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  1. We had "avocado" color appliances when we were first married in 1973................so chic at the time!!!!
  2. The 8 + 5 + 8 = 21 (3 weeks) and can be repeated again and again.
  3. Good question!!! I was hoping that Royal and "X" would move back the final payment date to 45 days prior to the cruise. Seems fair to me.
  4. I think that we have used them once before and another time the big several story parking garage about a block or so from the terminals. I hope that your Brilliance sails - we have Brilliance in October.
  5. Thanks for your insights. My wife and I are "seniors" - I just turned 78 and finding that our lifestyles have changed from the adventuresome - to family friendly - to a slower paced and relaxing cruise experience. We have done a few Celebrity cruises and yes they are a bit more expensive but are fitting our demographics better.
  6. We have never cruise on Carnival - maybe one day. Pictures of their newest ships look very nice and dining options are interesting. We usually drive to the port a day early, spend a night at a local hotel that has a cruise parking package.
  7. We are in the same boat (pun intended). I remember the TV show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" - the answer is.............sometimes yes and sometimes NO!!!!!!!!!
  8. Trick question - the map doesn't have Alaska or Hawaii - so he should get a passing grade and a trophy and a grant to teach geography.............just sayin'
  9. China got us into this cruising mess but they are the ones cruising - no justice!!!!!
  10. It doesn't make me feel any better - the deception makes me sick. Selling cruises that won't or can't sail is a shame - taking deposits is shameful.
  11. Maybe we should get back on topic...............the inconsistency of Celebrity's policy on bookings. You would think that the same policy of B2B's and cruises over 7 days (until 11/1/21) would be the same across the Royal Caribbean brands. This is very confusing for travel agents and clients.
  12. This is not a blond story - just the TRUTH. I couldn't believe that the attendant said that.............I guess any excuse was better than the one that I later found out. That same plane had the same A/C problem on the previous flight.
  13. Great answer by the agent...............although it is wrong. The answer reminds me of a flight I was on with Jet Blue. The cabin was getting warmer and warmer and I ask a flight attendant if there was something wrong - she said and I quote - the higher we go, the closer to the sun we get and it get hotter.
  14. My position is that I (and wife) have had our 2 vaccination shots - cruising with other folks that have had their shots is fine.
  15. We will NEVER have a 100% vaccinations and a 0% threat of someone not getting the virus / flu. So do we wait until never???? There are all kinds of risks in this world - it is how we minimize the risk and the personal accountability we accept.
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