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Not sure where to post this

Has anyone taken one of those small travel humidifiers?

Did you have any issues with the cruise line or problems in the cabin??

I find the cabins so dry  I was thinking of taking one with me  it can run on batteries/USB/110V

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Can't say as I have - but as someone who struggles with the dryness of AC environments I've tried a bunch of different styles of humidifiers over the years and found that in a small room the entirely-passive stoneware ones are plenty good enough to take the edge off without any of the hassles of power/batteries, or heating elements that have problems with limescale buildup in hard water (I used to have to take a chisel to the hotplate of my humidifier every year when we lived in Markham!)


Something like these guys: amazon link (although we bought in one of the 'kitchen gadget' stores you find in every mall and only paid about $10 a pop). Just pour in some water and check to see when it needs topped-up, and soak in a bleach solution every now & again to kill any bacteria that like the moist environment. Just one 4" model is enough to make me comfortable in our entire Portland 'cottage' which has AC running all day throughout summer, so even if you're cruising in a suite the smallest size you can find should be good enough.


If it's too much hassle to pack a ~4"x4"x4" box, you can use the same principle with flat pieces of terracotta stoneware, e.g. the little discs you get for keeping your sugar bowl from clumping? Sit them on a saucer or in a glass next to the bed and pour a little water over them (but don't cover completely, they need the top to be dry for the process to work) just before you go to sleep.


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I usually just use the ice bucket  & leave it on the table in the cabin  sometimes it works better than other time


Interesting  room humidifier 

The one I have you screw a water bottle on it & it sprays a cool mist   it is very small

works for my bedroom at night  

Was just curious  if anyone had any issues with the ship  in taking one onboard

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4 minutes ago, Land&Sea_Cruiser said:

I suspect you will be just fighting the A/C unit. Drink lots of water, use a mist unit or a cool hand towel and leave your A/C unit at a higher (warmer) setting. Find the balance that works for you. If that humidifier has a heater in it, they may have an issue with it.


The one I have  sprays a small cool mist  of water into the air 

doubt it would affect the AC   it uses less than 500ml of water for 8 hrs in the night  here at home


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I used my travel humidifier for our 2 wk cruise

worked perfectly

 The last night  I had packed it  & DH commented how dry the room was  that night

So overall it did make a difference  in the room at night



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