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Weigh-in for April 15th 2004!


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Good morning, Belle and everyone - down two more lbs - 31 total now. That's a yippee from me. Hope everyone had a great week.




Sovereign July 2000

Sovereign August 2000

Imagination July 2001

Sovereign August 2001

Paradies June 2002

Pride August 2002

Sensation March 2003

Enchantment May 2003

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Sensation January 2004

Mariner May 2004


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I had a great week but still am maintaining the same weight with the goal of 5 pounds to lose. It's not the end of the world of course. This weight is okay, just not where I want to be. When I married Bruce 4 years ago I weighed about 8 pounds less. I'm trying to get back to that area and figured 5 more pounds could be done.


Perhaps when the weather heats up and I lose my appetite it will happen. Florida is having another cold snap. It's about 51 degrees at 6:00 a.m. Highly unusual. I always eat more when I'm cold.


I hope that others have a loss or no gainer to report. Good luck to everyone.









Until our **STAR** search

Seattle to Alaska on NCL Star

June 27, 2004


Fantasy 12/25/03

Inspiration 4/13/03

NCL Majesty 12/27/02

Jubilee 3/23/02

Norwegian Sea 11/23/01

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Hi everyone! The good news is that I am posting here before I do anything else.....maybe I'm getting on track???? The not so good news is...no loss..my Thurs. weight has been the same (too high) for too many weeks now. Hopefully, next week will be better. The sun is out today and it is starting to warm up a bit. I hope to start walking soon.


Have a great day,all!

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I am up two pounds but I am lucky that is all as I have been bad. We are leaving for vacation to Vegas tomorrow night so I will have to start in ernest again when we get home. I am hoping that we will walk a lot while away.


Cold and raw here today but should start warming up tomorrow.


Congrats to the losers and stay the samers.


I hope to joint your elite group when we return.


Our cruise is not till November so I have time before that trip.


Have a great week and keep to your WOE.



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Good Morning All,


Am down 2.5 pounds.

I need .5 pound by Sunday, and I will have reached my cruising goal.

Am busy packing and such, can't wait to leave on our 4/18 cruise.

Beautifull Day today in Nashville - sunny skies and warm.


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I am down .5, but since I gained 2 lbs. over Easter, that is not good. That means I am actually up 1.5 since last weigh-in.


Mari...congrats on almost reaching cruise goal. I hope that you can drop that .5 by Sunday. Enjoy your cruise and eat a little something bad for all of us!


Congrats to all you losers and stay-the-samers.



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I am down a pound this week. I was hoping for more, but I'll take it. Now if I can keep up losing one lb per week until my cruise, I will be fine.


Mari & Jacki...you both are doing great!!!! Mari, have a great trip & congrats on meeting your cruise weight loss goal. icon_biggrin.gif


<font color="#0000CC" face="Lydian Csv BT" size="4">~~Shelia~~</font></p>

Sailing the Mariner in.......


<font color="#003399" face="Benguiat Bk BT">Carnival Destiny 2002</font>


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I didn't even want to weigh in this morning. I knew I was going to be up from my pre cruise weight. I have lost 5 pounds since my cruise but I'm still up 7 from my pre cruise weight. icon_frown.gif


Congrats to all of you losers.


Mari, enjoy your cruise. I enjoyed mine to much.


Good luck to everyone this week.




NCL Sea 4/04

NCL Norway 4/02

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Down 1 for a total of 10 lbs in 5 weeks. Only 3lbs short of what I was hoping for before my cruise. Now I need to be careful that I don't gain it all back on the ship this week!


See you all in a week 'cause I'ma cruzin'. Bye now icon_biggrin.gif


Sovereign of the Seas (11/89)

Monarch of the Seas (8/99)

Norwegian Sea (7/02)

Carnival Glory (4/17/04)


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Morning All,

Yippee!!! I am down 1 lb from last week and I have one more week to go til I cruise. Hopefully, I can lose another couple of pounds before I meet my Destiny.

Bon Voyage to all the cruisers this week and save a Foo Foo drink for me icon_wink.gif




til my Destiny!!!

<param name="font" value="lcdb0">

<param name="year" value=2004>

<param name="month" value=4>

<param name="day" value=25>

<param name="hour" value=22>



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I'm down 2.5 this week. I'm down a total of 11 lbs in 2 weeks. This seems to go so slow... Where is the fat pill that we take before bed time and wake up slim?


Oh well at least I'm not plateauing yet. It's been a long 2 weeks can you tell? Have fun all you cruiseers leaving this week. Everyone else good luck in the upcoming week. Sue



Serenade of the Seas Hubbard Glacier Cruise


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I have good and bad. I am down 2 lbs. BUT I was up 3 lbs last week then found another lb. Sunday morning so I'm 2 lbs. more than about 6 weeks ago. I was trying to lose a few lbs. before a trip to Arizona next week, not going to happen.


I'll try to get the other 2 lbs. off so I can be what I was 6 weeks ago and then try to lose when I return. Like pazooter I am exactly 8 lbs. more than when I got married 6 years ago. I go up every winter then it comes off every summer, I'm just a little more antsy about it.


Happy cruising to those who have cruises soon. Good luck this week.


2/2004 Carnival Legend/Exotic Western Carribean

4/2003 HAL Statendam/Sea of Cortez

9/2002 CarnivalHoliday/Western Caribbean

4/2001 Carnival/Western Caribbean

4/2000 Carnival Paradise/Southern Caribbean

5/1999 RCCL/Alaska

4/1998 NCL/Pacific Coastal

10/1997 Carnival/Mexican Riviera

11/1995 Carnival Holiday/4 day Baja Mexico

6/1992 RCCL Viking Serenade/4 day Baja Mexico

6/1981 Pacific Princess/Pacific Coastal


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Baby posted, so I will too...

