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  1. Love the 2 bill idea maybe if I have time I will go to bank and get them before my jan 4th cruise
  2. if it is one liter that would be approximately 12 drinks.
  3. We had a fun time on the miracle. And i did write a review . i had a couple things that were less then perfect. But over all we had a fun time. the comedy shows were wonderful. i didn't really miss guys burgers because they had another burger bar that was just fine. I wish they would have had more movie time. But i guess they had to utilize the space for other events.we were never bored. Hope your vacation is great whatever you decide. i would book this cruise again. The late night food venues were actually better then most ships. they also had the red frog who had 50% off pitchers of cocktails several days from 3 to 5. And 50% off Caribbean drinks at certain times. So you could get drinks for 4.00.
  4. sorry that information is mbayley@rccl.com not mbabley
  5. i actually sent 2 e mails the response came from ex-co@rccl.com, however i wrote to mbabley@rccl.com and realized he is not ceo so i sent one to RichardFain@rccl.com. i copied e mail so i will bring it . Hope i don't have to .Hope this problem is fixed.
  6. hello, i finally got a response from jessica fernandez from executive office of rccl. she was kind enough to confirm that the coffee card does include 15 any coffees but if you order double shots or large to go you will get an extra punch of the card. But she did in fact confirm that my coffee of choice which is frappuccino will be only 1 punch and i will receive 15 of them on my ship Allure of the Seas. i hope that helps some of you . But that helps clear up things for me because that's what i order. Jessica actually went through the trouble to call the head barista and confirm this for me. I did send several e mails and wrote letters to clear this up. My letter didn't reach Mr. Fain but i am satisfied with this response. By the way i did follow the proper ladder of ones job capacity from customer service rep.,to manager of customer service ,and on to CEO. Most of the responses i received were form letters with the same information printed on the card and then some additional data pulled from who knows where. I did purchase the card on cruise planner for my cruise.
  7. Excited about the new Tampa Port. Am checking for good deals on Celebrity. I was on THE MILLENNIUM when it was 2000. It was a great cruise line. They couldn't do enough for you.
  8. thank you that was so helpful. i hope you had a good vacation in spite of the rude people.
  9. i haven't recieved a reply from our submission for voyager club. I am booked for next year. tried to sign both me and husband up. we are both diamond with approx.110 points. rccl
  10. thank you your helpful i think i will be boardwalk then hope so have a great day
  11. i wonder how you found out your deck is 12. someone told me the longer you wait the better so i will be patient.
  12. I hope they change the show on Oasis ship. I saw cats and loved it. But i want to go on Oasis again. It was my favorite ship. But i want to see a new Broadway show so i will wait until they change this show. And it is an important part of my cruise experience.
  13. i did write to corporate about this and they did say its one punch per coffee drink. but a large to go i guess that something that includes some extra prep. is extra or a extra shot if you order an extra shot is considered 2 punches. they said in most cases frappachino is included in the one punch. so really thats my only concern. just don't sk for a large to go whatever that means lol. i will try to make a copy and send it you but i am over 60 and computer illiterate.
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