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  1. Your daily tips (that they charge to your account) cover ALL meals...we don't carry money about the ship, unless we're going to the casino, so if we pay for a drink, we may add extra tip. I think the 18% added to the bill is more than sufficient for opening a beer! We will also tip extra on the last evening, as is customary on a cruise....we generally do not tip "as we go".....
  2. ALL MDR's cater to kids. EVERY SINGLE cruise line has "children's menus" if they want kid fare.....you may bring any child, from 6 mo. on into the MDR.
  3. As long as you don't spend time in NYC, you should be fine. Their numbers of deaths are grossly overstated.....got run over by a cab? Hell...it's a coronavirus death! Use your common sense, and do what YOU feel comfortable with.
  4. I would advise that cruising OR traveling at all is not for you. I have friends who are SO freaked out....they bleach their home daily...even when they DON"T leave it. A bit of over-kill, IMO. Do what YOU think is right for YOU. Don't worry about others.
  5. LOOK at the deck plans...while not "to scale", they will give you a decent idea of size.
  6. Here's the deal...if you've BEEN to Hawaii, and just want to cruise about...Pride of America will do that. If you are cruising from Ca....you are wasting MAJOR time with sea days across the Pacific. Depending on the ship, the "sea day" activities will vary, but you will be on an older ship, without the "bells and whistles". The Average age of cruisers on a trip lasting MORE than 7 days goes UP exponentially....working folks can't generally cruise for 10+ days....fact of life. You will be with an older crowd....that doesn't mean they're "sedate"...just that they're older. I think it's worth it to FLY to Hawaii, and experience the islands without a cruise.
  7. Prices change from cruise to cruise, and day to day. When you see a price you feel is ok...book it. Otherwise, you can have a GREAT day on Coco Cay without a cabana!
  8. So far, it's been 1st come, 1st served as far as boarding goes. Get there when you get there. Boarding doesn't take long....it's sort of like checking into a hotel.
  9. Your cruise will be what you make it. If you don't require all the bells and whistles of the newer, larger ships, you'll be fine. We like enough space for roomy cabins, and a nice pool deck....that's about the extent of our activities, although we do enjoy the casino at times. If you don't need bumper cars, surfing platforms, rock walls or skating rinks, you can pretty much pick ANY ship.....so go, and enjoy!
  10. Nowadays, few cruises require "formal wear"....just pack one "nicer" outfit and you'll be good. No need for gown and tux.
  11. And if all else fails, get back on the ship, and you'll have tons of space while everyone else is Out and About.
  12. We have to learn to LIVE with this stupid virus....just like we've learned to live with flu, noro, and herpes....all viruses...all "communicable"...some die from them, most don't. The longer the virus is here, the less deadly it will become, because, even without a "brain", a virus does NOT want to kill it's host, which is us. They will mutate to a less lethal variety. It's up to US to get back to "normal"...and not a "new normal"...but a regular way of life. Stop being so freaked out. It's NOT as bad as you've been told.
  13. Ships have ALWAYS gone out, and ALWAYS someone gets "sick"...tons of viruses and communicable illnesses out there. Similar to every single school system in this country and abroad. There is NO guarantee of perfect health...anywhere. Y'all got to get this virus crap out of your mind.....it's going to be part of life for YEARS to come. Have to learn to deal with it...can't avoid it forever.
  14. On the ship, tip in whatever currency you have...the crew can "exchange" their money easily. In town, if tips are appropriate, use local currency. Most just want you to "round up" to the next even amount. Most Europeans don't expect "generous" tips....just a simple "round up" to the next full "dollar/Euro" amount.
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