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Legend of the Seas?!?


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Setting Sail..Just wanted to say once more how beautiful your daughters are. They brought back so many memories of when ours were little. Twins are so special.. Are your twins close? ..they look as if they are. Our twins were inseparable and even wanted to dress alike.. still today they are seldom apart..and still buy same clothes..but now work different jobs and have fellas. They go out a lot as a foursome with their boyfriends, one boyfriend lives with us, and the other spends all his time here but has family down the road. Have a wonderful time on the cruise with your girls. I truly hope everyone enjoys the ship as much as we did. It is a beautiful ship.. I can't see it deteriorating much in a few months till all of you sail..so hopefully the experience will be just as good. Probably you will have a 5 course dinner again..but if not..just ask for extras. One question.. Where is everyone going on the Legend.... Is it the Carribbean? and where do you sail from? or are there different departure points. I used to live in Hollywood, Fl....near Pt.Everglades...any sailings from there? All the Best, Carol

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I have to say what wonderful people are on this board :) . The dog in the photo is Simmi , she is the one thst just passed away . She was 11 1/2 so she lived a good long life . she also had hip displacia , it was so hard to watch her the past few years . She would have good days whne she acted like a puppy and bad days when she could hardly move . I called someone tonight about a Samoyed he has and she is 10 months old , they are very hard to come by up here in NY . We are going to go look at her on Thursday , DH is saying a big NO to getting a new pup right now but I have always had a pet with me always so he'll learn to love it .

Oh Carol , it is so hard to give up your dog I know . Many people don't understand the true pain :( Will you get a new one ? I'm sure you can't answer that right now thou .

Our girls seem to be very close . My one is more tom boy like , she even told me yesterday her voice sounds like a boys LOL , the other is definelty the princess type , all dresses for her . I hope they stay as close as your twins did .They are very protective of one another thats for certain .

Our cruise leaves from Tampa and goes to Cozumel , Grand Caymen, Costa Maya and Belize . We are taking the girls to Disney next year and we are going to stay at the Animal Kingdom lodge for 4 days and then go on the Disney Magic for a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean we leave the end of April , oh yes I am a sailing addict !!!

I love posting pictures so here is another .


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Your twins are SO CUTE!!! You're right about that last photo, I don't miss the snow that much!! I can see why you are crusing in December. You're going this year right? Otherwise I'll have to add more people to the guest list ;).

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Hi Jamiski


Our cruise is November 26th . I am so ready , we usaully try and book one in the beginning of Winter and well this is the first year we are going at the end of Winter . We definelty cannot afford to do this every year thou . We are looking into the RCCL Freedom of the Seas maybe November 2007 but it depends on the funds and the way the economy is going who knows .The Freedom looks so beautiful and it has a kids waterpark right on the ship , I don't like the iteranary thou . I would love to do the deep southern cruise again , the islands are gorgeous ! St Kitts and Antigua look amazing .


Well before I start having my sad time I should head to bed . It seems that the night is still the hardest for me to deal with since Simmi left us . My husband must think I'm nuts , I now have a stuffed dog I have been bringing to bed , sad huh ?


Take care everyone and have a peaceful night !


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If you decide to go in 2006 let me know, we'll at least meet for a coffee or something in Tampa :)


We can't afford to vacation this year, but I have a feeling if we live in Vancouver much longer we will need to take mid-winter trips. It can get rather gray here after 3 or 4 months of rain! I assume you live up-state (considering the large amount of snow)?


I don't think sleeping with a stuffed dog is sad, I think its grieving. My cat Minnie, that passed away 2 weeks ago lived with my Mom in Florida since she was not well enough to fly here with me. I just happened to call my Mom's cell 2 minutes before they put her down. She had suffered a blood clot in the heart which made her completely blind and left her in a lot of pain. It was untreatable so it was best. I got to say good bye to her over the phone, I was so choked up I could barely talk. I cried for a while, but then I put together a picture frame with all her pictures in it and it made me feel better. I gave some money in her name to the Humane Society, I just couldn't let someone else lose a pet. Especially those pets left in the disaster areas of the gulf.


I hope I didn't depress you further, have a good night.


