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  1. That looks interesting, does it massage you?
  2. I'd be really surprised if you don't enjoy YC. I know when we were on the ship wasn't as busy as now but it felt like our butler Mary and YC director Rosalina would have gone all out to make things happen. We haven't done Star class but have had OS and GS several times on Freedom class down and it didn't compare to YC. We've now decided that when we are spending that type of money on a cruise it will be in YC. I agree that if you are friendly and respectful of the staff you get a much better response than the people who bark orders at them.
  3. It's right in the city, a few minutes walk from the railway station and West Quay shopping centre.
  4. So do I, we were just about to book for October. Hope they have something back on sale after Thursday.
  5. We were on in June, the included drinks package outside of YC is Premium. There were less than 1000 passengers when we were on but I believe even when the ship is busier they keep seats in the theater for YC. Book with the concierge and the butler will escort you down.
  6. We had this menu on Virtuosa. The After Eight Sensation was by far the best dessert I've ever eaten on any cruise ship.
  7. On the early cruises they were using 8 and/or 9, lots of people reported parts of them being closed off. They do seem to move cabins around a lot though, we had 4 different cabin numbers in total.
  8. Yes, they have been doing the same on Virtuosa in the UK. deck 8 and sometimes deck 9 have been saved for quarantine.
  9. There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago, mine have still not been added from 5th June cruise.
  10. We booked our Virtuosa cruise in June with a UK TA and they gave us the MSC booking number a couple of days later, have you asked specifically for this? Not giving loyalty discount is quite common for UK TAs when they offer a cheaper price, we've had it with several TAs on several cruise lines. We are not allowed to name TAs but there is one big UK agent that sells MSC very cheaply, we used them once and had a similar experience to you, nothing until the very last moment. It was all fine in the end but personally I wouldn't use them again, too much stress for me just to save a few
  11. I don't have the app, just showed the letter.
  12. Thanks for the update, glad you enjoyed the cruise even with a few bumps. How does the ship feel now that there are more passengers (only 800 when we were on)? I've seen a few people saying that it's too crowded now. While we can't spare the time for another cruise this summer, we'd love to go back sometime in the future.
  13. One thing that has happened to a lot of us that have sailed Virtuosa is that we have booked and picked our cabin and then MSC have changed it to a different location. Be prepared they may do this. Also look out for the chance to bid for an upgrade email as the cruise gets closer. There is also a good thread on here about insurance for these cruises, MSC do insist on Covid cover and check you have it in the terminal before you board. I think most questions about these cruises have been discussed at some time in the last couple of months, if you search 'Virtuosa' you'll g
  14. I wouldn't worry TBH, like everybody else I don't believe what she told you, if you can book dining packages it can't be true. Sounds like she told you anything just to get rid of you and has probably never been on a ship herself. I'd definitely email them just to set your mind at rest.
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