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  1. I think dinner is the time when you may want to "be together"....on vacations, not everyone will want to do breakfast at the same time. And, with that wide range of ages, I can predict that there are few things that will interest everyone!
  2. cb at sea

    Cabin Question

    If you only have 2 in the cabin, the "uppers" will not be in evidence....they won't be in your way.
  3. cb at sea

    Disappointing meals on Brilliance...

    I have to agree that Brilliance was our worst DR service/food, too. Our waiter was awful, but the ass't waiter tried his best to "make up" for the waiter's shortcomings.....Therefore, the Ass't waiter got extra tips...the waiter did not get any extra. I don't know why this was, but it was!
  4. cb at sea

    What makes Royal special?

    If you've been to a Johnny Rockets on land, it's about the same, but with a much smaller menu. Unless you're really into burgers, you can skip it, and not miss much.
  5. cb at sea

    Dentist on ship

    No dentists or opticians, or podiatrists....no "specialty" doctors. The "onboard" doctor is well-versed in basic emergency medicine, including colds, runny noses,, etc.....If you have something "out of the ordinary", they will try to find you a doctor ashore....bring your money, because it's not like the United States....they want CASH!
  6. cb at sea


    The DSC IS "tips"....just because they call them something other than "gratuities" doesn't make them different. They simply want their passengers to pay what's expected.
  7. cb at sea

    Showing read or posted to threads in red

    I know....I'm having trouble figuring this out! I reckon I'll get used to it eventually!
  8. cb at sea

    Shots What Shots?

    None are required by the cruise lines. If there are vaccines YOU need for your daily life, you might want to visit your own doctor.
  9. cb at sea

    High end cruise

    "Upscale" means different things to different people! We certainly like "luxury", but we also enjoy shows/bands/comedians, etc....not all "luxury" lines provide great entertainment....so factor that into your decision!
  10. Can you do that? Used to be, anything you'd clicked on, or posted to would turn red...is there a way to make that happen?
  11. cb at sea

    family of 5

    Most cruise lines have "family" cabins, but you have to CALL to book them.I'd rather have 2 connecting cabins myself....just for the extra privacy and extra bathroom!
  12. cb at sea

    Cruising in January

    Using the provided "gear" is no different than using a fork at dinner.....yes, others have used it, but it's washed and sanitized before YOU use it! No need to buy that stuff, if you are just starting out. Pack as you would for any vacation to the same climate....you don't need tons of stuff. Shorts/swimwear is what most will wear during the daytime...and something decent you'd wear to a nice restaurant at home. That's all!
  13. cb at sea

    Labadee questions

    Yes...the chairs are available to any and all. There are several "beach areas" ....you can wander until you find the right one for you! The cabanas carry a hefty price tag, but they have them for rent. Labadee isn't so large that you can't stroll around the entire place in an hour or so!
  14. cb at sea

    Seven Mile Beach

    7 Mile Beach runs for about 6 miles to the left of where you tender (facing land).... The Calico Jacks area has food/drink, rentals, restrooms, etc. The bus is $2.50 pp and quite easy! Just tell them where you want to get off....Calico Jacks, and they'll say "here we are"! There are many different beach NAMES, but it's all the same stretch of sand!
  15. cb at sea

    Anything free to do once off the Carnival Dream?

    All of the beaches on GC are public. The bus is $2.50pp and runs regularly. I'd head to the Seagrape Beach area...there is food/drink, restrooms, chair/umbrella rentals, if you want them....and when you're done, walk to the road, and the next bus will stop to take you back!