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  1. Of course - depending on your plans - you could look at this the other way: find a London hotel convenient to the train to LHR terminal 5. Indeed, the Hilton Paddington is so convenient for the Heathrow Express (it is literally part of the train station) that I have long considered it a de facto airport hotel.
  2. Indeed, you need to take the train from FCO to Termini in order to catch the Frecciarossa to Florence - and that's where I think you need to allow for a little more time than you might think. Termini is massive, and the walk from platforms can be quite long.
  3. Those flights from Asia likely have a high amount of cargo on board. Mexico/Caribbean flights are almost exclusively for discretionary leisure travel. That's the difference.
  4. You can't compare pre-Covid business class service and current pandemic-era practices. Pre-covid, business class had much better food service than economy. These days, everything is whacko.
  5. The easiest thing would be to spend the night in London, which is basically between Dover and LHR anyways. Take the train (or bus or private transport) into London, get yourself to a hotel convenient to Paddington Station (there's a Hilton within the station itself), do a little sightseeing that day, then hop on the Heathrow Express the next morning to get yourself to LHR for your flight.
  6. Amending this post as this morning, AC has announced their plans for the new Aeroplan, coming in November. Surcharges eliminated for AC flights, but redemption rates (predictably) going up. Lots of details still being sorted out on the blogs and Flyertalk...
  7. Low surcharges only for certain Star Alliance airlines - notably, Turkish, Swiss, TAP, United, SAS, Eva, Singapore off the top of my head (and low-ish on LOT). Expect high surcharges on Air Canada, Lufthansa, Austrian, ANA and Thai. And availability can be difficult to search for, as the Aeroplan website is well-known for being, er, challenging. If you do want to transfer from another program, look for their fairly regular (a couple of times a year usually) transfer bonus periods. Usually 30% extra in Aeroplan miles, but I have seen as high as 35%.
  8. I totally agree with you on this point. I am also quite certain that the major cruise companies have each conducted such a feasibility study, and that their inaction with regard to changing the PVSA is a clear indication of what these studies concluded. If it was economically profitable for them to change the law, they would be working to do just that. The fact that it isn't even on their radar tells me that they have determined that it is not.
  9. Considering the vastly reduced number of flights currently being operated, it makes no sense to maintain operations at both LHR and LGW. And as LGW has always been the more leisure-centric airport, consolidating operations at LHR makes perfect sense. Everyone's in survival mode right now.
  10. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/passenger-rights/air/index_en.htm Airlines right now are bleeding money, and trying every trick in the book to keep cash in their coffers. While I do have a certain amount of sympathy for them, I have no patience with companies trying to weasel out of their legal responsibilities.
  11. If the flight originated in the EU, it absolutely is subject to EU 261.
  12. Can't comment on AF business class, as I've never flown them up front. However, regarding the transfer of points, I have heard anecdotal reports of people who have created Flying Blue accounts with the sole purpose of transferring points having their new accounts frozen. Seems it triggers some sort of fraud alert in their system. Therefore, if you don't already have a Flying Blue account, I would create one ASAP, and make sure that you have some sort of transactions on the account prior to transferring the points - establish an account history, if you will. Also, unless you can inc
  13. Actually, I was reading this morning (https://www.flyertalk.com/articles/whos-still-flying-and-whos-not-a-definitive-list-with-live-updates.html) how airlines are significantly cutting the number of flights - it has it all broken down by percentage of flights cut, up to 90%. There was also a list of airlines that are completely grounded - lots of smaller airlines, but also some major ones like Austrian and LOT.
  14. https://www.globalresearch.ca/flu-bigger-concern-wuhan-virus-grabs-headlines/5701932
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