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Menu on the Spirit

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Just wondering if anyone has the menu's for the main restaurants on the Spirit?

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I would also be interested in this. We will be on the Spirit to Alaska this year. Can't wait!!! I've been reading some very good reviews lately!

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Menu for NCL Spirit 9-day Southern Caribbean sailing 11/19/04


Night, Dress, Menu


Friday – Resort Casual – Bon Voyage Menu



1. Gin-fizzed Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Tomato-Horseradish Sauce

2. Smoked duck breast with Lentil Salad, Charred pearl onions and dried cranberries

3. Texas grapefruit segments with a splash of Bloody Mary mix, epazote sprinkles

4. Empanada de Picadillo – baked beef turnover with chorizo-peach salsa


Soups and Salad

1. French onion soup with beef and barley

2. Creamy corn soup with roasted red bell peppers

3. Chilled cream of banana and mango

4. Crisp iceberg lettuce with avocado, tomato and chipotle dressing or choice of traditional and fat-free dressings


(Caesar salad with herbed croutons and parmesan cheese flakes available every night.)


A Taste of New Orleans

Cajun crawfish etouffee with fragrant rice and fried okra



Main courses

1. Barbecue roasted salmon and mashed potatoes with leeks

2. Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread

3. Lightly breaded and butter-fried turkey schnitzel with artichoke-gruyere tart and greens in fresh tarragon vinaigrette

4. Roast Prime rib of heartland beef, pan gravy and Yorkshire pudding, sautéed string beans with bacon and onions, baked potato with all the trimming

5. Vegetarian – Grilled polenta with tomato-basil concasse, Sautéed string beans and walnuts.



1. Berry amaretto summer trifle – Marinated berries mixed with angel food cake

2. Chocolate pecan cream cake with warm whiskey caramel fudge sauce

3. Crème Brulee – burnt custard with French vanilla beans

4. Black forest coupe

5. Sugar-free and low-fat: Raspberry – Chocolate cake


(Ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbets available every night.)



Saturday – Optional formal night – Captain’s Gala Menu



1. Crab Louis salad with Belgian endive, oranges and long-cut chives

2. Moroccan carrot, Fig and olive medley with Smoked goose slivers, coriander and cumin vinaigrette

3. Fresh fruit minestrone with amaretto

4. Escargots Café de Paris


Soups and Salad

1. Cream of Wild mushrooms with fresh chervil

2. Clear oxtail with Sherry and a chester stick

3. Iced avocado and watermelon soup

4. Spinach salad with Asiago cheese and croutons


A Taste of Italy

Fettuccine Alfredo with crisp garlic-basil crostini


Main course

1. Lemon-broiled Orange Roughy on roasted vegetables with sun-dried tomato pesto

2. Broiled lobster tail, drawn butter, yellow rice and oven-baked veggies

3. Sautéed wiener-schnitzel with rosti potatoes and broccoli béarnaise

4. Filet of beet Wellington, port wine glaze, croquettes potatoes and eggplant casserole

5. Vegetarian – Mediterranean spinach and feta cheese strudel with pumpkin cream, tomato coulis and toasted pine nuts




1. Coffee Toffee Parfait

2. Fresh fruit vacherin with mango and raspberry fruit coulis

3. Grand Marnier Soufflé with warm chocolate sauce

4. Crepes Suzette prepared by your Maitre D

5. Sugar-free and Low-fat: Strawberry mousse




Sunday – Resort Casual –



1. Creamy Mexican Crab Dip with Jicama, carrot and celery strips

2. Gallantine of Guinea hen with Pico de Gallo salsa

3. Mangozpacho – medley of mango, palm heart, pineapple and avocado in lime juice

4. Fried jalapeno poppers, creamy cilantro dip


Soups and Salads

1. Sopa deFeijao preto – Brazilian black bean soup

2. Tomatillo-chicken broth with jack cheese croutons and fried tortilla sticks

3. Chilled pineapple-coconut soup with vanilla bean yogurt

4. Ensalada Caldera – Lollo Rosso leaves with papaya, avocado, tomato and carambola cilantro-lime dressing or choice of traditional and fat-free dressing.


