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  1. cb at sea

    Ocean Phobic Passenger

    Unless you are standing BY the railing, there is really little feeling of "being at sea"....or at least, I find that to be so! 99% of the ship feels like being in a hotel! If he's truly afraid, perhaps therapy to get over it is in order.
  2. cb at sea

    Oh! Those pool chairs!

    That is precisely why we prefer to be up a deck from the pool....the chairs are not so tightly packed...so there's room to scoot them about!
  3. cb at sea

    Would you do MTD?

    The tips to the waitstaff go to ALL who serve you...and not just at dinner! No worries..no one gets "stiffed" by your not showing.
  4. cb at sea


    It's all H2O....water. Your body only needs those 2 things...hydrogen and oxygen, made into a liquid. Your body doesn't care if it's from a "spring", a tap, or a cactus....honestly. It's all the same thing. So is what the ship uses for your food, drinks and ice! H2O
  5. cb at sea

    1st Junior Suite on Vision

    More space than a standard cabin....You also get to use the "suite" boarding line. That's about it.
  6. cb at sea


    They have NOTHING for late flights. I'd try to get something earlier, or book a nice hotel room (with a pool and restaurant) for the day. There is nothing worse than trying to "kill time" before a flight. Book a room..relax and have a nice day..then head to the airport, showered and fresh.
  7. cb at sea

    Port in Haiti

    Labadee is a PRIVATE area leased by RCI. NO locals are allowed, unless they are employees by RCI. You do NOT have to worry there. IF, and that's a BIG IF...there is a country-wide problem, you will not stop there. No worries. Go and have fun! (BTW, you won't catch "AiDS" by swimming in the sea!)
  8. The "holiday" is over...go on vacation. Jeez.
  9. cb at sea

    Teens on ships

    At 9 years old, kids are allowed to sign in and out of the clubs. It's up to YOU! If you "bubble wrap" your snowflake, you might want to hold their hand the entire trip. Listen...the point of "raising kids" is to make responsible ADULTS. You have to give the the tools to make good decisions, and learn to trust them. But, if you haven't been giving them the tools, then maybe "trust" is too early for you. Honestly...I was BABYSITTING other people's kids when I was 12. No one died, no one disappeared....not one of my "charges" turned out to be mass-murders. Relax...life is flexible.....and you need to learn to RAISE your children to trust themselves and their decisions! NO bubble-wrap!
  10. cb at sea


    First...once you introduce yourselves, you may find you aren't "strangers" anymore! We really enjoy tablemates! It makes dining much more fun! But, most lines are getting away from shared dining. If you wish to eat alone, they will do their best to accommodate you.
  11. cb at sea

    Which Caribbean?

    The Caribbean is all about the beaches...but there are other things to do, including using the ship on port days, when the crowds aren't there! I would do a bit of research on your potential ports, see which ones have the "history/culture/shopping" , etc that you would enjoy, and book accordingly. You are right that a beach is a beach....but each country will have it's own "flavor".
  12. cb at sea

    RCI Pay day at Coco Cay

    YEs, you may bring your small kids to the cabanas.....I don't know why they say that, as if a cabana is an "active" excursion, which it's not. It's just another bit of confusion by RCI and their writing staff.
  13. cb at sea

    Carry On Luggage

    No..the hallway doors are closed until the cabins are ready. Just don't carry-on more than you can handle!
  14. cb at sea

    Symphony of the seas dining

    Contact your TA or RCI (if you booked directly thru the cruise line), and ask to be put on a "waitlist" for whichever dining time you'd like. If you don't get what you want PRIOR to sailing, head to the dining room on boarding day (usually around 2pm) and talk to the Maitre'D.....they want you to be happy, and will do all they can to get you what you'd like.
  15. cb at sea

    Current price of Labadoozie?

    You don't have to get the souvenir cup, but you'll probably have to go to a bar for a regular cup...the roving waiters usually only have the more expensive souvenir cups. They should cost the same as on the ship.....prices change frequently.