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  1. Not very obstructed. You will SEE the window washing ladder/platform...but it really doesn't "block" any view. And yes....although part of the balcony space is behind a wall...makes for a great "napping' area!
  2. Do you want stairs in your CL? If you don't...stick with a OS or GS!
  3. Since there isn't anything of real value (except to me) in the bag I carry on the ship, I put it on the floor, next to my chair. I have to have my comb, lipstick, tissues....stuff like that, at hand. Not going back to the cabin for every "touch up"!
  4. Oops..wrrong post
  5. Plenty of sunscreen! And a hat! You don't have to stay all day, if you don't want to...come and go at your pleasure! There are trees for shade, if you don't want to spend money on cabanas and such!
  6. Yes...the buffet lunch is included....yes, alcohol is include if you have a drink package. Yes...there are loungers everywhere! You don't need to spend a PENNY on Labadee, if you don't want to!
  7. You may bring ANY hair appliance you wish.
  8. We generally eat a late breakfast before heading to the ship, so we don't have to partake of the feeding frenzy! We might grab a snack before the buffet closes, if we feel the need.
  9. Coco Cay is a beach day.....you don't have to get off the ship at all...and if you do, you don't have to stay all day. Consider it part of the ship....because it truly is. Nassau has shopping, restaurants, points of interest (if they interest you)...and gambling at Atlantis. While we love the private "beach days", Nassau isn't our favorite....it's a "been there, done that" sort of port for us.
  10. Each person can have their OWN shipboard account. Whatever YOU'RE paying for can be paid in advance....anything after that is ON EACH INDIVIDUAL.....
  11. This virus will NEVER "go away"....viruses don't do that. They may mutate to a lesser form, or get worse....no one knows. The "common cold" is a form of Corona virus...we have NO cure...and folks suffer from it yearly. And yes...some have complications from it, and die. Life is not safe, or sure. Learn to live with it.
  12. Yep...easy to do once onboard. You may get the points, but they will get the perks.
  13. There are "watersport" options at "Public Beach/Seagrape Beach" area......things like banana boats, wave runners, etc..... If you google "Grand Cayman Beaches", you can find a lot of info!
  14. You can have a wonderful day on Coco Cay without spending anything "extra".
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