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  1. RCI charges your account daily for the tips that cover your cabin attendant, waiters, ass't waiters and head waiter. Any drink you purchase (whether it's a la carte or a package) will have the "tip" added to the cost of drink or package. No further tipping is required or expected. You're done!
  2. The do NOT put a "hold" on a credit card...ONLY on a debit card. You can always put "cash account" on your online check-in, give them a credit card when you check in, and then pay it off in cash on the last evening of the cruise. NOTHING is actually CHARGED to the card until the cruise is over. Never use a DEBIT card as manner of payment, as it will incur holds (and this is from your BANK...not the cruise line). Cash is best if you don't want to use a credit card.
  3. The elevators open to the inside of the foyer, and they are on the port side. Noise shouldn't be any issue at all.
  4. Disney is best saved for a land vacation. With the distance (coming and going) to Disney...and the time it takes to actually get INTO the park proper...you will have such a short time, that it's not really worth the cost.
  5. If you plan on drinking while "out and about" on the ship, you will want either the package, or to buy drinks a la carte. Except for the 3 included drinks you can get out on the ship during cocktail hours, you will have to do your drinking in the lounge, which can be difficult if you enjoy being at the pool or strolling about... You can buy a drink anywhere without the package, if you feel the drinks during cocktail hours are good enough to reduce your spending onboard.
  6. There is actually a book called (aptly) Cruise Ships.....it outlines not only each cruise LINE, but each ship within that line. It's worth a read. Libraries have it in the "reference/travel" section.
  7. The tip is included in the COST for the specialties. No worries!
  8. They will refund you...no worries. Refunds take a bit of time (don't know why, it's merely a stroke of a key), but they will make it right.
  9. As long as there are people WILLING to pay such ridiculous prices, they will continue to charge it...they may even RAISE the prices!
  10. They won't need to be "first off" with a 2pm flight. The drive is about 1 hour to the airport.....If they take the last shuttle, they will still have 3+ hours to kill!
  11. On this ship, all of the shows revolve around the 2 traditional seating times...so whether you do traditional or MTD, you should miss nothing. With MTD, you will need to schedule your dinner around which show you'd like to see (if you want to see a show!).
  12. Just remember you can come and go whenever you want....if it gets too hot, you can retreat back to the ship for a while....but there is shade...just not next to the water!
  13. Or, hop on a bus...they will drop at multiple places along the beach. $2.50 pp....and you simply walk to the road when you want to come back, and the next bus will stop. Very easy.
  14. Lol....I'm firmly convinced it's shower cleaner....on our last trip, we brought ALL of our own toiletries...never touched the stuff in the bottle...yet everyday, the amount got less and less. I wouldn't touch it....who knows what someone has put in there?
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