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  1. Need to give this a watch later, only done it on carnival and they didn't allow cameras.
  2. The OV rooms could be bidding too, which would free up a cabin to put your GTY. I think you can pull your bid anytime before they accept it. I'm not 100%, but on my last cruise I kind of recall my accepted bid upgrade being assigned before my parent's inside GTY.
  3. I think with school out, the last minute deals haven't been quite as good.
  4. https://rumbumbeachbar.com/beach-rentals Just one, they have a captive audience...
  5. Interested to know myself and if the cruise were actually under $500 with all taxes, could it apply towards DSC?
  6. Is it possible to book a balcony with a nearby interior room?
  7. That has been posted in a few other trip reports, on mobile or I would search up a link for you.
  8. Would PCC be able to help with booking guarantees? Just wondering, on my last trip, my party ended up on two different floors. Which was fine, but wondering if going thru a PCC would have helped us be closer/same muster station.
  9. At some of the tourist gift shops, they already sell canned air! Lol
  10. Cannot carry on any sodas/waters. There are some shows/meals that are extra cost. Felt like there was lots of extra specialty dining choices on NCL, but I was fine eating at their MDR or the buffet or O'Sheehan's (bar/pub kinda feel with a rather fixed menu, but I liked it). They have multiple MDRs, one is more formal attire and one is just come as you are (they serve the same menu). You aren't assigned a dining time, can just go whenever or make a reservation for whatever time you desire. Their shows/comedians (even complementary ones) have reservations, the app/online doesn't show all the spots so that was annoying.... You could standby if you didn't have a reservation.
  11. That makes sense... I was thinking with summer, kids out of school, they wouldn't drop as much. I did notice for the the Escape sailing leaving today, it dropped a ton then it actually went back up! I went on a last minute rate for Escape at the end of April. Looking to do another (Escape or Dawn), but thought I would need to wait until Fall for the prices to drop a lot.
  12. The voucher is worth $250 and typically someone is selling them for less than that.
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