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Best Packing List Ever


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Great Idea thanks guys, have printed some of them off to make up my own list.


Just wanted to add that instead of the lanyard (can't stand anything around neck when hot sticky and sandy :eek:) a fuel card holder that way your cruisecard was not "injured" when they punched a hole in it to attach to the Lanyard. As for the door key we simply took an old keyring Ring and attached to the many holes in the fuel card.Cliped on clothes with those convention badge clips made not taking a bag to dinner during formal nights easy.


Also found that the Soap they give you in the cabin is Horrid :eek::eek: so will def be taking liquid soap and body wash (more hygenic too)


And couldn't agree more with the travel clocks that don't tick nothing more maddening than that in the middle of the night :mad:


Glen20 is a fab idea too - so many to mention

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Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but we always take Glen20 to spray the cabin with. We spray morning and night and always around the airconditioning vents. Helps kill germs.


Keep cruising Janet



Thanks for this tip Janet..I hadnt thought of it until I read your post so I have gone an bought a can ..I love this stuff,it is so handy ..:)



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Thanks for the extensive packing list.....but I think a few strong "bag boys" preferably from man power, to carry all the bags needed, if using these packing lists. heheheheheh




Bubbs & Blues-who is my "man power man" (I wish)


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We took duct tape to keep draws and cupboards closed as they can keep u awake from opening and closing through out rough seas. My daughter also used it to cover a glowing light next to the light switch on the wall beside her bed as it was keeping her awake [this was on the dawn princess but you never know]


Reef shoes are a MUST.

A power pack for items such as straighteners and chargers, there is a blow dryer provided but it was not very affective. Charger for your mobile is a good idea even if you do not have international roaming, you can use it as an alarm to save space on packing. HOWEVER... on the last night when returning home set your mobile to silent as we learnt incoming text msgs are a pain to hear at 3 am when service returns.


And last of all, I did not see the point in my opinion to take sewing kits and so on as your steward can pretty much supply items as such. One even fixed up a friend of ours shoe that had broken free of charge.

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And last of all, I did not see the point in my opinion to take sewing kits and so on as your steward can pretty much supply items as such. One even fixed up a friend of ours shoe that had broken free of charge.


on my last trip (pacific sun) we needed a sewing kit and NO ONE had one...we needed a needle and cotton to hem up some pants... we finally found a needle with the woman at the perfume counter who kindly went and got it from her personal supply..another friend needed to sew on a button on his shirt... and again couldnt find a needle and cotton..its always the things you never use that you need...(Ive never touched a needle or cotton since)

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DID NOT USE or will not bring again:

First aid kit


Shampoo/condition/soap-theirs was ok-loved their body lotion

Sea sick bands/medicine

Gastro medicine

Half our clothes

Half my jewellery

Sewing kit

Hand sanitizer-used theirs

Glen 20

Blue tak

note paper & pen-used theirs

Wet ones

Highlighter pen

Extra coats hangers

Covered containers




Wide mouth water bottle

Pegs & peg caddy

Sard soap

Plastic suctions hooks-lots

Room freshener

Lap top

Power strip

Good brand coffee-to make my own



I'm working on the theory for next time:

"take half the clothes and twice the money"





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Hi All

Just tried to print out the best ever packing list but it didnt print properly as it is in blue ink. Had anyone seen a pfd file so I can print it out. Any help would be appreciated if someone can attatch a link.


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Hope this is what you want? Kindly provided by Fiona :) If you email me I'll send it to you


B&B ;)


Kindly provided by Fiona :)


Cruise/ travel -Packing List:


Travel Paperwork/Personal IDs/

  • E-ticket / boarding passes for the airlines
  • Confirmation emails from car rental, hotel and private excursions
  • Cruise documents including completed boarding papers, immigration papers, etc.
  • Printouts of any emails or letters re: OBCs, tour reservations, etc. (to prevent problems)
  • Passport and any required travel visas (keep copy separately)
  • Leave copy of itinerary / phone numbers with relatives/friends
  • Self-sticking address labels for airline/cruise luggage tags (saves time over filling them in)
  • Make a copy of the contents of your wallet (cards, etc.) and keep separately
  • Waterproof wallet (to keep money with you at beach and water sports)
  • Cash (with plenty of ones & fives for tipping) (some people like $2 bills and dollar coins, too)
  • Credit cards (list account and telephone numbers in case of loss and pack separately)
  • Call Credit Card Companies in advance to advise of shipboard/foreign charges
  • Watch (bring a waterproof one if you’ll be doing water sports)
  • Business/Social Cards (with phone number and email address) for your new friends!
  • Addresses of those you may want to send a postcard to
  • Hi-lighter (can select things on the Daily Schedule to do) and other pens for filling in forms
  • Post-it notes to leave notes for each other, room steward, etc.
  • Lanyard to hang ID (or get one onboard; stores will punch hole in your card, or bring plastic pouch)
  • Local gifts for CC gift exchange, or for cruise staff (steward, etc.) - nice touch in addition to tip
  • Port books/maps, or printouts of internet research on ports of call visited during cruise