I haven't posted loss or gain in a long time, so not exactly sure of the *number*, but I do know that I am down a bit since I was last *here*... I now see a 2 in the middle, instead of a 3! Unfortunately, it's all due to stress icon_frown.gif


Pam : )

Emerald Seas 6/20/83

Nordic Empress 6/93

Imagination 3/30/00

Ecstasy 9/4/00

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3/26/01 & 3/29/01

Crown Odyssey 6/24/01

Golden Princess 10/11/01

Spirit 11/11/01

Sensation GGC 1/13/02

Sovereign of the Seas 3/24/02

Imagination 5/18/02

Pride 11/2/02

Explorer of the Seas 3/29/03

Enchantment of the Seas 9/1/03

Serenade of the Seas 10/28/03

Grand Princess 11/16/03


check out my pics at http://community.webshots.com/user/lunyma

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My weight has leveled off, but my cholesteral is WAY down. My goal now is inches, or rather to firm up my flab.




Last Cruise -- Maasdam - E. Carrib - 11/03

Next Cruise -- Volendam - Eastfarer - 12/04

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the bad news is, i'm back at 32 down, instead of 35, so i had a net gain of 3 pounds since last week icon_frown.gif the good news is that i ate what i wanted for easter (and a few things i shouldn't have the days after that) and enjoyed myself thouroughly icon_smile.gif


i am not going to get on myself for gaining, as that was something i was prepared for when i decided to go completely off my WOE for the day this is life, not a race to see how much i can lose...as long as i can maintain 10 pounds (or more)per month average for now, i will be thrilled (and so far i am averaging 14.2, so i have some room to relax.)


congrats to all you losers and stay the samers. you have increadable will power. all of us gainers will do better next week! mari, have a great time! congrats on goal!!!


32 down, 189 to go


gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.....hurry december!!!



scandanavian cruise line 1987

cape canaviral - 1995

carnival jubilee - sept 2002


countdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff00ff&cdt=2004;12;26;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500  days to go!!!!!!


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No loss for me...I'm starting to get a little frustrated, but hanging in there.


Heaviest Weight Ever - 207lbs.

Start Weight - 197lbs.

Current Weight - 184lbs.

SWIFT Goal Weight - 170lbs.

Ultimate Goal Weight - 139lbs.


So I pledge to lose 16 pounds.


3/17 - Started at 186lbs.

3/24 - 1 pound

4/1 - nothing

4/8 - 1 pound

4/15 - nothing

4/22 -

4/29 -

5/6 -

5/13 -

5/20 -

5/27 -

6/3 -

6/10 -

6/17 -



3/5/05 Honeymoon Cruise To Hawaii On The Island Princess


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greengirl, i am so sorry you are getting so frustrated, which woe are you using?? anything we can do to help?


32 down, 189 to go


gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.....hurry december!!!



scandanavian cruise line 1987

cape canaviral - 1995

carnival jubilee - sept 2002


countdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff00ff&cdt=2004;12;26;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500  days to go!!!!!!


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Down 2 pounds. Since the SWIFT challenge began in March I'm down a total of 4.5 pounds. Goal is to loose 10 pounds by June. Only 5.5 to go! Yeah!


Congratulations to all the other loosers and stay the samers. To all the gainers, Drink lots of water and keep on walking. It works.




Carnival Ecstasy - 12/97

RCCL Enchantment - 05/98

Grand Princess - 03/99

RCCL Monarch - 05/00

Carnival Victory - 12/00

HAL Zaandam - 06/02

RCCL Navigator - 05/03

RCCL Jewel - 06/04

RCCL Brilliance - 06/05




Till I sail on Jewel Of The Seas




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Good Morning Everyone, Well, the good news is I am down 1.5 pounds since last Thursday. But there is a Butttt here.... I weigh daily which I know is bad but it keeps me on track daily. I currently weight 164.0 Sunday morning before going to Easter Brunch I was weighing 163.5 I was so thrilled I eat far more than I should of at the brunch. Two glasses of champagne, 2 different chocolate cakes, then they had a chocolate fondue fountain to dip strawberrys and other delicious items in. Well, you get the idea Monday morning I was back up to 165 I stayed there till this morning when I dropped another pounds. I know I will be good this weekend so I am hoping for a BIG drop next Thursday. My goal is 10 more pounds in the next 30 days till we sail on the MS Oosterdam.


Patgo - Since your coming to Vegas pack some warmer clothes. We had such beautiful weather high in the 80's and now starting tomorrow is is going to get cold for us. This whole weekend the high is only going to be in the mid 60's and very windy all weekend. Too bad you could not of been here a week earlier.


mari 10 - I am sure that you can get to your goal weight by next week. Have a Great Cruise.


To everyone else keep up the good work, Lot of loosers that did well over the Holiday, and those that maintained keep it up the fact you are posting means you care and you can do it.


Have a great week.


Lisa L


Monarch of the Seas-March 2002 West. Carib.

MS Zuiderdam-April 2003 East.Carib.

Monarch of the Seas-December 2003 Baja Mexico


Till we set sail on the MS Oosterdam-Alaska


<a href="http://www.escati.com/counter98/free_time_codes.htm">






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Hi, everyone! I'm down .5, which is fine. It's probably from all the work my brother and I did around the house this weekend, offset by beers (yes, I know it was Passover) at the baseball game Friday night and wine on Sat. with dinner.


Congratulations to all the losers and stay-the-samers. If this wasn't such a good week for you, we're here for you. Just keep at it!!!


Host Miriam

Community Supervisor




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