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  1. On 5/3/2022 at 3:25 PM, mz-s said:


    Used to they had the clamshells closed and you had to get a staff member to open it for you once you showed them your ticket. I wonder when that changed.

    They do have a locking cable that the staff needs to unlock to setup the clam shell. Not sure what happened in ETHS1965's case. I would have asked one of the staff to find me an available one since I have a ticket for one. 

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  2. Parking is $15/day or $105/week, only credit accepted.

    If you're too early, you won't be allowed into the terminal. You should be able to wait in your car, I saw a few folks doing that. 


    The folks at the entrance just ask if you are parking or dropping off and give you a piece of paper for that. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, G8R On Board said:

    Does anyone know if they still have two lines, one for cash and one for credit cards to pay for the parking at the Port of Baltimore?  Several years ago, the line for cash was much shorter, so many folks suggested using cash instead of credit.  

    Credit card only now, no cash accepted. That started a little earlier this year.

  4. I'm not that picky and would choose guarantee if there were significant enough savings.

    One time it was no better or worst than what I would have chosen.

    Another time, I got a huge handicapped room, had a window (that faced a public deck) and was close to a door to go out on "secret" deck. I was happy since I had only had a little circle port hole before.

  5. Someone would just need to stay onboard with the child or take turns getting off the ship. 


    Also, there aren't really any shops at the terminal in Nassau, it's good 10-15 minute walk to get out of the port area. Did you mean Freeport? There are lots of little shops in port area in Freeport.

  6. I asked a similar question recently, but the ships don't always dock port side to the pier, it can change! Even from sailing to sailing. The other factors were if there was a landmark you wanted to see (Statue of Liberty for example) and if there were smoking areas nearby on that side of the ship.

  7. They do basically touch each other, I would recommend one anyway to get some shade. I do kind of wonder if our experience was enhanced by our neighbors basically never using theirs? It was kind of funny as they seemed to have their chairs pulled out the entire time and were baking in the sun, almost like why did they even rent it..

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  8. I already had the adapters from land vacations and am happy I bring them each time. On my Legend cruise, I was able to make use of the EU chargers behind the bed, otherwise there was only 1 US outlet at the desk! And due to the configuration of the desk US and EU outlets being right next to each other, it was hard to use certain plugs and adapters at the same time. 

  9. 21 hours ago, brilliantseas said:


    Mostly sunny, with air temps in the low 80s. This is the first time in two cruises I've seen the dome open. I was beginning to wonder if it was stuck, but it does indeed open when the weather warrants. Sadly, we'll be headed back to a very chilly Baltimore on Sunday, and the dome will once again be closed. 



    So it does work! We had great weather as well last cruise and they didn't seem to budge it at all, just left the one section open that I'm told is due to the smoke from Guy's.



  10. How does one pick which side of the boat to be on? I believe I was starboard the last time I was on Carnival Legend and it seemed to get me a good land view from cabin when we were docked at a destination (using in place of port to be less confusing!). I enjoy the people watching from my balcony and maybe looking out for pier runners (haven't seen anything too crazy yet).


    Do the ships always dock the same way or does it just depend which ships are also at that destination that day? I think I've seen at some destinations, the ship name painted onto the docking/pier structure. 


    On my next sailing, I currently have a port side cabin. Wondering if I should try to change that at all or just go with it. I'll be at two of the same destinations as previous sailing and one new destination.  



  11. On 3/18/2022 at 11:16 AM, d-train said:

    Has anyone flown with these test kits?

    we are extending our trip a week prior to boarding so we will 

    need to bring the kits with us and do the test at the hotel. 

    carry on. Or checked bags?

    I think it says to put in your carry on, so they aren't lost or get too cold in the luggage area. 

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