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  1. No, I think that would have caused more alarm. Of course I coughed into shoulder or tissues, away from others.
  2. On my last cruise, I had caught a bad cold with a terrible cough the week prior, so sometimes I had fits of coughing. (I had gone to the doctor who confirmed it was just a cold, I had no fever, so nothing serious, but the cough did linger on for over a month!) People stayed away and rightful so, because who wants to get sick while on vacation? I imagine I would be thrown overboard if I were in that condition now on a ship. Maybe would make myself a sign, just a cold, no fever!
  3. Wow, tempted by this, though I thought my last 2 week cruise was too long.
  4. Solving puzzles to beat the clock and other teams. We won last time, the prize was an NCL pen and I think a badge reel, lol.
  5. We got travel size toothpaste on a Carnival cruise a few years back. It may have been promotional from the toothpaste company at the time... Went on a NCL cruise last year and the parents were so upset about no toothpaste this time around. They hadn't packed it and expected it since it was on that last cruise, lol.
  6. I was on the Dawn in November and safes thing came up during the M&G. My room had one, but a few hundred others didn't. Not that a big deal to me, I've never really used the safe in the room anyway. I'm surprised they haven't been replaced by now.
  7. I was on the Dawn last month and the Getaway was at Harvest Caye on the same day as us. I assume they got to dock due to being the larger ship. There were dedicated ferry ships for tendering, not the life boats like at other ports where you need to tender which makes things a little more comfortable. We also got dropped off at the ferry pier so didn't have to do the long walk.
  8. I'd say short notice is the same week as departure.
  9. They could of prepaid...maybe... Odd they seem to be a CPA with this kind of question, lol.
  10. Exactly! Can fancy it up a little by pairing with an item they'll need/use on the cruise.
  11. I though Choir of Man was enjoyable, there is some humor and they pull the audience on stage for some bits. After Midnight was not my thing and I wouldn't bother to see it again.
  12. It seemed like they diluted the concentrate a lot on my past cruise on the Dawn. I remember on the Escape, that I would have to add water to my lemonade because it was so strong. I haven't seen anyone else mention this so could be a crazy me issue.
  13. Even amount sounds like a hold, your bank or credit card should be able to distinguish which it is. On my last cruise, I had a hold of $300, which I went over. Starting getting pre-auths for the charges above that, but only the final total was charged at the end of the cruise. The holds/pre-auths dropped off.
  14. I brought some lemonade mix (pre measured packets) on my last 15 day cruise, the MDR were just so slow to bring out drinks.
  15. I thought the water was not clear enough from their beach, could barely see my own feet in the water. Not sure if other areas would have been better.
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