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5-9=24 Thursday Weigh-In Warmer Weather Coming?

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Does the warmer weather make you want to lose weight

Want to wear summer clothes and get them straight


Do find it easier to lose in summer or winter weeks

What season foods that come out and you go weak


If we could learn to take a taste instead of eating it all

Only us can make that call


Know it seems like should be easy by now

Some weeks so good other weeks wow


Did you watch what you ate

Meat and salads and not cookies by eight


So, hope this week was good to you on the scale

Tomorrow morning will tell the tale


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Good Morning Belle!!!  Thanks for starting this thread.  I unfortunately weighed myself and I seem to be up 2.2# since I weighed two weeks ago.  I am not surprised.


I have been going to PT and now they thin I might have a torn meniscus in my knee.  They are going to see if I can get an MRI (my insurance company will do anything not to have one done).  I just want everything to be manageable for our next cruise in July.


Hope everyone has a good week.  Jan

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Good morning. Belle thanks for the start of a good week.


i haven’t weighed was bad all week.  Have still been on a sugar binge. BUT  finally good news.  Saw PCP  on Monday for annual.  Discussed what a bad year I’ve had. I like her I can be honest, told about sugar binging.  Lab drawn - checking white count , sodium ,A1C.  She was t concerned about sugar binging knows I’ll get back on track when better would start me on Jardience if A1C elevated.   Sodium and white counts still just a few numbers below lo normal range(normal for me).   The most surprising was my A1C was 5.6 which is normal —I’ve decided I can’t be a diabetic with normal numbers.   I’m in such a good mood.


This is the first day of my Chesapeake bay cruise- that was free and I’m not on, a friend took my son’s cabin but no other takers.  My pelvis is better but not well enough for plane travel or walking more than 0.5 miles — not meant to happen.


ill try and get back to eating properly.


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Steady.  I am getting better in some regards at the gym, but nearly fainted today during a relatively mild pilates move.  It wasn't just light-headed (that too occurred on the two balance moves prior).  But this was a full out slide down the wall and couldn't see for a few moments episode.  I had a really healthy piece of avocado toast 4 hours earlier (it is substantial with black beans incorporated), but we are hoping maybe all I need is a banana or something prior to my workouts.  If I have more episodes when working out, I'll ask my doctor if a stress test is in order.  I did fine on the treadmill (burned 100 calories in my one mile walk 😃) but am a little confused why I floundered with a not especially challenging exercise.  


Izena, I sympathize with the sugar binges.  I go through spells where I just crave it and I can't settle for just one piece of candy.  It becomes a daily affair.  Once I purge it from my system, I do alright for awhile, but something always "pulls me back in" and then I am "off the wagon again" for awhile.  I hope you conquer yours soon and that you get better and better. 


Jan...ugh!  Torn meniscus.  I hope not.  It's hard to get some momentum going with continual setbacks.  I hope you get some good news and can get on the road to recovery.  


Belle.  YES!  Warm weather inspires me to get in shape and I LOVE summer food.  I love cooking on the grill and I actually do slim down in the summertime because summer food agrees with my diet restrictions. Ice Cream is probably the one summer thing that trips me up but I seem to have consistently kept myself to only a single scoop a couple of times a month, so I don't feel in danger of overdoing that particular treat..  I make a whole bunch of homemade ice cream for my parents who are in their 90's (they love it and they can use some extra weight) and when I do make it, I don't even lick the spoon!    I tried on my "pretty cruise clothes" this weekend and took an inventory of "problem" areas of my body that need a little work to make everything look good.  That is good encouragement for me too.  

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Hopeful - I can sympathize with your lightheaded episodes.  I was having dizzy spells also known as vertigo - which many times doesn’t have a specific cause.  Once prescribed meclizine  3x day for 10 days.    I decided to continue it twice a day (it is over the counter Dramamine is the same thing).  

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Great poem!  I  made it a point today to eat the healthiest stuff first, with very small piece of something sweet.  I absolutely need to keep busy to stay on track.  Good luck with knee, pelvis, A1C, and vertigo.  Summer awaits! Yay!

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Hello Ladies, another weekend for us to enjoy but try to be good too.


Jan I'm sorry you're going through so much. Is the BP gone? Hope

you can get everything you need for your knee. Sorry you had a gain,

that's why we're supposed to weigh each week, so gains don't get ahead of us.

Your July cruise will be here before you know it.


Izena so glad your numbers are good. Are you feeling better each day? Hope so.

Sorry you're missing your cruise. I know you'll get back to eating right an you'll do great.


Hopefull sorry your having problems too. Hope you find the cause of it all. Not enough

food or water before exercising maybe. Yes I like the summer food the best to. Love

my ice cream and I could not make ice cream and not eat any. Power to you. When is your cruise? A few days ago didn't you say you lost 6 lbs. Congrats.


JustUs where are you? Doing ok?


I to am joining you all with medical problems. Went to another doc today, didn't have to 

weigh and have scale not matching mine again. But my scale has me losing a pound.

this week, which is nice.

Haven't ate much this week but Sat. food shopping, have to not buy stuff I don't need.


Take care all

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