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  1. 1 hour ago, scoobysnacks70 said:

    Has anyone done the Stingray adventure here?  How far is it from where we do the stingrays to where the clam shells are.   Ours tour does not start until 12:30...I was wondering if we should rent a clamshell for the morning.  

    Opposite sides of the island, but they have a truck/bus that drives you over to the stingray adventure and they drive you back towards the pick up point after. The clam shells are spread along the beach. We did the stingrays in the morning and were glad to have a clam shell in the afternoon. Sun is intense there.


    To the OP, lunch is provided. You can use your S&S card for purchases, some of the local vendors might only accept cash, I didn't really check out those wares while there. 

  2. We did an excursion and had no trouble finding an available clamshell after. It was near a lifeguard and relatively close to the food at lunchtime. If your mom is disabled, I don't think she will want to walk further down the beach for possibly free shade. 

  3. What kind of pick up are you scheduling? Just wondering on their flexibility because it basically depends on when you get back into port, which can vary from week to week. I think on last week's return, they didn't get back until noon because of weather. Back in Dec, we got into port probably before 8 and got off just before 10.

  4. On 1/22/2022 at 2:06 AM, eyern1 said:

    I haven't either but it certainly is on the cdc site which Carnival provides direct links to and clear as the nose on your face, it says you can fly with the letter and no other retesting is actually required. Maybe because it's a ship? I dunno, but it certainly doesn't mention it. Oh, both my tests were rapid antigen.

    It's listed on the CDC site, but not Carnival's site at all. I would imagine it is to avoid unvax folks present them and avoid testing entirely. And if we really want to go with what the CDC says, the first thing is to avoid cruise travel... 

    Really surprised your antigen tests would still report positive, would not be surprised with PCR as those are more sensitive and where people might continue to test positive for months after.I would try to periodically test with at home antigen test if you have them available. 

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