I tried to attach a photo....but my pictures are too big :(

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Hi Jamiski


We just may be down there in 2006 , you never know . We go down to Florida often because my DH Mom lives in Port Charlotte and we take the girls to Busch Gardens in Tampa every time :)


That was so nice of you . I donated before to the local SPCA and it was such a good feeling . Sorry about your cat .A picture frame is such a good idea , I buried a coffeee can for her with a few pictures , a note , and a ball . That really helped me plus we put her head and foot stones we made down by her grave It appears that many people that I have talked with lost a pet recently too . All and all I think I'm doing better then I thought :o


If you want to attach a photo go into Adobe Photo Shop or if you have something similar and click oin File then open , go to image then click size , you can resize it there , I had to bring mine down to 3 or 4 in oder to hget the boards to allow them Once you try and close it out it will ask it you want to save changes click yes .


This is my first day back to work since Simmi , I only work 2 days a week but it is nice to get out of the house . I tried the stay at home Mommy thing but I found myself in somewhat of a rut especially in the winter . We live in the country and moved here a few years back so we really only know a few people , but have some nice freinds across the road . I love the country and wqhen we first moved here I bought an Arabian and a Thoroughbred but when I found out I was pregnant with twisn I had to sell them because it was alot of work and my DH is not a horse person .


I have to get ready for work now , have a super day !


Hubbys huge family , brothers , & sisters . We get together twice a year . This was a nice thought LOL . Hubby copied and pasted us here on the ship photo


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Hey Jamiski -

I know where Tannersville is!!!! I live in Pittston (outside Wilkes-Barre/Scranton), which is about 45 minutes west of there:)


Settingsail - sorry to hear about your dear family member, Simmi. I've lost several pets over the past few years, but nothing worse than our dalmatian unexpectedly 2 years ago, he was 6 years old. He and my DH had a special connection and my DH was crushed. We've adopted a new family member a few months later, Charlie, who is an American Bulldog, not the english kind with the scrunchy face. He looks more like a large pittbull, but he is the most gentle dog and so affectionate. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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Hi Setting sail and jamiski, It is sunny today here in England and 4pm..Last night I realized it was 230am when I was chatting away. It puts me completely off schedule with all my work..but I sure enjoy the chats. Thanks so much for all the kind words from everyone..and all the wonderful photos.It is not sad or mad to pine for your beloved pet..it's called love and caring. The photos you sent of your twins today are so cute.I don't know how to post or I'd send some of mine. Setting sail. Your cruise itinery from tampa sounds brilliant and the one on Disney the girls will absolutely love..how fantastic.You cannot put a price on those memories you will have and the time you will enjoy together onboard as a family. No interruptions..just being together.Take loads of photos to send us when you return. btw I am a full time mother age 55 now..also have a son age 23 years (2 yrs older than my twins.) So when they were born, I had 2 newborns, a toddler and my elderly parents living with me ..and my husband was in the navy then.. so away from home..living in a very small town in another country.... and I don't drive. Talk about mad. But I survived and I now have a lovely grandaughter as well.. and my son and his partner and Our Little Evie have just moved out from our house.. to their first home. Evie battled for half her life in hospital surviving major heart surgery and a severe heart defect. she only weighed 12 pounds at a year old and has finally nearly caught up... she is 25 months and talking and running and playing and finally off the dreaded tube feeds.. and Eating!! My son and partner lived at the hospital and we were in and out continuously..and there was always a crisis with her condition.. so many close calls.. hundreds of people were praying for her all over the Uk and USA..but today she is wonderful and we are all so much stronger because of her and so lucky to be her grandparents.I wish she could go on a cruise..I could just see her joining in with all the other kids ..She is very determined to do everything and so proud of what she accomplishes. Maybe in a year or 2 she'll be well enough. She spent so much time strapped to machines in a bed..that she enjoys every second of every day..and is old beyond her tiny years. I think vancouver and NY in the country must be lovely. I desperately wanted to see snow living all my life in Florida...I was 32 when I finally saw it for the first time and went thru a couple of blizzards.. We now live for 18 years in Central England.. in Derby in the Midlands..and we miss all the weather extremes. I crave the warm now.The cruise to the Meditterrannean was wonderful ..sunny every day..even with gale winds that we hit. Very grey, damp and wet here..but not much snow.. and less wind and storms. the worst is the getting dark at 4pm in winter..but then it is lite until nearly 10.30 in the height of summer. Is it dark that early in Ny or Vancouver? so long for now Carol

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SettingSail - I really liked that coffee can idea, that was very sweet. The vet at the clinic Minnie was put down at clipped a little bit of her hair for me and put it in a little baggie :) I'll see what I can do with adobe and the pictures I have, maybe I'll get some up by this evening. I can understand being stuck at home, I know its different with kids, but since I have not recieved the right to work in Canada yet I'm jobless :( That is why I am thinking about going to live with my Mom for the last few months of paper work. I am going to miss my honey, but I need my sanity back! Nice group pictures, was that a family group or a community group or some kind?


