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  1. Twickenham

    Red Hook hotels with stay & parking package

    Have you priced out 2 one-way car rentals? When we flew out of an airport 3 hours drive from our house, this ended up being our cheapest option. Not sure of the logistics for Red Hook/JFK, but worth a look.
  2. Twickenham

    Stressed and Sad

    Last year, I had a air ticket booked with points that the phone agent somehow booked as first name-last name, despite it being booked on my FF account which has my name as first name-middle name-last name, like my passport. I had no issues at all. I agree that you needed to change the first name, but I think you'll be good with the middle initials.
  3. Twickenham

    Quebec transportation

    It is currently a flat rate of CA$35.10 from the airport to downtown (which includes the area near the port) for a taxi. Anytime I've been at YQB I've always seen tons of them lined up.
  4. Twickenham

    Air Canada keeps changing flight time

    Why are you trying to avoid WestJet? I've only flown them the once, but they were perfectly acceptable.
  5. Twickenham

    Stansted Airport to Pimlico

    I've travelled on the Victoria line a few times, and I can't recall any trains that terminated at Victoria. In any case, if there was a train that only went to Victoria it would be indicated on the board and the front of the train. Otherwise, you should be good to go .
  6. Twickenham

    Embarkation in Barcelona...

    Well, you could catch the 9:30 train to Paris; the train station is much closer than the airport, so you'll have a bit of breathing room for disembarkation, and it's really quite a pleasant journey.
  7. Twickenham

    Across the Pond

    Ah, my bad. Forgot I wasn't on Flyertalk .
  8. Well, as they're connecting to a TA flight the next day, I'm assuming they're flying from somewhere in Europe, thus it should take them less time to go through all the formalities. Taking the Heathrow Express, they could be in the Paddington area by 8:30-9ish. Even if they only made it into Central London by 10, the restaurants and pubs should be hopping with the post-theatre crowd.
  9. Twickenham

    Opinion - Hilton Rome Airport vs Crown Plaza Rome

    I have not stayed at either, however I did look seriously at the Crown Plaza for our pre-cruise stay a few years ago, as I had hotel points to spend. I ultimately went with another property as the CP was too far out for touring and the transport options weren't good. Personally I wouldn't even consider staying at the airport as it is quite a ways from Rome. Are you locked into the cruise line's hotels? Because most of the time you can get a better deal booking on your own. Lots of info on this board regarding hotels and transport in Rome.
  10. Well, what I would do is probably train into London, have dinner somewhere, then stay near Victoria Station where I would hop the train to LGW early the next morning. But then, I'll take any chance to spend time in London...
  11. Twickenham

    Across the Pond

    Business class.
  12. Twickenham

    DTW to MIA during Christmas/NYE

    Two other points to consider: -Flexibility in your dates: running a search on ITA Matrix, I'm finding $378 on AA if you return on the 4th, rather than the 3rd. The difference in price would probably cover a hotel room, and it'll make for a nicer vacation anyways (it's an awful long way to go for 5 nights); -Try searching for 1 or 2 people at a time, rather than 4; airlines only have a limited number of tickets in each fare bucket, and if say their cheapest fare has only 3 left, a search for 4 will automatically price out at the next, more expensive fare.
  13. Twickenham

    Favorite season to cruise

    This subject line made me look at when I had cruised - and I realized that of our 7 cruises, 4 were in January and 1 in February! So I guess you could say I prefer winter cruising too...
  14. Twickenham

    Delta and Partner Airlines Confusion

    The flights are the same, but the tickets are not. You have 2 different issues which could be affecting the price: -Codeshare flights: airline alliance partners will have their own flight numbers for each other's flights, with their own pricing. Thus, it is entirely possible for Delta and KLM to be selling seats on the same flight for different prices; -Cruise air: cruise line often sell consolidator-type tickets with their own (often more restrictive) conditions.
  15. Twickenham

    Affordable flights from Wash D.C to Venice

    I actually found a direct Zurich-Venice train searching on Bahn.com (the German train site, but excellent for checking itineraries across Europe). Also, I think there's supposed to be a high-speed train put on the Zurich-Milan run next year, through the new Gotthard tunnel.