding onto the reservation. If you cancel, you will terminate your insurance (unless it's an unusual policy) and thus lose the protection of the carrier default provision. You will then become an unsecured creditor with respect to your deposit, which puts you well back in line behind all those creditors with liens on ships, etc. If they wind up in U.S. bankruptcy court pursuing a Chapter 11 reorganization (I realize that they are not a U.S. company, but they certainly have debts i
  10. I have January and May cruises booked, and have selected excursions. Why not? I doubt the January will happen, and May is iffy too. But nothing to lose in booking the excursions.
  11. People are certainly getting creative in finding negatives in something positive.
  12. One thing to keep in mind about serving many people at once: Regent has true open seating for dinner in its main dining room (as well as in the Italian restaurant and pool grill), which means that the galley is not trying to push out meals to half the ship at once, as is the case with set seating times. And Splendor and Explorer offer a substantial number of specialty restaurants to spread the clientele out even further. The other three don't have Pacific Rim (my favorite), and Navigator does not have either Pacific Rim or Chartreuse. BTW, of the three lines I've been on that do op
  13. Actually, they are providing an additional $100 OBC for those whose loyalty status would entitle them to laundry. Though, given that Regent is also providing $1,000 per cabin OBC just for booking or keeping a 2021 cruise, and that cruise line includes most excursions in addition to the usual luxury line inclusions, heaven knows what we'll spend it on. Lots of upgraded wine and spa appointments I guess.
  14. scheduled sail date 9/26/20 cancelled by Regent 6/16/20no refunds as of 8/4/20 This was cancelled before final payment, so refund request is for deposit only
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