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  1. There was wine as a prize on Indy in May and I know my parents won a bottle in Sept on Explorer. I can't remember ever having any alcohol served at any M & M we've been to on RCL.
  2. Every Windjammer that I've ever been in has what I would call plastic plates (as opposed to ceramic ones). I too dislike them and it's one of the reasons that I rarely eat more than a snack from there. While I agree that they would be less likely to break in very rough seas, it is strange that the sister line Celebrity doesn't have them. Different strokes for different folks but personally I much prefer the MDR for dinner.
  3. I guess that's what they think us Brits like 😀
  4. I would guess that this is exactly the reason why they are bringing back the requirement to prepay, too many people opting out.
  5. We went to Aqaba 2 years ago on Celebrity and did the ships tour to Petra. I can't even remember what happened so it must have been really simple. I'm pretty sure the ship took our passports at embarkation and we got them back when we reached Dubai for immigration there. The ship dealt with everything in between.
  6. Those Jewel cruises are an absolute bargain. If we didn't already have Quantum booked for Feb we'd have jumped on it too. Dubai is one of my favourite places, don't think you'll be in any danger.
  7. That's a great price drop. We are on the cruise before you from Singapore to Hong Kong, lots on our roll call are doing back to back. Wasn't your cruise originally going to Japan and had several changes of ports? I wonder if a lot of people cancelled and that is the reason for such a big price drop. Also I imagine there are people who are wary of going to Hong Kong at the moment (we're keeping an eye on the news ourselves!).
  8. Very few children onboard TAs usually. On our Jewel TA last Nov one of the AO staff told me there were 15 passengers under 18 in total . If the first week of this cruise is UK half term week there may be a few more.
  9. For our cruise in May it was briefly in the planner and then never appeared again. As above it was never busy, you could just walk up. Maybe it will be more popular in the Caribbean.
  10. I know this is probably no use to you if you are not sailing RCL again but you can pre buy OBC for your account and any left over is refundable. It's usually only OBC given as some sort of perk that is non refundable if not used. We usually use DH's Lloyds credit card for our onboard account and have never had any problems.
  11. I believe there are something like 15-20 different menus on RCL and I would guess they use them according to the demographic of passengers on any cruise.(I'm pretty sure we were told something like this on a galley tour once). The beef Wellington are not individual ones but a slice from a large one so whether they would make it on request I don't know but you can only try. BTW the one we had in May was very good😀
  12. I have no idea if they would make it for you but it definitely has not been taken off the menu on all cruises. It was one of the entrees on our first formal night on Indy in May and we've had it on a few times on TAs in the last few years.
  13. No, currency onboard is still the dollar. Prices onboard are shown with the gratuity already added though.
  14. It might have but it doesn't have proper clotted cream with the scones in Windjammer, just the American whipped stuff
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