A Taste of France

Steak & Frites – Striploin of beef with red wine-shallot butter and French fries


Main Course

1. Pollo Pamplona con fabas alinadas – chicken roll, stuffed with ham, prunes and eggs on spicy fava bean

2. Grilled corvine and chorizo with rigatoni pasta in bell pepper cream and sofrito-style vegetables

3. Lomo de puerco – Latin-style pork roast with mole, Mexican rice and Hacienda vegetables

4. Cuban palomilla shell-steak, marinated in sour orange and garlic, sofrito-style vegetables, Latin rice-and-beans

5. Vegetarian – Fiesta quesadilla, filled with roasted peppers and guacamole, baked with Jalapeno-spiked Monterey jack cheese, Pico de Gallo salsa



1. Flan de Limon – Latin custard with lime juice

2. Cuban chocolate-coffee brulee

3. Warm tamarind-and-mango bread pudding with tangerine sauce

4. Sugar-free and low-fat: Banana cake




Monday – 70’s – Italian menu



1. Beef carpaccio, arugula, aioli sauce and parmesan flakes

2. Insalata caprese – plum tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella with fresh basil, virgin olive oil and balsamic syrup drizzle

3. Cantaloupe melon and fresh strawberries with cinzano vermouth

4. Fritto misto – Crisp-fried calamari and zucchini with marinara sauce


Soups and Salad

1. Abruzzi style chestnut and chick-pea soup

2. Tuscan tomato soup

3. Chilled cream of pistachio and pears with cinnamon dust

4. Escarole, radicchio, grapefruit, walnut oil with Marsala wine vinaigrette or choice of traditional and fat-free dressings


A Taste of the Mediterranean

Porcini mushroom and pork knuckle ravioli in basil-saffron broth


Main courses

1. Broiled salmon steak on spinach, tossed Orecchiette pasta and bean stew, set in a light bouillabaisse with lemon zest and fried parsley

2. Mussel and baby shrimp risotto with leeks and chives

3. Chicken Parmigiana on tomato fettuccine pasta

4. Sautéed corn-fed veal chop with Marsala wine sauce, gnocchi-potato dumplings and oven-baked vegetables with rosemary and thyme

5. Vegetarian – Grilled Portobello mushrooms over polenta stew and wilted spinach with tomato-onion broth, soft-baked garlic and toasted pine nuts



1. Tiramisu – “Pick me up” Espresso-mascarpone cheese cake

2. Chocolate soufflé with warm Bailey’s sauce

3. Cherries Jubilee prepared by your Maitre D

4. Sugar-free and low-fat: Lemon mousse




Tuesday – Caribbean – Caribbean Dinner Menu



1. Copa escabeche mojo - Chilled Cuban-fried seafood and vegetables in a sour orange-garlic marinade

2. Hearts of Palm salad and baked sweet onions in a Bermuda-style sherry-pepper vinaigrette

3. Tropical fruit medley with anise liqueur

4. Bahamian conch fritters with sharp mustard-guava fruit dip


Soups and Salad

1. Caribbean lobster-and pumpkin bisque

2. Guinea hen consommé with melons and mint

3. Ice chilled papaya and lilikoi soup

4. Calypso salad – Island greens with carambola, Papaya, Watermelon chunk Tamarind-sugar cane vinaigrette or choice of traditional and fat-free dressing


A Taste of Venice

Linguine alle vongole – linguine noodles with white clam sauce and pinot grigio wine


Main course

1. Grilled red snapper with sauce tartare, battered fries and Creole vegetables casserole

2. Asopao de pollo Puerto Rico island-style chicken stew

3. All day roasted leg of pork, pan gravy, rice-and-beans, West Indies red cabbage

4. Grilled sirloin steak with fried onions, baked potato and sautéed peppers

5. Vegetarian – Zucchini stuffed with eggplant caviar, baked with Mornay sauce island rice-and-beans



1. Coconut cream pie

2. Pineapple spice cake on raspberry sauce

3. Warm Jamaican chocolate bread & bread pudding with vanilla bean sauce

4. Sugar-free and low-fat: Pina Colada cake

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Wednesday – 50’s/60’s – President’s dinner



