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  1. I'm on a laptop and not very keen. This site seems to get worse with every update but I suppose we'll get used to it.
  2. It's on More4 which is part of channel 4 here in the UK. Seems to have been made by them for the British market as it featured several British crew members and passengers. Can you stream Channel 4 in the US?
  3. Yes, really sad for everyone but seeing all the staff and remembering all the ones who have helped us in the past just made it feel a bit more personal somehow. At least there is some support for those affected in our countries, I'm sure many of the waiters, cabin stewards etc must be really struggling. Lets hope they can get back to work before too much longer.
  4. Just wondered if any other UK cruisers watched this last night and felt even more desperate to return to a ship. It was lovely to be reminded of cruising in 'normal' times but left me feeling so sorry for all of the staff (onboard and portside) who must be currently without jobs.
  5. Aren't people in level 3 areas allowed to travel for work though? If so he could still leave if RCL call for him.
  6. I too have been following the live reports from the MSC and Mein Schiff cruises. Before reading them I would have said no to cruising until things return to 'normal' but now I think I may give it a go when UK citizens are allowed to return to cruising. The people doing those live reports seem to have enjoyed themselves very much and seeing all their photos from the ships certainly reminds us of what we have been missing.
  7. Thank you for a lovely review, it's so nice to see people cruising in a 'near' normal way and enjoying it. I hope that the UK arm of Tui, Marella will be able to start cruising soon too. After reading this we may well book if they do.
  8. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/health-safety?utm_source=CRM&utm_campaign=H&S_PROTOCOL--20200805&utm_medium=email&utm_content=OS&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT1dWaE5XUTVZMk0xWkdWbCIsInQiOiJ0dlJocWsxazU5enQ4R25zU0h2UnhzR0NTNU5qNzA1MDlzQzFybW9XS2Z2WVhZR2JvSWJldzluR1dETTBoVHl5c01zZXRLa0VyZnFZRzlmbWZ5cDZwaGd1ZDRFYnA4Uk5cL01yRFNuSWhRZzBjSXZId3VFR1pQXC9sWFM2NUJQbkw2In0%3D This is the detail from MSC. Initially only guests from Schengen countries are allowed.
  9. I think this part of the world is just not very popular with Americans whereas us Europeans seem to love it. When we were on Jewel in Feb, Americans were only a small minority of the passengers, think that is the problem for RCL.
  10. I'd say you were wasting your time but who knows for certain. I don't think any cruises will sail this year and even if they do I wouldn't book until we know what they will look like ie. will there be shows, will we have to wear masks, what will the dining arrangements be ...?
  11. I doubt they will pull out of the UK market, they seem to charge high prices here but still fill the ships. As for us having better offers ('free' drinks and flights) I think we generally pay for those in the overall price. I know many people who don't like to fly so only cruise from Southampton (including my parents), personally I prefer to fly somewhere warmer to start my cruise and it usually still works out cheaper. As for their attitude to their UK customers, I think we've always been second class citizens.
  12. My highlights definitely need doing, I've actually started to worry about how difficult it's going to be to get an appointment once the hairdressers are allowed to open, I'm sure everyone will want one🙂.
  13. I'm not Graham but also from the UK. We mostly book in the UK because we get much more protection if anything goes wrong as bookings in UK are protected by ABTA. We were never more thankful for that when back in Feb we were due to fly to Singapore to cruise on Quantum. We had booked the whole package through a UK ta and were able to cancel less than a week before we were due to fly, we had a full refund just over a week later. RCL eventually cancelled the cruise just 4 days before it was due to sail but we would have already been in Singapore if we had waited for that. There are still som
  14. Your link wouldn't open for me but from what I've read most people still have to stay at home and it's a long way from allowing anything like cruising.
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