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  1. We never tip the porters at Southampton.
  2. Yes Stonehenge is not far from Southampton, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere though so you would need an organised excursion I would think.
  3. From the Compass 'APPROPRIATE ATTIRE Please note that bare feet, shorts, caps and tank tops are not permitted in the dining rooms or any of our speciality restaurants at dinner. However casual dining is always offered at the Windjammer.' You and I must have a different understanding of the word suggestion.😄
  4. There is the massive Westquay shopping centre opposite the terminal across the main road. Are you staying in Southampton before the cruise, most of the hotels in town would be an easy walk to shops.
  5. This is the excellent review which has the compass that I referred to. You are correct that the day number is not on the front page, just the day and date. On the back page the cruise planner does have the day number though. They probably just have their own way of laying it out. To all those saying that 'they' don't care, why would they both to print the comment about appropriate attire then? Now whether they actually enforce it is a different matter but that probably has more to do with staff members being afraid of bad ratings or tips being removed.
  6. You are correct and I do the same. The OP on this thread was asking about a cruise on Indy in Europe. When I was on Indy a few weeks ago people were not wearing shorts in the dining room, I have no idea whether it was 'enforced' or not, it probably didn't need to be as people were following the suggested dress.
  7. OP, I was on Indy last month and jeans will be fine in the MDR. The vast majority did dress up on formal night though. To those who say there is no dress code check out the Day 2 compass from the current live review from Vision. There is a note in the compass headed 'Appropriate Attire' and it does not sound like a suggestion.
  8. Haven't been on Mariner but was on Indy last month and it has been reopened. The staff confirmed that the court case has been settled and a new company is now responsible for it.
  9. I think the quality of food on RCL varies massively from ship to ship and always has done since we began cruising with them in 2003. Although the menus are more or less the same on every ship, the dishes themselves are not. We were recently on Indy and thought the MDR food was the best we've had on RCL for several years (and better than we had on Constellation in 2017). We're not big buffet fans on any ship but would rate Celebrity's buffet as a bit better than RCL. We ate breakfast in MDR several times on Indy and were always seated fairly quickly.
  10. Interesting to see the 'Appropriate Attire' comment in the compass, are they actually enforcing it?
  11. Are you talking about Southampton? If so boarding started at 10.45 when we left on Indy 3 weeks ago. We parked just after 10 and had a short wait in the terminal. They do not stick to boarding times so if you get there at 11.30 you will be on fairly quickly. There were no queues when we arrived but we talked to people onboard who arrived around 1 and they said there were long lines then so the earlier the better. Cabins opened at 1.30.
  12. Totally agree with you on this. On Indy a couple of weeks ago I didn't see any shorts in the MDR at dinner and Formal nights were observed by the vast majority with most men in jackets and tie and most women in cocktail dresses at the least. The advice given on these type of threads may apply to cruises from the US but not always those in the rest of the world.
  13. It just worked for me, just signed up for a cruise next Feb, I've even had the email to confirm.
  14. https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ccSearch.do This link from the old UK site usually still works.
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