Phanton723 - I know exactly where Pittston is, I went to College in Wilkes-Barre.


Carol - I was thinking about your time difference last night, so I guess when I'm online at midnight it is afternoon for you?


That is sad to hear that little Evie had to fight so much at such a young age. I am glad to here she is getting better, no little one should ever have to go through all that. I am sure Evie with be a little cruiser, kids seem to love the ships!


Vancouver is a beautiful City, we live downtown in the West End right on the Bay. It is a less expensive area because it is not 'trendy' highrise neighborhood. I think it is the prettiest section of town, the building are older so they have more character.


Since I've been here since last fall, I have finally now gotten to experience all of the seasons here. Winter, it rains and rains and rains. We only got snow 2 times last winter, 4 inches in one storm and no more than 1 inch in another. But it always snows in the Mountains. The Spring was nice, we actually got a Spring heat wave (which I was told is rare). It was 90F (30C, I think? I am still learning my metric!). The summer didn't get very hot, it rarely got over 75F 22C or so. Now the fall is nearly here again it's been about 17C guessing 60F? We have about 6 more weeks till it starts raining again :(


The daylight hours here on the Wet Coast are different because we are at the very far western corner of a time zone where on the East Coast your closer to the begining or middle of a time zone. I don't think it has much to do with our position north b/c Vancouver is only on the 49th parallel. In the summer it is the last light in the sky is about 10:30. In the winter, the last light is at 6.

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Hi Carol,

I've been reading your posts with great interest as we are booked on LOTS 22 July 2006 from Southampton for 14 night med cruise. Your reviews are absolutely brilliant, and I just can't wait to see this ship for myself. We booked in August after returning from our 1st cruise on Ocean Village. We loved everything about it and have definately got the cruise bug. I also live in Derby in the East Midlands and am not looking forward to our miserble wet & cold winters either.

We are booked in 4 birth inside cabin, must be heaven to have a window, but just feel lucky full stop to be going on the cruise!!


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Wow, I've been lurking through this thread for a few days and it's one of my favourites!


We're too booked for the Legend of the Seas, but our sailing is Dec. 16/06, still many days in my countdown. Looking forward to trying out the RFS with my DH, DD and my sister, BIL and my 3 nieces. We're also trekking to WDW after for 12 nights!


I also lived in Vancouver but live over on Vancouver Island now but it's nice to hear Jamiski speak of my old hometown and I know exactly where she's coming from with the weather! Thank goodness we're enjoying the last dregs of summer, it's sunny here right now.


When visiting the "mainland" I love to grab a Starbucks and "cruise" around Canada Place, peering into the portholes of the ships docked there and watching all the foodstuffs being loaded for another trip. We'll be back in a couple of weekends and hopefully there will be a few ships still straggling about so I can get my fix!


I also had to put down my beloved kitty of 14 years this past spring which was extremely hard to do.


Wow, I have so much in common with you all! (Oops, no twins though, only an 18yr old daughter!)

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I nearly forgot we orginally were talking about the Legend of the Seas, hehe just joking :)


Carol - I finally got a chance to look through that website link you gave about 2 pages ago. I found great pictures of the ship that were dated 2001. So I can't even imagine how pretty she must be now that she had her upgrades.


Settingsail - You need to let me know what Costa Maya is like, what you did there etc... I've never been.


If you need any pointers on the other ports let me know, I've been to all of the other three (actually 2 times in Cozumel). I was in Belize 3 years ago, I believe it just had become a cruise destination. If you haven't been there, I will tell you the tender I was on was long and there really wasn't much to walk around and see. I don't know if the area got better lately, but I would advise against taking your twins on any unguided tours. We did a rainforest tour and my mom did a string ray tour, she didn't even go on land.