Electronics/Electrical Equipment/Entertainment

  • Cell phone & charger (and walkie-talkies if you’ve got ‘em)
  • Call cell phone company in advance to find out about overseas/roaming charges/service.
  • Laptop, charger & media reader for camera disks
  • Camera, extra batteries or charger, film or digital media
  • Disposable camera / disposable underwater camera
  • Portable DVD player / CD player / radio / Gameboy / PSP / iPods, speakers, etc. + chargers/batteries
  • Books & magazines, crosswords & sudoku, needlework, cards, travel games, etc.
  • Clock with lighted display & battery backup
  • Flashlight / Night light / mini-reading lamp / touchlight
  • Binoculars (especially if you have a balcony)
  • Extension cord or power strip (to plug in all that other stuff!!!)


  • Hat or visor (+ hat clips/cords)
  • Sunglasses (+ cords)
  • Umbrella & poncho or rainjacket
  • Sweater/shawl for chilly dining room
  • Water shoes, flip-flops
  • Swim goggles (snorkel gear, if you’ve got it)
  • Water bottle + carrier / insulated mug
  • Beach bag / fanny pack / mini-backpack (for shore excursions)
  • Small collapsible cooler for keeping drinks cool at the beach

Extra folding bag for return packing with souvenirs! (or pack two suitcases inside each other) + bubble wrap for delicate objects

  • Over-the-door shoe organizer w/clear pockets (for bathroom stuff) + plastic suction hooks

Household / Cabin / Food Items

  • Safety pins / sewing kit (w/small scissors) / Scotch tape / fun-tak
  • Duct tape (recently used it to repair a broken suitcase)
  • bungee cord (to hold open balcony doors or use as extra drying cord)
  • Clothespins
  • Coil water boiler / drip coffee filter & cones + coffee (if you just gotta have your own…)
  • Snacks & water / soda / wine for in-cabin consumption (can re-use water bottles onboard)
  • Ziploc bags (all sizes)
  • Pop-up mesh laundry hamper (or use pillowcases)
  • Some people like to bring their own pillow! (or at least pillowcase)
  • Extra (wire) hangers; multi-skirt/pant hangers
  • Door/cabin decorations (if you’re so inclined…) (cruise critic magnet, anyone?)
  • For transporting food and drinks from buffet to your cabin and/or storing juice in room: plastic tray, locking covered dishes, plastic covered pitcher and/or large (insulated) travel mugs.
  • Bubbles to blow for sailaway!

