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  1. @Wxman0 thank you for sharing all of this information about your tour! We are planning a similar trip in early May. Curious about where you ended up eating, you mentioned food truck at the beach... was it at Playa Kenepa Grandi or at a different beach?
  2. @db8alien have you gotten any other feedback on your itinerary? And how did you locate/choose your tour company - have you used them before? Appreciate your thoughts!
  3. Would love to see some suggestions for small group or private Curacao tours!
  4. Thanks @figmentfreak and @aeweil appreciate the confirmation! I was thinking/hoping this was true, but since I haven't seen a single photo anywhere of the beds set up as twins in the Havana Cabanas I thought I'd better check 🙂
  5. Does anyone have picture of a Havana Cabana or Havana Aft balcony room set up with twin beds instead of a King? Traveling on the Carnival Horizon in April with my sister and looking at changing to a Havana room but have never seen one set up with the two beds - can it actually be done? Appreciate your help!
  6. me too! Glad to know the drive isn't actually from THE west coast LOL
  7. @tigger77732 have you learned anything more about this? Seems like a great set up!
  8. @Djford75 we will be there with a late stay in port (10pm), do you know whether they allow you to keep the golf carts past 5pm so you can enjoy dinner further than walking distance from the pier?
  9. Thanks @kdmal1 for sharing your experiences. Curious about whether you know who you used for your Aruba tour?
  10. Thanks @ObstructedView2 appreciate this information!
  11. thanks for the feedback! Hope you had fun on Panorama, we were on that ship in July with our grandsons - and a great trip.
  12. We've booked an 8-night on Carnival Horizon in a Spa Balcony on Deck 14 (cabin #14226). Any experiences / reviews / thoughts about noise issues from the Serenity Deck directly above this cabin? Or experiences with this deck / area? We haven't usually selected this high up or this far forward, but since our first choice (Havana balcony) still isn't available we're hoping that the Spa Balcony will be a good choice. I'll be traveling with my sister, looking forward to time to relax and enjoy a visit that is just us - no spouses / kids / grandkids on this one! Really appreciate any experiences you can share - hoping that there isn't too much noise from deck chairs, etc. above us in that area.
  13. Sorry to leave out these details, 7-day Mexican cruise. Not Journeys cruise.
  14. We will be on Panorama departing Long Beach on July 7th. We are in a Family Harbor Suite, and at check-in received 11-11:30am arrival time, boarding zone A-03. Assuming "normal" operations, can anyone give me any idea about what time we are likely to actually get on board the ship? Traveling with our grandsons and trying to decide whether we need to carry much in the way of snacks with us since it will be close to their lunchtim... the younger one is prone to become "hangry" if meals are too delayed so we'll definitly have something with us either way. Appreciate whatever insight folks on recent Panorama trips can offer!
  15. We've been glad to purchase Faster to the Fun on previous Carnival cruises... but this time we've booked a Family Harbor Suite. My understanding is that this provides priority boarding & other perks. Is there still a benefit to purchasing FTTF? Appreciate any input!
  16. Can you tell me more about this place? We've got a morning excursion (not throught the ship) but I'm hoping to find a place to spend some time on the beach for the afternoon... were you able to reserve in advance? Your pictures look like exactly what we're looking for, sun + sand + umbrellas + ocean + food/beverage service!
  17. Thanks for the info on the hydrotherapy spa - I loved the spa's thalassotherapy pool on a previous cruise years ago, but the photos of the new spa pools looked very shallow, appreciate knowing that my impression was correct.
  18. Excited to hear your thoughts, we’ve recently booked Panorama for the same itinerary in July. Taking our grandsons and eager for info on the ship and the ports. We’ve been on Vista, but not this ship and have never done the Pacific coast of Mexico itinerary. Thanks in advance sharing!
  19. great review and photos - thanks! Interested in your Cabo water taxi, what was your route & how did you choose the taxi that you used?
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