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  1. So I was on the same 11/25 Splendor sailing as the yuck review and it was the first cruise for all parties involved, which was myself (later twenties), my brother (mid-twenties), and my parents (50ish). Trying to get things down while they are still somewhat fresh in my mind. Even though I’m back at home on solid ground, I still feel like I am being rocked like on the ship, lol. I’ll also try to add some pics once I get them off all the different cameras…

    The ports were not exactly ideal since I’ve been to the Bahamas before and it didn’t really hit my must re-visit list. However, the family had not been, and the rate let me pick up the tab for all 4 of us. Sailing from New York also drew me in as we have family in the area, so it was nice to combine a trip to see them for Thanksgiving (and free parking for the week ;)).

    I had previously asked on the boards here about my mom having different last names on her driver license and other documents, ultimately we just got her a passport just to resolve things. She did use her DL in the ports to get back on the ship. I also had a passport and my brother had his birth certificate, things were fine for us as well. My dad has his certificate of naturalization, which involved additional examination when we were embarking and debarking. Not sure if that was normal or the agents just were not as familiar with that type of document.

    We also did end up using a car service to take us to/from port to/from Brooklyn, Golden Horse 718 762 8888. We got a mini-van for $40+tip each way. To the port, driver was great, arrived on time and took us right to the terminal. However, on the return trip, different driver and I wasn’t sure this guy knew how to drive properly or get to where were going despite him running 2 GPS devices…

    Back to the cruise, we got to the port early (about 12), and got zone 8 boarding. Plenty of seating and I saw there were some drink dispensers off to the side as well. Soon our zone was called and there is some picture taking, I wasn’t really in the mood for it with my carry-on luggage. Then they take a picture for the Sail & Sign card, then on to the ship. You get on deck 3, think there were Fun Times and maps available as we boarded, but I didn’t grab one then. Should try to grab one if it is your first time onboard. Since it was still early, our rooms were likely not ready yet, so we headed to lido on deck 9 for some lunch.

    Around 1:45 we were done and headed down to our rooms on deck 2 forward, our bags were already there waiting for us. I got a 1A porthole window room with my brother; there was a single bed and couch made into a bed for my brother. I felt it was spacious and there was plenty of places to store things. It would have likely been more spacious if my brother didn’t leave his luggage hanging out in the middle of the room the entire time.. I really liked the tip for sticking my luggage under the bed. Since there were already couch cushions under there from my brother’s bed, my luggage just barely fit under there. I really liked the porthole windows as I could take a peek outside anytime from my room, even if we were mostly just in open waters. My parents were down the hall in an inside 4B room, they didn’t really comment much about it. Our room Steward was Kadeck and he learned our names after the first day, greeting us in the halls and such. He did what he was suppose to and I tipped him a twenty on the last night. It was a little awkward handing him cash, was I suppose to put it in a tip envelope or something? (I did leave auto-tips on so this was just some extra for the guy)

    Getting around on the ship is a little confusing at first because decks 3 and 4 do not go all the way through due to the dining rooms. On the first day, we were exploring and ended up on deck 3 aft which has an entrance for The Black Pearl, but there was sign saying to go to deck 4 instead. Since we had Your Time Dining, our entrance was actually on deck 3 forward. I kind of wish they had put that (forward or aft) on the S&S cards. And if you are trying to avoid the smoke on deck 5 from the casino, you need to walk to mid (though still smokey there) or aft from one of the other decks (but not 3 or 4).

    The Splendido on deck 9 goes through the whole way, which is annoying because there are 2 whirlpools and a small pool on aft, if you are already on 9 mid or forward, then you have to go through the Splendido/Buffet area to get to them or change decks. Maybe that explains some of the people you see in robes in the area? It didn’t really bother me that much as long as they weren’t dripping wet all over the place.

    I’ve also heard lots of complaints about the décor of the ship, while I certainly wouldn’t put it in my own house, it didn’t bother me. A little disappointed that we just missed them decorating for Christmas. I did see they were doing some Hanukkah stuff in the Fun Times during our cruise. I saw a man with a menorah and candles one time in the elevator, I thought candles weren’t allowed?

    Food was decent, I liked that they offered a variety of items so I could try new things that I normally probably wouldn’t. I liked the MDR, but my family are really more buffet people. So I started going to MDR with a party of 4, then 3, then 2, then just myself and my kindle. I can totally see why they preferred the buffet though, you can get whatever you want in whatever portions you want (in MDR, it’s easier to just give you a whole entrée with the sides even if you just want the star of the dish). While sometimes there is a line to get stuff, it will still be much less than the wait in the MDR. And if I want a cup of tea, I can go get it myself. In the MDR, the servers were always so busy that I never wanted to ask. I do wish they would put the buffet menus on the TV or maybe on their fun hub site, so I could compare which option to choose for that evening. Some items would be on both menus or the buffet would have something that was similar to what was being offered in the MDR.