Medical/Health/Personal Care/Travel Stuff

  • Prescription medication in original containers
  • Vitamins and other health-related items.
  • Extra prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses (in case originals get damaged/lost)
  • Sunscreen (pack lots -- it’s sure to be cheaper than onboard or in port) + sunburn coolers
  • First Aid Kit (Bandaids, Bactine/Neosporin/hydrocortisone (anti-itch), Aspirin/Tylenol/Advil, cold remedies/nasal sprays, Dramamine/Bonine, Tums/Pepto/Immodium, hydrogen peroxide, etc.)
  • Moleskin/footpads/baby powder/ache-relieving gel (for those sore feet…)
  • Febreeze or other air freshener / PLUG-IN air freshener (with fan)
  • Woolite / Tide-to-go / laundry supplies (if there is self-service laundry)
  • Wrinkle-release spray (or travel steamer; DO NOT pack an iron – illegal, and there’s one in the laundry room on Princess anyway… or pay half the cleaning charge to have an item ironed)
  • Lysol or other cleaning wipes (wipe that TV remote and phone headset!!)
  • Hand Sanitizer; Antibacterial/antiviral gel/wipes
  • Airborne / Pepto / other disease prevention meds (take before traveling with crowds)
  • Travel neck pillow / earplugs / eyeshade for sleeping + soft “airplane” socks
  • Insect repellant / Sting-eze or Caladryl (to soothe bugbites)
    * DEODORANT (Yes, this should be on your toiletries list, but believe me, you don’t want to forget it any more than your toothbrush… plus it’s harder and more expensive to replace onboard or in foreign ports) Toiletries/Personal items
    * Chapstick
    * Deodorant
    * Body/Hand Lotion/Mosturizer
    * Hair brush / comb
    * Hair dryer (if the in-cabin one isn’t strong enough for you)
    * Curling iron, Hair clips/curlers, Hair styling products (spray, gel, pomade, mousse, etc.)
    * Hair accessories (hairbands, ponytail holders, clips, etc.)
    * Cosmetics & makeup remover
    (Lipstick, lipliner, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, brow pencil, nail polish)
    * Cotton balls & Q-tips; travel-size tissue pack; Handkerchiefs
    * Tweezers; Manicure set - nail file, emery board, scissors, clippers, cuticle nipper, pusher, etc.
    * Ear plugs (for sleeping… swimming… loud music clubs!) ; Aqua ear drops (for swimmer’s ear) § Shampoo & conditioner (plus any other hair treatments, color touch-up, etc.)
    * Toothbrush & toothpaste + Mouthwash + Dental Floss (other mouth care items, toothpicks, etc.)
    * Contact lenses & solution; Eye drops
    * Perfume & cologne (Aftershave for men)
    * Skin care products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask, scrub, etc.)
    * Razor & blades + Shaving cream (or Electric razor)
    * UNDERWEAR!! (Just added this one thanks to recent CC post)

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I have seen a lot of mention of duct tape (and then people saying how they took it and never used it - of course its something you will only use IF there is a problem and lets face it, we never know when there is gonna be a problem. When you've got it though AND need it, its irreplaceable however).


However, instead of duct tape, I take a roll of sticky sports strapping tape. We have used this for 1)strapping an injured rolled ankle (its VERY supportive) 2) strapping together a deep cut on the bottom of a foot which was injured on coral (after flushing it out thoroughly of course and treated with antibacterial stuff), 3) taping up broken luggage 4) holding anything else together or in place - we used it one time to strap together a sandel that had come apart and there would have been no other way to keep the sandel operational for the duration of the holiday. its GREAT stuff and so versatile :)


I would imagine it would also be great for holding balcony doors/drawers & cupboards in place when ship is in rough weather.


If I leave it behind, you can guarantee that is the one time i WILL need it:o


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wow i read through this whole forum hahaha 3 hours later but thanks for some real good ideas there i really like the one about the fuel card holder so you dont have to have the lanyard round your neck cause that irritates me too!


Thanks again guys!

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Small rope/clothesline & pins. There is one in shower, but must remove clothes to shower. I tie my stuff on balcony chairs to dry. If going to a tropical place, take bug repellant (best is the individual towelettes); transderm patches (if you have tendency for motion sickness); walkie talkies - to communicate w/ others...cell phones either don't work or are expensive. Blow dryer, ones on most ships are very weak. Small folding hamper, if free laundry (platinum). Small baggy of soap in case you must wash something before returning, plus tide pen or shout wipes to pre-treat stains. Hair Conditioner (only have shampoo on mosts ships); $1 stapler or tape (if you put cruise tags on luggage before flying to port, they sometimes fall off - so we either tape or staple them on when we get to port). If going with a group, I make signs for each cabin door so it is easier to find other's rooms. A few bandages, SPF lip balm, cough drops or cold pills, & a small assortment of meds. Small collapsible soft-sided cooler to put drinks in. Electrical power strip. Memory cards, sunscreen, ear plugs, plastic bags (for taking wet clothing home). Cheap ponchos.

Always take a change of clothes, meds, jewelry & any valuables in your carry-on. Also, have ALL cruise documents with you, as well as important other documents. Try to stick to a couple of colors that can be mixed or matched.

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Twice they really did a job on our suitcase(s): The duct tape held them together for our return flight: At the last cruise critic meeting; for a guys gift under $10; We gave a pkg of LLbean duct tape; It said made in Canada rather than China: khc frm Maine:

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When packing your snorkle gear, I suggest you leave the flippers at home. They take up a lot of room and really aren't necessary. My wife and I take our gear and wear our beach/water shoes and find them to be quite adequate for the type of gentle snorkling we do.

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