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  1. cb at sea

    Need info & tips for FEB 2020 Panama Cruise

    You will want to get OFF your balcony and roam the ship during the transit. You'll be IN the canal..views everywhere! Deck level doesn't matter either...but you will want to go from deck to deck and side to side to see everything! The drink packages...if you are not a big drinker, then it may be more cost-effective to just buy a drink when you want one. If you plan on drinking more than 5-6 per day, then it might be worth it....compare the cost of the package to the cost of "a la carte" drinks that you may imbibe! See which makes sense for you.
  2. cb at sea

    Insurance policy date of birth wrong?

    The wrong info on the insurance won't prohibit you from boarding....it has nothing to do with that at all. i would call them, tell them the correct BD and go and have fun!
  3. cb at sea

    things stolen - what would you do?

    I would report the "lost" coats to Lost and Found..,.not everything gets turned in immediately.
  4. cb at sea

    Medicine to carry on

    You may use a "daily planner"....or carry them in any manner you like. No one is checking your medications. The only caveat....if you are taking copious amounts of narcotics, then you should leave them in the original Rx bottle.
  5. cb at sea

    RCCL Doesn't Care

    We've taken our kids out for vacations....not in high school, because they miss WAY too much, but in the lower grades....sure! Of course, I was well acquainted with the school staff....spent tons of time helping in classes and volunteering, so they knew me well...that always helps!
  6. I think the space is totally worth it....a JS is more the size of a hotel room, rather than a ship's cabin! There's walking space...a sitting area....the bathroom is a bit larger, due to the tub....and the closet...very nice, indeed! Of course, the balcony is wider, too, because the JS is wider than a normal cabin. You get the comfort without the high "suite" price. It's my preferred way to cruise!
  7. There is no "benefit" to a company rewarding your continued support. They have PLENTY of "new" cruisers who are willing to pay an "uncharge" for everything, since they are new and have no idea how it "used to be". The "new" cruisers have to be hooked somehow! If you like the RCI (or any other cruise line) product...keep on sailing them. Otherwise, there are lots of options out there.
  8. cb at sea

    Room cabins

    9153 is a connecting cabin. 149 sq. ft, and that INCLUDES the bathroom space. Pretty tight.
  9. And, they aren't always needed for specialty restaurants! Unless you're dead-set on a specific time, walk ups are usually quite possible!
  10. cb at sea

    Best suite you’ve ever been in

    NCL has the best "suite perks" at sea. If you want a suite and all the special perks, that's the line you'll choose.
  11. cb at sea

    Flexible Dining, Buffet, Etc...

    Carnival has "Anytime Dining"...you are seated with only your party..... At all buffets, you go when you want, and sit where you want. Even with "traditional" dining room seating, you can request to eat alone. We find having tablemates is more fun...but whatever you want, can be done.
  12. cb at sea

    Muster Stations outside

    Ships don't usually sink in a level position....it's almost certain that one side of the ship, or the other, will be too far out of the water to deploy those lifeboats.... In an actual emergency, there will be panic. You need to remain as calm as possible and listen to the crew...they train all the time for this. Your 20 min. "muster drill", while important to attend, will not be what saves your life.
  13. VCL is enclosed...so no "ocean" sounds!
  14. cb at sea

    Signing Activities Waiver

    Yes....however long it takes you to sign you name is how long it will take!