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Weigh-in for April 15th 2004!


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Down 1 this week. Yesterday I was down 2, though. Hmmmmm. A little water retention perhaps?


Bon Voyage to all those that are cruising this weekend! Wish my cruise was closer than it is. 51 more days for me!



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Up 4! I am miserable, depressed, and out of control. Just can't return to my former discipline. I am going to be faithful to the exercise part this week and will tackle the food next week. This is the worst I have done in 16 months. Down a total of 33 in that length of time, but still need to shed about 27 more. Pretty discouraged right now. Thanks for listening. Suzy

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Don't dispair, we have all been through the ups and downs. You'll get through this. Good idea about exercise, it may clear your head and you'll start feeling better. Don't beat yourself up, it always leads to a downard spiral. We're here for you, let us help.


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I swear (raising my right hand) to tell the truth...haven't weighed in since March 25th.


Went on a cruise, visited my parents after..came home..ate..Was going to be strict this Monday and and keep on it...well...went out for breakfast and a late lunch yesterday (wed.) a day before weigh-in..How Stupid! I am up, count them...

5 (five) pounds!


Better strap those pom-poms on and do some jumping! Exercising like mad...drink lots of water when my mouth isn't being taped shut to stop me from eating!


Really want to congradulate the ones who had a loss..GREAT! and the ones who stayed the same..Good! Us gainers ..WE can do it next week!

(lose that is)

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Congrats to the Losers!

Jacki..Lill..Lovone..Mari..Shelia..Boston6..Suzy..Toni..Pam..LSB (spelled wrong, sorry)..Lisa..Miriam..Lynn..YOU ALL DID GOOD!


Greengirl..Cathy..Ika..Stay the samer, that's good..no gain.


Baby..Your on track, came here first thing..Happy to see you.


Now the rest of us..LeeLee (very little)..Pat (Watch those LV buffets)..Rose..Dls..Kim (your back on it now, you enjoyed Easter, you will lose it soon)....


PJK.Suzy and Me..We got to get back on track!

Those Cruises are wonderful but.......THE FOOD and DRINKS! Hard to get back on our eating plan after..BUT WE CAN DO IT! Lets all tomorrow morning start out right..WE can have a loss next week..Oh yes we can!

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Belle, I think you need to be congratulated, you went on a cruise, you visited family, my goodness that is actually great. I hope and pray I only gain 5 pounds on my cruise next month. Last year I gained 12 pounds. I think you did great and I would bet once you start to drink that water and actually watch what you are eating you will have a huge weight loss (like 5 pounds) rather quickly.


Lisa L


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Till we set sail on the MS Oosterdam-Alaska


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I'm down a whopping 0.2 lbs! DH lost 3. I'll get him next week!


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Life is too short to be unhappy!





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Hi Everyone,


Well, here I am...better late than never. Busy busy day today and just got home.


I am down 1 lb. and it is amazing since it's my TOM. As of now, am down 17 lbs. and have 8 more to go to goal. I cruise in 22 days so maybe I can do it???


Mari and Boston6 have a GREAT time on your cruises and have FUN FUN FUN!!!!!


Mary Ann icon_smile.gificon_cool.gificon_smile.gif


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Hey Mary Ann - I'm later than you and actually just stopping by to say hello to everyone.


I didn't get to weigh-in this morning since I wasn't home and my mother doesn't have a scale. Even if she had one, it would be different than mine!


Let's all hang in there. icon_biggrin.gif




HAL-Amsterdam-Alaska - 08/02

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Congrats to all of you losers! icon_biggrin.gif


Stay-the-samers, at least you didn't gain! icon_smile.gif


Gainers, you will do better next week...keep up the good work and it WILL pay off. icon_wink.gif


Belle, I also feel that a 5 lb gain is great due to all of your traveling. If I only gain 5 lbs on my next two vacations, I'll be happy.


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Belle - I'll be happy if I only gain 5 lbs on my next cruise! I think you did very well considering all the eating opportunities! Congratulations!



Majesty of the Seas 06/01

Monarch of the Seas 06/02

Explorer of the Seas 05/03

Navigator of the Seas 06/05/04

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I know I'm late but better late than never. After 4 weeks away, I'm happy to say that I'm up 3 lbs. icon_biggrin.gif Posting this keeps me honest, so now it's time to get to work and get those extra lbs off.





Carnival Legend March 28, 2004


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Happy to report WE had more.....


Yippee's then..No, I didn't eat that much!


You did a great job. A lot of you are going to make your SWIFT Pledge! "Weigh to Go"!

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I usually don't post.. 'cause there's nothing to post... finally got to gym today (since I didn't feel like going yesterday and I don't have scale at home)...
stay the same.. frustrating since I'm being VERY good on WOE.. doesn't make sense but I'll take it.
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Wow! I just went back to look again. You are all doing so well. Just think, Spring is here, chances to be outside working in the yard, taking walks, bike riding, and more. We can come out of the winter doldrums and really get into exercise and eating less. Congratulations on everyone for sticking to their own WOE and keep coming back to report and support. Cathy
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Hi Kathy,
It's Sandy from the countdown club. I saw your name and I wanted to pop in and see how you were. Did you change the picture on your signature, or am I thinking of someone else?

I really liked what you said about Spring. This is just a magical season. Spring is like a cruise without ever having to leave home!

It's good to see you also, Laffnvegas. I will probably be going to Vegas this summer for a conference. WOO HOO!

Well, I just had a little time to kill before church and I was curious about how many people I could find on the other threads. I think I had a little bit of a funk last week when I sent my SIL off to the war, but my social inclinations are kicking in again! I hope you all are having a great Spring!

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Sandy and Len, Mom and Dad, BahamaMomma, DJ and family

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