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  1. As a cheapskate myself who also lives about an hour from port, just park at the port. As expensive as taxis and Ubers are these days (plus additional possible covid exposure), you likely wouldn't be able to save much after dealing with alternate parking and time loss from vacation. 

    Depending on when you arrive, there maybe a huge line to get in as the luggage is dropped off from the car. I'm not sure if drop off vehicles don't have to wait in the line.

    Then on pick up, there doesn't seem to be a designated area for that. As I was walking down the gangway today, these ladies were in the middle (getting the "aerial" view) trying to  find where their ride was.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, mpacker said:

    uh... yeah it is... we have had two dogs flown to us and they flew as "cargo"... it is temperature and pressure controlled

    I stand corrected, looks like they do control the temperature somewhat, I've had luggage come out "very cold" at a warm destination. Looks like animals are placed in different area than luggage, so they can heat those to normalish temps. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, day-day said:

    The cargo hold of the aircraft is pressurized like the main cabin.  Canned drinks will not explode.  I always pack within clothes to protect them and also pack them inside a sealed plastic bag.  I have not packed twelve cans in my luggage though.  For a cruise, I would look into buying a twelve pack after my flight arrival.

    The cargo hold isn't temperature controlled, not sure if it gets below freezing, but that could cause cans to explode. Though agree they should just pick up their soda after arriving at their embarkation location. 

  4. 1 hour ago, KmomChicago said:

    So today he told us during the Life Onboard Q and A how he was on RCI before Carnival. He sort of bridges a gap between what we’ve seen of CD’s on both lines. Explains the lack of silly gimmicks in his persona, though he is very personable and a good host. He did say several Carnival CD’s retired to other careers during the pause and that Mike Pack is finished now. 

    It sounds like a difficult existence over time. I asked him his happiest memory of his cruise career and he gave two, both of which involved dogs because he hasn’t been able to have a dog during his 17 year career. 😢😢😭😭😭😭🐶🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐾🦴🥺🥺🥺🥺


    I think it’s a good first career for young people maybe.

    Good question! I was interested to hear more about the service dogs onboard, but I didn't want to bother the owners too much. I might have been low key stalking the doggies the entire trip, lol.

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  5. 10 hours ago, KmomChicago said:

    We debated that if we ever return. Obviously more cost effective and still provides shade. A possible downside of the cabana is you do feel like you need to stay until the bitter end when shelling out this kind of $$.

    We stayed until almost the end with just our clamshell rental, lol. Did they pick you up from the cabana on departure? I took a walk down that way, quite a hike though there is path/paved road just a little ways up from the beach.

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  6. I would say almost essential if you plan on dining at all in MDR, need it to check in for table and viewing menu. Technically you can scan the QR code that takes you to an address that downloads a PDF.


    You can mark off activities you want to do and the app will pop up reminders.


    You also get to see the entire sailing of events rather than just the next day like with the old paper Funtimes.


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  7. I'm onboard as well, they gave some interesting passenger statistics:

    557 kids aboard

    Country breakdowns, I missed a few though

    4 Australia

    1 Bahamas

    3 Belarus

    3 Brazil

    25 Canada

    6 china

    2 Cuba

    6 Dominican Republic

    1 Ghana

    3 German

    4 Hati

    1 Iceland

    15 India

    3 Iran

    1 Iraq

    1 Italy (just the captain? Lol)

    4 Mexico

    10 Nepal

    2 Pakistan

    2 Philippines

    1 Russia

    1 St Kitts

    1 Thailand

    2 Turkey

    1 UK

    2 Ukraine

    1 Uzbekistan

    1930 United States



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  8. 1 hour ago, Tiger0613 said:

    I've spent $3,941.19 at Carnival(fares, internet, and excursions) with my Marriott Bonvoy Bold card since I was approved 5/31/21.  I have never received any Carnival offers.


    Most of the offers I do get are junk.  The only half decent ones I have right now are for ShopDisney and Love's Travel Stop.  I have no need for Disney merchandise at the moment.  Also, there are no Love's locations that I will be near anytime soon.  I got offers for McDonald's and Starbucks no more than a month after being approved.  I had never spent any money with this card at those merchants.

    If you already spend there then it is like likely it to be offered since they already know you spend there.  Not always the case, but many times....

  9. 36 minutes ago, Domergirl said:

    I have a cruise booked for 12/26 on the Pride, and they let me put 4 in one room.  It's a balcony room, one of very few on the ship with capacity of 4.  (I've got a 2 person room right next door as well).   Maybe it is ship by ship?  That's crazy that 5 of you had to get 3 rooms!!!!

    They later replied it was cheaper that way due to promo only applying to first two pax in cabin. They could of booked more in the room, just costlier.

  10. 13 hours ago, cocomango said:

    Thanks for the Lucaya beach pics. 

    We've been to Freeport a few times and just have not had any luck with liking the place-  worst excursions ever.  We planned to stay on the ship on this cruise but you've got me thinking Lucaya might not be too bad. 

    Myself exactly, was planning on just staying on the ship because it's such a short stop too, but OP has peaked my interest in at least venturing outside the port area.

  11. 3 hours ago, sparks1093 said:

    We didn't have one in our cabin on our recently completed Legend cruise and we didn't ask for one.

    Thanks, I'll be on Legend so I guess I'll add another item to the packing list. I suppose it maybe nice for me to keep items cold if going to a beach as well.


    Thanks for the other responses as well, can't figure out multi-quotes for some reason...

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