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  1. Sometimes the waiter would bring my drink (just soda though) and sometimes it would be the wine steward (again, just soda). Some waiters would bring doubles without asking too, which was nice.
  2. You should be able to reserve from the screens they have near the elevators or at the box office. They do fill up fast, but you can also try the stand by line if you don't get a reservation.
  3. They might become available if someone cancels.
  4. A very nice review and so cute that you were able to find someone else in the port with you, on a different ship!
  5. Some kind of insulated bottle. Yeti is a bit pricey, Ozark Trail has many options at Walmart for a reasonable price. Much less distraught when I lose one of the latter, lol.
  6. Sounds like it will eventually work, but wouldn't be dependable for something that needs to happen at a certain time (like the conference calls).
  7. Download it before you board, it works off the ship's local wifi (no need for internet package).
  8. What about vaping, does that follow the same rules as smoking? I don't partake in either and can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. I generally can't smell vape stuff, but also try to steer clear.
  9. Right? The return in bag, happened on an entirely different cruise line and yet people are very concerned about it....
  10. Their paper funtimes is the Freestyle Daily. The app didn't seem to list all the things, you can make dining reservations in the app. They don't have set times or set tables. You may need to make reservations for the shows/comedy, which was different for me from Carnival.
  11. What about the double occupancy rates? I think sometimes they do less/no solo supplement but just on certain cabin types, so they are getting more revenue out of the solo.
  12. You really earned my thumbs up, some very impressive shots and put together quite nicely.
  13. I thought those were a nice touch on our cruise after a long day out in the sun, I didn't know there was anything in those besides cool water.
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