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Milk and water!

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Hi , new to cruising and wondered if anyone could tell me if it's possible to get whole milk on board, if it's included and if it can be delivered to the room Taking my little boy who still has milk before bed.


Also, I've heard that you can get cases of bottles water delivered to cabins before you get there , is this correct and if so how much and how do we sort it out, many thanks in advance

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I might have missed something here, but never known of arranging 'cases of bottled water for arrival in advance'



Bottled water has always been available in all staterooms at an additional charge ( depending on category )



Not too sure why one would need to arrange 'cases in advance', it's just as easy to arrange the quantity you'll need with your stateroom steward once onboard and he/she will arrange everything .


Whole milk, skimmed milk or night time drinks are always available on Cunard ( either from 'free' room service or, collect it from the self service buffet area ) Just need to make your preferences known.;)

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The ship's water is just fine, so no need to buy bottles. You can always bring an empty travel bottle to refill for port excursions and to have with you while on board.

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