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  1. Ordered multiple apps less than 2 weeks ago with no additional charge. Same with 2 entrees which I only did twice. Once was most by accident as they gave me a lasagna entrée instead of the lasagna app.
  2. Yep, the OP asked about USB ports so I presume they were asking about charging a device and wanted to point out that some adapters will have some built in.
  3. This, I didn't call that out specifically, but if you get one of the "fancier" adapters it will also have USB A and USB C outlets in addition to the main power outlet.
  4. The two outlets behind the bed are EU outlets. One US outlet on the desk and behind the TV (used by the TV). There is an additional EU outlet on the desk.
  5. You can do snorkeling in Ketchikan, they pick up from berth 2 area. It was a unique but strenuous activity with their thick wetsuits.
  6. The balcony curtains do their job very well. Just got back from my Spirit cruise and did not even think about needing sleeping masks on any night.
  7. In the past, I have walked upstairs and got a cab from someone that was being dropped off for the next cruise.
  8. 1) Yes, the pools and hot tubs are open. The cover was closed the entire time even though we had amazing weather. 2) There were some lectures by a naturalist, but I wasn't very impressed by the one we had. One of the themed deck parties is Great Alaska Bash so I guess pack some flannel if that is your thing. 3) Nothing special foodwise. On our cruise, we had mostly sunny weather so I didn't really need most of what I had packed. I could have been fine with what I normally pack for a Caribbean cruise. Bring binoculars, a cheap and light pair you can have with you all the time would be best. Many times we saw wildlife on lido but hadn't brought our binoculars!
  9. We're flying into the Seattle (port city) about a week before the actual cruise. Should we try to get our laundry done while in Seattle before boarding or should we have relative ease doing it the first day on board the ship (Spirit going to Alaska if it matters)? I've never used their self service laundry before, anything I should know?
  10. Our Spirit cruise is in about 2 weeks, so things should be relatively the same.
  11. I thought they beeped as some kind of anti-stalk mechanism, but if they don't beep unless I signal them to, then that alleviates my concerns .
  12. Not sure where this should go, but figured I would try here as I'll be on a Carnival cruise. It is my understanding that AirTags will begin beeping after being away from the owner for X amount of time. I think X is some random time between 8-24 hours. When going/arriving/embarking for the cruise I don't think this will be a problem. When disembarking/going home this might be a problem? Normally I carry off my luggage myself, but since I have a late flight out of Seattle, I think I might want to use Port Valet so I can do things without the bags for a few hours. So I'll need to set my bags out the night before and it will likely be at least 24 hours before I see the bags again at my home airport. At some point, the AirTags will begin to beep? I'm not sure if that will cause any problems or if I should try to disable the speaker part before my trip? Any thoughts?
  13. Since the offer was expiring soon, I also did $100 cruise cash purchase. However, the offer was redeemed the day I booked the excursion, so know for future offers that it should work with carnival excursions.
  14. Does this work for shore excursions? Just noticed it billed to the card as CARNIVAL SHORE EXCURSI, so not sure if that will trigger it or if I should maybe prepay my grats to take advantage.
  15. Thanks for posting these, helpful for planning for our cruise this summer.
  16. I have an RU2 offer, it's not totally free, but I think the difference in fare is about the amount I would have to pay in gratuities on the cheers package
  17. I think it's "worst", but not enough to stop me from cruising. Sure some changes directly related to covid, but ultimately bottom line changes. My last cruising before covid was in 2019 and before that it was in 2014, almost 5 years. Just between those cruises, I noticed a certain decline of services, like no mint on the pillows or no small toiletries in the bathrooms and of course the price went up. So all kind of similar to what has happened now.
  18. Confirm that my PVP told me this was the case, starting today. I am a book it myself person, but it didn't cost me any extra to use the PVP so I didn't mind going thru the extra of working with them. Really came thru when I needed to cancel a cruise because of covid. I just contacted them and they took care of it, I didn't have to be on hold for hours like others. That being said, I've only started using PVP since post covid and have basically have had 3 different ones due to each one leaving...
  19. Never had an issue with water. Packaged snacks are generally ok too, but not fruits or meats of course. Some countries may make you open your bag to examine and/or have a dog. We actually saw a dog alert on a lady who had an apple in her backpack!
  20. The old lamps seem to be replaced with USB lamps as they break, no other real rhyme or reason to it.
  21. They do have a locking cable that the staff needs to unlock to setup the clam shell. Not sure what happened in ETHS1965's case. I would have asked one of the staff to find me an available one since I have a ticket for one.
  22. They have them down further, about where the majority of the beach chairs end. Think those don't go as quickly due to the further walk.
  23. Parking is $15/day or $105/week, only credit accepted. If you're too early, you won't be allowed into the terminal. You should be able to wait in your car, I saw a few folks doing that. The folks at the entrance just ask if you are parking or dropping off and give you a piece of paper for that.
  24. I don't know if you need to go to the excursion shack for the clamshells. You just trade in your ticket with one of the workers who unlocks the clamshell/sets it up.
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