I have a confession to make:


I was still considering another cruise until last night when I decided on the Legend. I was keeping my mind open to a HAL ship, since I was impressed more with the Wedding people on HAL. My factors of my official decision are three-fold.

1. HAL's prices jump around WAY too much, the stateroom I was looking at went up by 50% yesterday and dropped back to the original rate this morning.

2. We've been looking at the sister ships that come into the Port of Vancouver, the HAL ships looked great for the Alaska run but they just don't seem like there are anywhere as near as many windows or open deck areas on them compared to the Legend style ships.

3. The pictures on the link that Carol sent were the kicker! I fell in love with the ship, I don't want to get married anywhere else! :)


By the way, my real name is Jamey ;)

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Thanks for jumping in! I was just on the Island 2 weeks ago, we went out to Tofino for a few days :) It was my first time out there, sooo pretty! My hubby-to-be I guess I'll start calling him my HTB, used to live on Denman Island.


My HTB works at Canada Place in the Spa, when I know there are ships there I'll come see him on his lunch.

To see the ship schedule for the rest of the season go to: http://www.portvancouver.com/vanAlaCruise/content/schedule/index

I think this coming weekend is going to be the last big one with ships at Canada Place, there will be 4 in on Saturday and 6 in on Sunday.


Like I just said to Settingsail if you need any pointers on the ports of call (besides Costa Maya) let me know.

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Hi Girls

It is so nice to see all the people on here , this is such a nice thread :)


Hi Madge and Miss Mental , I will post alot of pictures for you and everyone else that is booked on the Legend when we return .


Jamie , I am so glad you have chosen the Legend . To tell you the true we did not like the Holland American cruise what so ever . the ship the Westerndam had the worst layout I have ever seen , and that was my 7th cruise . The wait staff was fair , the deck staff was amazing , maybe thats because we ordered spkied coffee even in the morning LOL , well it was our wedding / honeymoon !

The food was par for coarse , smaller portions and well are cabin was I would concider small to cruise line standards . Alaska is another story , simply breathtaking to say the least .


We are planning on doing the skytrek and cave tubing in Costa Maya . I have looked into the dolphin swim but it is very expensive so we don't know about that yet . Grand Caymen we have no clue what to do there , I know one island has the Turtle Farm which is where we may take the girls ? Are the beaches as pretty as the Eastern Carib ?


Carol , I am so happy for your Evie and it puts a smile on my face to hear when little children who may not have had a chance are striving . I heard Carol that the Legend put out a new online brochure , I am going to go try to find it and post everyone the link here .It gets so dark here in NY now , the sun starts setting around 7:00 or so compared to our summer 10:00 . Maybe you an bring Evie on a Dsiney cruise sometime !!!!! Let us know we will sail with you and then she would have friends to play with :O)


Hi Phantom , wow I'm not sure I could handle more then one pet passing away so close together . I really would need at least 10 years in between { hear that my next dog , 10 years !!!! ) LOL .I concider a Dalamtion my girls would love one because of the 101 Dalmations , my DD has the name spots already picked out and I can't see that fitting a Samoyed HEHE.



I'm going out to look for that brochure , hopefully I'll be right back !



Carol , I bet you don't miss this , we sure don't . Spaghettos was their favorate !