1. President Ford’s Smoked Norwegian Salmon Terrine with red salmon caviar sauce

2. Lady Diana’s Avocado Pear filled with vegetable salad and Louisiana Shrimp

3. Ambrosia

4. President Reagan’s Gruyere cheese crepes fondue


Soups and Salads

1. Lady Bird Johnson’s beef consommé with white house garden vegetables

2. President Nixon’s North Atlantic Crab soup with French bread croutons

3. Nancy Reagan’s Cold curry soup with sesame seed twist

4. Jacqueline Kennedy’s garden salad with olive oil dressing and Melba toast

5. Betty Ford’s Hearts of Palm-and-cucumber salad with red bell pepper dressing


Main Courses

1. Nancy Reagan’s Poached sea bass in champagne-and-saffron sauce, Parisienne potatoes, glazed cherry tomatoes and asparagus spears

2. President Carter’s Sautéed supreme of chicken with dry sack sherry, with red-and-green peppers and tomato rice pilaf

3. President Reagan’s Roast rack of lamb in California rose wine-shallots sauce, princess potatoes, and fennel gratinee

4. President Johnson’s Grilled butter flied tenderloin of beef with crimini mushrooms served with honey-glazed baby carrots and new red bliss potatoes.

5. Vegetarian – Vidalia onion risotto with feta cheese



1. President Reagan’s Floating Islands with cointreau sauce

2. President Johnson’s Chocolate mousse with toasted hazelnuts-and brandy sauce

3. President Ford’s Plum torte Chantilly





Thursday – Resort casual – (We had Thanksgiving, but I think it will be this menu.)



1. Midwest smoked trout mousse with vegetable sticks and crisp crackers

2. Tex-mex charred-and-peppered steak on seven-bean salad

3. Florida fruit medley

4. Cajun pop corn – cornmeal-fried crawfish with honey-mustard mayo


Soups and Salads

1. Wisconsin cheese chowder

2. Kansas City barbecued beef consommé with a twist

3. Washington State chilled apple and cherry soup

4. Santa Fe salad with orange segments, star fruit and avocado caramelized jalapeño-lime dressing or choice of traditional and fat-free dressing


A Taste of the Mediterranean

Cannelloni Piacentini – pasta rolls stuffed with minced turkey, ricotta cheese and spinach baked with plum-tomato ragu and parmesan cheese


Main Courses

1. Chicken pot pie with fresh tomato-squash salad

2. Deep South fried catfish with hush puppies and delta vegetables stew

3. Pan fried Chesapeake Bay fish cakes with creamy potato salad and summer greens in Merlot-shallots vinaigrette

4. Heartland rib-eye roast with pan gravy and creamy horseradish sauce, broccoli-and-cream cheese casserole and double-baked potato

5. Vegetarian – California vegetables enchiladas baked with tomatillio salsa and three cheese, mexi-cali condiments



1. Chocolate Fire cake

2. Vermont Blueberry slump with butter pecan ice cream

3. Bif Easy Peach and bread pudding with bourbon whiskey-caramel sauce

4. Sugar-free and Low-fat: Strawberry short cake





Friday – Optional Formal – Captain’s Farewell Menu



1. Lobster mousse timbale with caviar, sherry cream and chives

2. Sesame seed crusted loin of lamb with tabbouleh salad, minted honey-lime and chili oil drizzle

3. Grenadine-crested pineapple sun set on tropical fruit

4. Oysters Rockefeller


Soups and Salad

1. Salmon bisque

2. Lemon-scented tomato consommé with ditalini noodles

3. Chilled cream of blueberry and kiwi fruit

4. Watercress salad, oranges and beets with walnut oil and raspberry vinegar or choice of traditional and fat-free dressings


