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  1. Can confirm no minimum for a cash account. I set my parents with a cash account and prepaid their gratuities, nothing was due at check in. I did end up booking some excursions for them, the first went thru but then said I needed to bring my account current before booking the next excursions. I was able to load some money (about $100) on to their account at the kiosk

  2. Experienced this for the first time on my recent Venezia cruise and didn't know about it beforehand. Towards the end the cruise, the app will begin bugging you to select a debarkation window/method. The nag doesn't seem to stop even after you make your selection though. You can choose it for everyone in your party (like when you check in for dining), which might not be the best option if your cabins are not close together. 

    My parents were cruising with us but were on a different deck. I wasn't sure if they would deliver all to me or split the tags between our cabins. I was stressing as I saw some folks getting tags in their mailboxes earlier (likely the priorities, but I didn't know at the time). I eventually received our tags, they were all delivered to my room and I needed to deliver the set to my parents. The tags did not come until about 6PM on the last evening. 

    Not expecting all this, I wasn't exactly sure how things were going to go the morning of. Without the announcements of the different #, I couldn't tell exactly when our # would be called. The app had an estimated time, but no idea if it was updated/accurate. My parents (non English speakers/readers) kept asking when we could go, not understanding we had to wait for the app to tell us. I also had to keep checking the app as I wasn't sure if it was going to give a real notification (like how dining the notifications don't always notify right away/delayed a while).


    Think my parents badgering just made it all more stressful, but I think things ultimately went fine. If it were just my fiancé and I, we would of both been chill about it since we had booked a rather late train. We had plenty of time, getting off the ship faster did nothing for us as we would just need to wait at the Amtrak station.

  3. 9 hours ago, x lindsay x said:

    Can some post which of these cabins won't be subject to getting hosed down from above on a daily basis. My brother had a cove on the Venezia and loved it but the window rinsers from the dining room above would soak the balcony daily. Do rooms not below the DR experience this as well?

    Recently returned from a Cove Balcony on Venezia. We loved it, we got the balcony with shade, plus being close to the 0 gangway for ports. The only con was that ours was below the galley and you could hear loud noises at time from them doing work above. It didn't bother me that much, but could be a problem for those that are more noise sensitive. I did not notice any  daily window rinsers, they only blasted towards it while embarking in NYC. 

  4. 32 minutes ago, Pami1968 said:

    On my last cruise, I had the Beef Wellington, and I think that is my new favorite, if it is cooked as well as it was that time.

    After watching all those Gordon Ramsey shows, going to be excited to give this a try.

    Don't have any local restaurants that serve it, one had mini beef wellingtons once as a special and they weren't that good.

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  5. On 4/13/2024 at 10:26 PM, Gertie17 said:

    I was just on the Prima, and the decks never worked on the app. It opened one deck and never showed another. I went to Guest Services and the IT guy, but they  couldn't help.

    I recall having the same issue, but somehow had click so the list of other decks appeared in the drop down menu, almost like a hidden thing you need to click. It was annoying and I didn't even figure out until towards the end of my last cruise. 

  6. I have the offer on my Blue Cash card, too bad I booked my cruise just a few weeks ago with payment in full.

    Will onboard charges count towards this? Or should I prepay my gratuities now? It will be about $700 between 4 cruisers... 


    For a past NCL offer, booking an excursions online did trigger the credit. 

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  7. Might be a bit late on replying to this, but we did this via ship excursion as we had limited hours in port. They did offer it as only half day and presumably slightly cheaper than a full day pass. Buffet lunch was included with the ship excursion, you only go through the line once though, no returning for seconds. 

    Can't comment on transport as it was included with the ship. Probably one of the few times the ship excursion has been worth it, their bus picked us up, and there was an Ocean World rep onboard who explained what things to do and kind of a recommended itinerary if you wanted to see the different shows they offered. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, mitsugirly said:

    That's for EACH gold member correct? So both my husband and I would each get a bottle of water? (It's been awhile since I was on Carnival and can't remember if we used that perk last time or not). 

    As gold, you get the bottle of water and an appreciation drink if the cruise is long enough, for each member. 


    I usually get my bottle from a bar so I know it's free and don't get inadvertently charged from the stateroom and I presume less work as the room steward won't have to restock it. 

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  9. For a Carnival cruise, I wouldn't worry about it. They have a lot dedicated to them.

    I actually took an NCL cruise (who doesn't normally port in Baltimore) and they opened an extra side lot (just a little further away from the terminal, but you drop off your bags from the car so no worries) to accommodate NCL passengers. 

  10. 45 minutes ago, ChiefMateJRK said:

    Where are you seeing a 4 year expiration?

    The flyers onboard and at the CN desk. I'll see if I brought any of them back.


    When I asked the rep about it, they said it was still what Miami was telling them, told them I no longer had an expiration online and they just deflected. 

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  11. I haven't read all the pages of comments, but how old is this kid? Maybe he rather just be alone with his girlfriend rather than tagging along with his parents? The "terrorism concern" was just their polite way of dodging being stuck with the kid's parents on a ship for a week. 

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  12. 35 minutes ago, UKstages said:

    it's definitely targeted. if you have ever used an amex card for an NCL charge, even if it was only a few dollars, you'll likely get the offer. they may also target the travel segment, so if you regularly use your amex card for airline tickets or hotels, or other cruise lines, you also might be targeted.

    Feel like it would be the other way around, to entice new customers. 

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