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Hi Everyone,Hope all of you have had a good day.Thanks for all the great messages..brilliant read. I love the sound of Vancouver and the Island. How great to live looking out to the bay and able to see all the ships. How I miss that.I am surprised at how mild the weather is there. I thought it was very cold in the winter. the wet is just like here but we seldom get a spring and not too often 75 degrees in summer. In Derby we are far from the sea, I seldom get there and miss all the water so much.Visiting the ships in port and watching them sail.That's how it was in Florida..I lived at Port Everglades in ft. lauderdale growing up.I just loved the ships so much. RCI and Carnival were just starting out then. 1970's..My dad was a machinist and one of his last jobs was working at the port and on the original Queen Elizabeth. We could visit all the ships before sailing and dance onboard and have cocktails it was great.I had my first cruise to the bahamas at 14, then at 18 and at 20 sailed with my parents transatlantic to the med with Costa line..17 day crossing..3 weeks in europe ..then 17 days back..it was wonderful. stopping in 2 or 3 places in Italy,Portugal,Venezuela, and Puerto rico. I also went as far as the Orient..Japan china Korea, taiwan and thru the Phillippines,Hong Kong, Malayasia, thailand and another trip to places like Beirut (while the war was in full swing) Syria, russia but these were by passenger cargo ships with only a few people and many weeks at sea.I'd work a solid year or two..save all my money and then go on a trip. I did 4 or 5. It was very cheap on a freighter then $5 or $10 a day. I loved being at sea and all that I saw..all around the world. They varied by company from no facilities at all , only a few passengers..to the orient run which had chinese dinners,social evenings and games. It held 85 passengers. Those were wonderful days. I learned so much about other cultures and made many friends.The Legend was the first cruise since then.. It's 1am here in Derby..don't know what the time difference is to the west coast..florida was 5 hours. It has been sunny here and a pleasant day. So pleased jamiski that you have decided to have your wedding on the Legend. I feel better now that you have seen the photos and still are happy with the ship. Hope everyone else sailing with her has also seen the link and photos I mentioned in an earlier message. It is a big worry to me, that so many people have read my review and are counting on my description. I am so pleased that it was accepted so well but sincerely hope you are all as happy as we were. Talking to all of you, unless something drastic takes place, I can't see how the Legend can fail to be impressive.. she is a beautiful ship and you are all such lovely people and we all seem to have a lot in common and seem to enjoy the same ship experiences.Surely you will enjoy her just like us.MISS MENTAL IN DERBY I am so glad to see you onboard..yes I did enjoy our window..but you will enjoy your cabin just as much..it is exactly the same and there is a mirror I think in place of the window so it makes it very light and bright.How about putting pictures from the ships brochure over the mirror. Each day you could change the picture to a different view. someone mentioned somewhere that they had an inside cabin but produced their own window by leaving the TV running on a station that constantly showed their ship at sea..this became their porthole. As you say, the important thing is getting onboard. We are really worried how we will manage all the money.But we had the most wonderful time of our 25 years of marriage and desperately want to go again. Only my husband is employed and as a teacher. So no big bucks coming in and 2 daughters still dependent..although they work very hard to pay for their personal items.They and their boyfriends live and eat here. DH will be 62 next August..so we have to go now..will never afford it in retirement. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. MADGE the Royal family suite sounds too good to be true. How many people can it acommodate? We are helping our daughters, so that all of us and their boyfriends can have one amazing family holiday on a cruise next year. we have connecting rooms booked for them on deck 3 . afew doors down from us. iT would be unreal to have a suite..do all the guests in the room pay the same price? or do some pay less? You will definitely have a great time..How could you Not? Living the life of the rich and famous. Mind you it felt like that to me wherever I went on the ship..We were always greeted and felt so special. I laughed, my husband is Danny, but his proper name is Alexander Daniel and that is what was on his seapass..I found him in the Viking Lounge Cigar bar one evening,his favorite spot, (the ship is virtually non smoking in the Uk) ordering a whisky and lighting up and the steward was saying "Thank you very much MR. ALEX and What will the Lady Have( I was standing behind) to which he replied "What Lady?" and seemed quite excited..only to turn around and reply "Oh Her" I am not sure if I ever got a drink that night, but he sure enjoyed his evening.LOL Good night Everyone..can't believe it's 2 am again..carol

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Hi Setting Sail, Just about to sign off and saw your photo..Actually I do miss those days but I have seen a sight very similiar to that.. just tonight..Stopped by my sons place..(temporary home) to pick up the keys for his first house we are all helping them to fix up..he moves in this weekend. As we came in the door, a voice was heard coming from the tiny kitchen behind us and Sam saying it's grandma and grandad to which there were squeals of delight. as we squeezed past to get a look..there was our Evie very much like your photo in her spaghetti covered high chair and everything else covered in spaghetti..hair, face, clothes. She has spaghetti in little shapes she calls BOB because they are made like a childrens character on TV.. Bob the Builder..who is like a toy type little boy but with toys and animals for friends and they have trucks and diggers and build and repair things. It is quite odd for people that don't know, when they ask Evie " what are you having for dinner? and Evie replies, "I'm having BOB".. they look very puzzled. The Joys of Motherhood And "Grandmotherhood" ..there are Many..enjoy them all. Good night everyone, Carol

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I just finished looking at the brochure...thanks settingsail.:)


The ship looks beautiful in the pictures and now I just can't wait. We are sailing her Dec 3rd 2005 to the Western Caribbean. We were able to switch our cabin selection today to #8582 that is a AFT JS. Hope we did the right thing and that we will enjoy the aft.