A Taste of China

Beijing stir-fried pork tenderloin and almond cream-braised bok choy on vermicelli noodles


Main Courses

1. Fresh Tuna with tangy onions, asparagus-and-cheese soufflé

2. Big easy shrimp jambalaya and Creole vegetable brunoise in shellfish broth

3. Canard a l’Orange – Roast duck with Orange glaze, wild rice and vegetable bouquet

4. Grilled filet mignon béarnaise with baked potato and market-fresh vegetables

5. Vegetarian – Wok-fried Udon noodles on sweet-and sour vegetables, crisp beet and daikon curls



1. Mocha fudge pie

2. Baked Alaska with raspberry coulis

3. Crepe soufflé on chocolate-curacao sauce

4. Bananas Foster prepared by your Maitre D

5. Sugar-free and Low-fat: Apricot Yogurt Frappe





Saturday – Resort casual – The Chef’s Menu


1. Duo of Tuna Tartare, coriander-citrus vinaigrette

2. Cantonese-style beef salad

3. Concorde grape cocktail with sparkling wine sabayon

4. Baked Idaho potato with crème fraiche and salmon caviar


Soups and Salad

1. Split pea soup with smoked hocks and scallions

2. Fish and vegetable minestrone, garlic baguette

3. Fire-and-ice melon soup

4. Mixed crisp lettuces with vegetables and bacon bits choice of traditional and fat-free dressings


A Taste of Lombardy

Vitello di Marsala – Veal scaloppini in mushroom and Marsala wine sauce, root vegetable risotto


Main course

1. Grilled fish skewer of Wahoo with vegetable goulash and penne pasta stirred in creamy bell pepper sauce

2. Red currant-glazed pork chop, root vegetables

3. Roast leg of lamb with polenta stew, vegetables and rosemary glaze

4. New York Sirloin steak, broiled with barbeque sauce, buttered corn on the cob and double baked potato

5. Vegetarian – Indian vegetable curry with basmati rice, mango chutney, cucumber yogurt and Indian flat bread



1. Almond Mocha Parfait

2. Chocolate-nougat cake on Grand Mariner sauce

3. Apple in the jacket – baked in a puff pastry coat with raisins and marzipan, vanilla bean sauce

4. Belle Helene – poached pear with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce

5. Sugar-free and low-fat: Strawberry Cake

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My hand is tired....

Just kidding, I love returning the favors of other board members.

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Whatever you do, you must order the chilled fruit soups each night (also at lunch sometimes) is truely to die for. Like a desert. Oh how I miss the Spirit:(

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The cold liquid that the soups are in is icecream, we asked. They are very delicious.

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Overall I thought the Dining Room offered a good selection for most nights. We ate elsewhere on Sunday (just not in to the Latina Cuban selections) and on Thursday (not a big fish eater). I always checked out the next day's menu that would be posted around 10:00pm the night before.


One of my favorites was the Veal Marsala on Monday, Italian night. Instead of using veal scallopene, a huge Veal Chop was prepared. It was absolutely wonderful.

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Thank you so much. How nice of you to write all that. I am so hungry reading it. Can't wait to try it. Will be cruising in two weeks.

I have never tried the cold soups. I sure will now!!!

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HoosierContour...Thankyou for taking all the time to write that out! Very nice of you!!!


Does anyone know how this menu would compare to the Spirit 7 nt. cruise to Alaska? I love all the knowledge on these boards!!!

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Thank you for posting the menus! Oh my, everything sounds wonderful. I am driving my SO crazy reading everything I like out loud! :)

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I cant take credit, Lisa from this board sent these to me awhile back. Lisa! not I.

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I cant take credit, Lisa from this board sent these to me awhile back. Lisa! not I.


Hoosier....do you know how that menu works if one is on an 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise...which we will be on in a few weeks. Do you know of any one who may have posted it elsewhere?

Thanks for posting this one. Can't believe you typed all that...What a guy!;)

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