    I had the Mongolian Wok once, didn’t really like the sauce or the wait. I think people might just like the whole novelty of it… I really liked the burrito bar, usually very little wait there, except for the last day where people in front of me were getting 4 and 2 burritos at once. Guess they finally discovered these were tasty. Deli was nice, Tandoori offered something different, never tried the rotisserie (sometimes the Tandoori was there). The burgers from the Grill always seemed to be burnt. It always seemed to be the same guy working the Pizza Pirate, with a second guy helping him out on occasion. Pizzas were good when fresh, but seemed like there was a lot of waste as they didn’t put sauce or cheese on the edges or they would be too burnt to even be edible.

    Need a break before I cover the entertainment/activities/ports.

  2. Just trying to plan out our day in Port Canaveral on Thanksgiving. The ship is suppose to be in port from 7AM to 6PM.


    I've booked a rental car with Budget and estimate about an hour drive to Sea World, but not sure if parking and walking to the park would add significant time to that. I'm mainly interested in what time I should leave the park by to get gas, return the rental car, and get back to the ship. I'm thinking maybe 3:30? Just some built in buffer in case there are issues or traffic?


    I think we'll be able to get the shuttle on the way to pick up the car, but looks like they'll be closing earlier on account of it being Thanksgiving, so I'm doubting the shuttle will be available on the way back. Are there easy to hail taxis by Budget? Or should I reserve a taxi in advance? How long might that take?


    Thanks for any advice.

  3. Thanks for the review, sailing on her next week! Yipeee!

    Interesting that Nassau was canceled, was thinking of maybe booking Comfort Suites for Atlantis, but think I'll pass this time around. What did you guys do that day instead of going to Nassau? Does the ship just sail more slowly to Freeport or does it sorta just dock in the middle of the ocean?

  4. Hi,


    I just tried to make a reservation ( again ) for the date that I have a reservation already, using CC5 and ZC5 and both had exactly the same fees and tax ...... and neither listed anything about "port access fee" ....... perhaps that fee does not apply to my rental dates ....... perhaps it goes in affect later on. Here below it is a copy of the fees and taxes:


    car 40.00

    options 0.00

    equipment & services 0.00

    protections 0.00




    fees & taxes 13.23

    fees 9.98

    one way 0.00

    concession recovery 4.08

    ENERGY RECOVERY FEE .60 /day 0.60

    TIRE & BATTERY FEE .02 /day 0.02

    vehicle license .78 /day 0.78

    STATE SURCHARGE 2.00 /day 2.00

    CUSTOMER FACILITY FEE 2.50 /day 2.50

    taxes 3.25



    $ 53.23

    I'm booking for Thanksgiving this year, tried a few other dates in case the holiday somehow made a difference, but still see the $9.99 fee.


    I might rebook under ZC5 to save myself $10...



  5. Hi,


    Is the $9.99 Port access per person or per reservation ?

    Is it added during the reservation or at the counter when getting the car ?


    If the ZC5 is used and one wants to use the shuttle, does the $ 9.99 is also charged ?

    No idea, I used CC5 as the location to book today and noticed that the taxes and fees portion was about $10 more than when I tried booking on another site. Expanded the details, there was a $9.99 port access fee.


    You can try making a reservation with CC5 and ZC5 to see the difference. I don't know how it will ultimately be charged. Maybe someone that has done the rental can tell us.

  6. Hi,


    I had the same question, so I called them.

    Spoke with some one named Martha, was told if 'you' are going on a cruise or being picked up from a cruise use the CC5 ( that gives them some idea how many shuttles might be needed) , if 'you' are a 'local' rental not needing the shuttle service use ZC5.



    I do not know if there is a difference in the rental rate ....... I am going to try both .


    There is a $9.99 Port access fee when using CC5. Guess that makes the shuttle not really free then I guess.. lol

  7. Hi there. Usually people decorate their doors to celebrate groups that they're cruising with (so they can find each other) or a special occasion such as a marriage. I'm not sure how decorating a door with a team when it's not even football season would make sense. Maybe you are both caught up in opening weekend and the fancy will pass.


    Carnival will decorate the room for her if you are interested in a Bon Voyage theme room. Please check out the room decorations on the Carnival website. I think it's only $35 and they do a really nice job. It is thoughtful and she will never forget it. Plus, she can take the decorations home. I hope you do something sweet for your girl. She seems very lucky, Tracy.

    I've heard of people doing it so they can find their room after lots of drinking :D lol.

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