The only downside of not being able to wait is I fear I will wish away my favorite season. We have been having a beautiful fall so far here in Cambridge Ontario Canada. Before I know it the snow will be flying and we will be packed and on a plane to Tampa:rolleyes: .


Have enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing everyones pictures.


BTW I am Patricia not Bob!:D

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We never use the ship excusions, they overprice so much. My Mom has been really good at finding private excusions for sometimes 1/2 the price. She's a good Mommy!


We did the Dolphin swin in Cozumel, they had two options one where you got in the water with them and another where you sat on a dock and they came to you. Both allow you to interact with the dolphins, but the out of water option was much cheaper. I will ask my mom the name of the company we used.


In Belize we did the Cave Tubing with a man named Reggie, http://www.regtour.com/cave_tubing.htm

He's great and cheap, I looked he's $45pp.


I just went to the Beach in Cayman, I think it was $3 each way in a cab. The beach was AMAZING. Soft sand and warm water. I just floated in the ocean for about 3 hours.


Just a side note, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship, it is a tendered port, but a very short tender. I got into a cab with 4 others with about an hour till the last tender and cab driver would not leave until we had 6 people in that cab. So we sat there begging him to go and that we would give him the darn $3 to leave. Finally he left, I barely caught the last tender.


My Mom did the turtle tour and loved that too.

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Setting sail would love to cruise together..we must all stay in touch..your children are so beautiful..just had another look at her lovely orange face..she's definitely done a better job than Evie of spreading it all over. Guess it takes practice..Evie will catch up..I will see if my daughters could send a photo for everyone to see. thanks for the brochure link..that's great you guys can see Southampton itinery..bring a bit of English culture (have we got any) your way. LOL 3 am now..I'll never get up tomorrow. great chatting girls..pleasant dreams. carol

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Hi Bigger bob


We are staying in the Junior Suite also . It is cabin number 8050 , I will have to see if it is on port side , I never even really looked , I hope so thou . I am going to take plenty of photos to post here for everyone . I think you did the right thing . I know when I have been on past cruises that the small little shower space they give you is ridiculous , the water would drain out all over the bathroom floor , at least here we have a bathtub . I mainly chose this cabin because my Mom really wanted to take a bath a couple nights but didn't want to pay for that cabin so I upgraded us so she can use ours , plus I really want a balcony for the first time ever ! I hear you about rushing it , I am now down to counting days not weeks :)

Carol , Bob thats too cute , I'm sure noone has a clue what she is talking about :o . I think I told you my DD was so cute when we went to Simmis grave site , she actually brought enlightenment to the whole thing when I told her we are going to she Simmi now and she said but my her head isn't sticking out !!! Then later she told me that she needs boy shoes I said why ? she said well " I have a boys voice " .Kids are too funny they make simple thoings and make they so funny , these are things we usaully get uptight about .

we should all stay in touch , wouldn't it be fun to plan a cruise together ?


Have a wonderful night everyone . Stress break picture for everyone !


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Loved the photos from the brochure Settingsail, it's nice to see something different!


Jamey, yes I see that all the ships are gone by Oct. 1. Oh well, I work in Nanaimo and we actually have one coming in next Tuesday, one of the Celebrity ships. I'll have to make sure I have a look as even though we've had a few over the summer, I haven't seen one sitting in the harbour yet.


Thanks for the info on the shore excursions. We don't purchase the ship's anymore either. Not sure what's up for Belize, tubing sounds like the ticket though, we did Altun-Ha last time we were there. Seen the Stingrays in GC so I was thinking beach day. Looking into Costa Maya and found http://chacchobenruins.com/ which looks pretty good. Did Paradise Beach last time we were in Cozumel which we really enjoyed (and it didn't cost but for the food/drink) but we're thinking of Chankanaab for this time.


Any thoughts on an inexpensive hotel in Tampa for a pre-night stay, that's somewhat close to the port? We often Priceline but wasn't sure if there might be a better deal/location.





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