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  1. I believe there were Wolves supporters on our cruise 3 weeks ago too. As far as I saw they didn't cause any problems.
  2. Were the extras (obc and excursions) offered by MSC or as part of a package by the TA? Lots of UK agents put cruise, flights and extras together and sell the package. If this happened here I think your gripe is with the TA and not MSC. I think we need a lot more detail about the original booking before we can comment.
  3. Don't worry, they've made it really complicated. It is stupid though isn't it. We have to have a negative test to embark in Southampton, the people who embarked a couple of days before in Hamburg had no test but are allowed to wander around in Southampton and then get back on with us again. The people getting on the next day in France also have no test. I don't think they have thought it through properly.
  4. But aren't we (the UK) a non Schengen country?
  5. I've just looked at the website and it seems to tie in with the TA, I think the bit about only needing a test for 2-12 year olds is for people from Schengen countries. All Guests (above 2 years old) need to provide a certificate of a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours before embarkation
  6. According to our TA we will need a PCR 72 hours before we travel which we have to pay for ourselves, of course things could change before we actually cruise. I think the first cruise is 16th Nov so we will probably hear more then.
  7. We were wondering the same thing, haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
  8. I can't imagine it being a great cruise for anyone without the kids club, when we were onboard a couple of weeks ago the concierge said they were expecting 1000 kids on this one. That's a lot of bored kids!
  9. We did the UAE cruise in 2017 on Musica, have also done similar on RCL and Costa. Passengers are largely European (including British) with a few others from all over. Everything onboard is exactly like anywhere else in the world. It's our favourite winter cruise area, thought about Virtuosa after loving her in the summer but didn't want to risk it with all the uncertainty over travel this year.
  10. I know, it means no more family holidays cruising! Never mind she is lovely apart from that😀
  11. We normally always buy the shirts when we travel but haven't got any new ones in the last 2 years so looking forward to getting some. Last time we were in Hamburg they had some really different ones.
  12. Adults yes, children at the time of OPs cruise unvaccinated but tested I think.
  13. Thanks for such detailed info. The walk through the tunnel sounds good and I believe Landungsbrucken is somewhere near the Hard Rock Cafe. If we manage to get there I'm definitely in need of a new T Shirt!
  14. Do you know where the ferry docks on the Hamburg side? Thanks.
  15. I've still got the email, base price inside from £725, balcony from £849. Doesn't sound like they have gone up too much. It opened for booking on 6th Oct, I saw the email when we were on Anthem! I was still secretly hoping that RCL would leave a ship here for the winter.
  16. Fingers crossed they give you a discount. We booked when the cruises first came out a couple of weeks ago, and even the New Year prices then were really good. I would love to have done the New Year one but our son's girlfriend doesn't like cruising and they are due to spend the holiday with us this year. A few years back we did several New Year cruises and always had a fab time, nowhere better to spend New Years Eve IMHO. With the news at the moment I'm just hoping all these cruises don't end up getting cancelled!
  17. When we did a similar cruise on Magnifica in 2018 we docked at Altona, no free shuttle then but there was a bus stop right outside the terminal to catch the public bus into the centre.
  18. We've booked Aurea in Feb, the included package is Easy, it is £70pp to upgrade to Easy Plus which we are going to do. If you take into account the cost of the included massage it didn't seem a bad price for Aurea.
  19. Was this the LA on Anthem? We too found her very offhand and unfriendly when speaking to her about a different matter. In the past we've always found other LAs very nice.
  20. We were in 10238 a couple of weeks ago, had people on both sides of us and didn't hear any noise. We thought it was a great cabin.
  21. You've never sailed out of Southampton then? The vast majority of passengers tend to be British.
  22. I wouldn't change. We had 1600 on a Jewel TA in 2018 and it was one of my favourite cabins ever. Certainly not dark, we've had GS on the side on this class and they can have a big overhang but this balcony is open. I liked the shape inside and the balcony although it is angled into the corner is still lovely plus it has the fab view. We had tablemates on the cruise who were in a side GS and when they saw 1600 they went and booked a future cruise in it.
  23. We were on the sailing before the op and the Solarium Bistro was closed completely all week, I think on OPs sailing it was just open for dinner. It will depend on the number of passengers, our sailing was 1800, the next one was 2400. If you have higher numbers perhaps it will be open more. The 25th Oct sailing is reported to be busier as it's British school holidays.
  24. These Anthem cruises were exactly the same but I'm not sure you could book the free slots more than once.
  25. I don't know whether it was just for the UK cruises but we saw several of the shows in the afternoon which meant we didn't have anything in the evening. I think we had show bookings for 10 or 10.30 on three evenings leaving four unfilled. Most of the quiz type events were in Schooner (earlier) or Music Hall which I counted as bars and were usually full after dinner.
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