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  1. Yeah those pictures have me rethinking my balcony too I picked 11233 which has the larger balcony. But it does look very tunnel like . Now I'm wondering if I should try and change, anyone have any experience with these cabins?
  2. I know that she hasn't actually sailed yet but do you think that menus will have changed or been upgraded over the covid break? Are the menus the same over the whole line or are there differences between ships?
  3. Do you have a smart phone? you can usually upload pictures from your smart phone. Or if you are staying at a hotel many still have business centers where you can access a computer and upload a picture that way.
  4. Thanks for this review I'm sure things will be a bit different now post Covid but definitely gives me a nice idea of what to expect
  5. I wore my glasses in mine so if its an issue they will just retake I guess but I didn't see anything about no glasses in any of the information.
  6. The only thing I see is a birthday cake I dont see anything about decorations.
  7. Can I order birthday decorations? And where and how can I order them?
  8. If I have a regular inside or above room I like to have the beds together. I do find the Solo Studio cabins beds which seem to equal a Full mattress is sufficient. On my next cruise I am going to ask if the bed can be pushed against the wall to give just a bit more bedside space.
  9. cocod08

    New to MSC

    So I just booked a cruise with MSC Mervagalia. I've only been on Royal and NCL what differences will I find? I'm going solo if that makes a difference. what are your favorite things to do on board? and what are the can't miss things to do? Thanks
  10. FCC question s seem to be all the rage right now so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. I have read on another forum that a FFC cannot be used to pay for deposit, port charges, taxes, or gratuities. So when they issue the FCC from the cancelled Cruise do they refund the taxes,port charges and gratuities (if paid in advance) then just issue the FCC for the price of the cruise? I am just a bit confused by this. I haven't cancelled anything yet as I'm waiting to see if the suspension is extended. Thanks ☺️
  11. Will he be back after the refurbishment or will someone new be taking over?
  12. Really enjoying the review just booked Empress for Bermuda May 2020 looks like a fantastic little ship.
  13. My first cruise after surgery I was about 6 months out and I did ok as far as portions. I did eat fairly slowly, so I was able to sample a bit of the appetizer and then eat my main course. I only had one waiter make a comment and I just told him I had stomach surgery and her never said anything again. I was bad though about trying desserts and made the mistake of eating too much a few nights and ended up spending the rest of the night in bed 😞 I had no issues having a drink here or there or having a glass of wine with dinner. I'm now 3 years out and things are much easier but I find the MDR t
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