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  1. As gold, you get the bottle of water and an appreciation drink if the cruise is long enough, for each member. I usually get my bottle from a bar so I know it's free and don't get inadvertently charged from the stateroom and I presume less work as the room steward won't have to restock it.
  2. For a Carnival cruise, I wouldn't worry about it. They have a lot dedicated to them. I actually took an NCL cruise (who doesn't normally port in Baltimore) and they opened an extra side lot (just a little further away from the terminal, but you drop off your bags from the car so no worries) to accommodate NCL passengers.
  3. The flyers onboard and at the CN desk. I'll see if I brought any of them back. When I asked the rep about it, they said it was still what Miami was telling them, told them I no longer had an expiration online and they just deflected.
  4. Bought 2 CN on my recent cruise, though they still tout the 4 year expiration. I already have 1 CN so here is hoping for a triple up that will work for me to use these up.
  5. I haven't read all the pages of comments, but how old is this kid? Maybe he rather just be alone with his girlfriend rather than tagging along with his parents? The "terrorism concern" was just their polite way of dodging being stuck with the kid's parents on a ship for a week.
  6. In addition to my HAL, I got Princess today. Nothing for my usual Carnival or NCL 😞
  7. AMEX only wants me to book on Oceania or HAL 😞
  8. Feel like it would be the other way around, to entice new customers.
  9. My PCC called to try and get me to book something and also mention this no more expiration date thing! That would make these more flexible for me for sure.
  10. https://cruise.maryland.gov/Pages/content/parking-rates.aspx Just $15/day. The parking lot to the ship is probably closer than the distance from the bow to the stern of the ship
  11. I agree kind of creepy without the duck tags. On the other hand, I do enjoy the more unique finds sometimes.
  12. The APs are on the ceiling, you'll see them as you look up and around the ship.
  13. https://www.ncl.com/about/terms-and-conditions/promotions#cruisenext (scroll down to CRUISENEXT DOUBLEUP! OFFER) Sometimes it works on insides, depending on the promo they are running at the time.
  14. As someone else mentioned, they look for the shortest married couple and the longest married couple. For the middle couple, it's sort of an audience pick. I think I've seen where it is just a kiss, but also where the couple has to do their best Tarzan impression which can get amusing.
  15. Just booked the Sun out of Baltimore in December. I really like the ease of cruising out of Baltimore so this will be a new ship to me and all new ports! There are just limited options if you want to go out of Baltimore, the ships tend to be older as they need to be smaller to fit under the bridge.
  16. I was on Spirt about 3 weeks ago and SoulPlay was still there.
  17. Just curious how you're getting home from Quebec City. We can bus easilyish from home to NYC, but getting back Quebec City seems more complicated/pricey.
  18. Those are the outlets at the desk, one US and one EU. I do not recommend an adapter, just bring a a cruise safe power strip to get more outlets. Again, there are ones that come with USB ports built in so they don't need to bring your USB wall warts along. Now the OP did specifically say they were asking for the bedside tables, which plug into EU outlets behind the bed. I recommend a travel adapter or two there as that is the only option really. A travel adapter with USB ports would be ideal as you can still retain out of the power outlet either for the original bedside lamp or for your other device (CPAP for example). The USBs can just plug into adapter for charging without losing use of the outlet. To add to all this, they have been replacing lamps as they break with models with have USB ports built in, so there are probably some rooms that do have USB outlets.
  19. Ordered multiple apps less than 2 weeks ago with no additional charge. Same with 2 entrees which I only did twice. Once was most by accident as they gave me a lasagna entrée instead of the lasagna app.
  20. Yep, the OP asked about USB ports so I presume they were asking about charging a device and wanted to point out that some adapters will have some built in.
  21. This, I didn't call that out specifically, but if you get one of the "fancier" adapters it will also have USB A and USB C outlets in addition to the main power outlet.
  22. The two outlets behind the bed are EU outlets. One US outlet on the desk and behind the TV (used by the TV). There is an additional EU outlet on the desk.
  23. You can do snorkeling in Ketchikan, they pick up from berth 2 area. It was a unique but strenuous activity with their thick wetsuits.
  24. The balcony curtains do their job very well. Just got back from my Spirit cruise and did not even think about needing sleeping masks on any night.
  25. In the past, I have walked upstairs and got a cab from someone that was being dropped off for the next cruise.
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