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  1. If you have MTD, then you don't actually NEED reservations...but once onboard, you can make them if you like. The 7 pm timeslot is NEVER available for online booking...everyone wants to eat around that time! You'll get what you want once you board the ship.....
  2. cb at sea

    Studio B Ice Dimension

    It's pretty small..but they use it effectively!
  3. cb at sea

    Need advice on timing dinner, pool, etc.

    Agree with the MDR for breakfast...and even for lunch on a sea day. Much less chaotic...and it's all the same food! Order what you like!
  4. cb at sea

    Shore Trips?

    Also, don't forget that there are plenty of things that don't require ANY excursion at all! Do a bit of research on your ports and you may be surprised how easy most things are to do on your own!
  5. cb at sea

    embarkation day Anthem time

    Try not to arrive before 11am....or you may be standing and waiting for too long. If you arrive just as boarding starts, it's relatively fast.
  6. cb at sea

    Carnival Sail and Sign Card- Paying Balance

    Nothing is actually CHARGED to the credit card until the cruise is over. I would do the cash thing on the last afternoon...then let any little bit I'd charge the last evening go to the credit card....but how much you spend on the last night may dictate that for you!
  7. cb at sea

    Double umbrella stroller on the ship?

    You don't want anything wide....if you have double stroller, one in front, one in back, that would fit better!
  8. NO balcony is totally "private"....your neighbors can (and probably do) peek through or around the divider, simply to see if you have the same furnishings, or size balcony that they do.....just don't put everything on display, and you'll be fine!
  9. cb at sea

    New Cruiser Seeking Advice

    NO excursion is a "must"! It really depends on what you want to do! The Caribbean is pretty easy to DIY....all you need is some info on your ports. Google your ports...or get a guidebook. Most things are simple, cheap and easy on your own. If you are going FAR afield and need major transportation to do what you want, a guide might be a good idea.....otherwise....do your due research...and see what interests you! You need bring nothing special that you wouldn't bring on ANY vacation.
  10. cb at sea

    A few questions

    Carnival has no "formal" nights....no worries about attire! The menu is somewhat different nightly...there are always "everyday" options, like chicken, beef, pork, and fish. They add daily "specials" to change it up nightly. The kid's clubs are VERY safe...especially if they are teens! (which a 13 year old is!)
  11. cb at sea

    Family Cruise on mediterrenean

    If you are FROM the area in which you're cruising, I can see where the itinerary might not matter....for you, it's all about the ship! If that's the case, then go to a travel agency...get printed brochures..see what "feels' right to you, and book it! For most people the Med. is all about the destination....if you live there, the Med might be like the Caribbean is for most of the USA....it's all about the ship...not so much the ports!
  12. cb at sea

    Grand Suites on Mariner of the Seas

    The goo in the showers could be shampoo or body wash...no one is really sure! (It could be shower cleaner, as we never used that stuff, yet the amount in the container decreased daily....so who knows!) Suites will get specifically designated bottles of products.
  13. cb at sea

    Carnival Eastern Caribbean Ports/Excursions

    For things like shopping or beaches, you really don't need ANY excursion to do those things. A bit of research on your ports is required, tho....google your ports and the activity you'd like, and you will get tons of info that will make a DIY day easy and cheaper than excursions! Amber Cove, while not a "private" island/beach, is still just a cruise created port....you really won't need an excursion there at all...consider this a beach day!
  14. cb at sea

    Expired ID help

    When I renewed my DL, I got to keep my expiring one.....then the new one arrived, so the old one was no longer valid....but I still have the old one. However, a friend in my same state had her expiring lic. marked "INVALID"....don't know why some DMV's do that, but others don't. Glad your wife's DL arrived in a timely fashion!
  15. cb at sea

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Smoking used to be allowed EVERYWHERE....in airplanes, in stores...even in HOSPITALS! Yes, in today's society, smoking is annoying, but when everyone (or so it seemed) was doing it, it was tolerated. In some places, it's still allowed, in clubs and bars! If smokers stuck to the "allowed" areas, non-smokers could avoid them much better!