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Fajardo and Dorado Road Conditions August 2018

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The last 2 summers we vacationed in PR. We just fell in love with this beautiful island. A brief cruise stop in 2015 was all we needed to spark our interest to return for a land vacation.

We're going on a cruise this Summer and woukd like to rent a car. Driving to Fajardo and Dorado. Yeah, 2 opposite directions.

No problems driving prior to the Hurricanes last year. We literally flew home on Sunday, and the first Hurricane hit that Wednesday I believe.

Anyway, are we good to go to our planned stops??

Thank you,

:D Bobbi

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Based on our recent day trip, you may need to detour a bit, but the main roads all seemed to be open and pretty good shape. Some side roads are still closed, and a lot of the smaller roads through the rainforest are closed, so it will also depend on your specific itinerary.

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We rented a car and drove to Fajardo last week with no problems (June 2018). Some stoplights are still out (and people just drive right through them rather than treating them as a 4-way stop so be careful). Some street signs and lights on the side of the road that fell during the hurricane have still not been repaired.


Street lights have been put back up, but are not yet turned on, so if driving on the highway at night it will be pitch black.


Rush hour still sucks and doubles or triples the time it takes to get somewhere, but as far as road conditions go, you’ll be fine.



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Where in Fajardo and Dorado are you planning to visit?


In '16 we stayed at Casitas Villas in August, and last August at the Hyatt Dorado. The image of that man in the WH minimizing the damage has stuck in our brains! Hope that it's better, curiousity, something we have to experience....:confused:. Spend our tourist money for a lunch outside the tourist area...

Sometimes in traveling a place, the folks you meet, your experiences during that time, just connect with your heart.

:hearteyes: Bobbi

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