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  1. You have come up against the difference between booking air through the cruise line and directly through the airline. Same flight, but different fare conditions. A little perspective here: you've gone from a 1:15 connection to a... 1:05 connection. A 10-minute difference. It's a tight connection, but you had already booked a pretty tight connection, voluntarily. To your advantage there are options if you miss your flight.
  2. No hotels have shuttles, the season really isn't long enough. There are several small boutique-style hotels within walking distance of the port (in order of distance): Le Port-Royal Le Germain Hotel Hotel 71 Auberge Saint-Antoine Hotel Le Priori Auberge Saint-Pierre If your ship departs from Wharf 30, you can add Hotel Le Saint-Paul into the mix - it faces Wharf 30, although it's a bit of a hike if you want to walk it, so you might want to get a taxi.
  3. Twickenham


    Two crucial bits of information needed: -Where are you cruising to? -Is your husband a US citizen? If your cruise is a closed-loop Caribbean itinerary, and if your husband is a US citizen, he probably doesn't need a passport - government-issued photo ID plus birth certificate should suffice.
  4. Twickenham

    Air Portugal

    Did you get lie-flat seats on the YYZ-LIS flight? This is what makes me hesitate to go with TAP biz awards - they seem to have about a billion different business class configurations going right now, and I'd hate to get one of their birds with the angle-flat seats.
  5. Twickenham

    Marriott Hotels only In Barcelona

    Considering the excellent public transportation system, high price of gas, and difficulty in finding parking, renting a car wouldn't even be on my radar.
  6. Twickenham

    Flight with overnight layover and luggage question

    Yeah, except we cleared customs in IST as well. Spent the evening exploring Istanbul. Had to get the visa and everything. I think it more has to do with how Canada (and the US, for that matter) handles customs and connections, as well as the facilities at YYZ. For a same-day connection you just put your bag(s) on the connecting baggage conveyor belt, but YYZ doesn't have the facilities to keep bags overnight, so you need to keep them with you for a next-day connection.
  7. Twickenham

    Flight with overnight layover and luggage question

    I've had both occur - on the same itinerary, no less. Aeroplan award ticket home from Europe. ZRH-IST (overnight by choice)-YYZ (overnight due to lack of availability)-YQB. First 2 flights on Turkish Airlines, with the last flight on Air Canada. In IST, luggage stayed at airport. In YYZ, told we needed to claim bags and bring them back to check them for our onward flight to YQB in the morning. So it really depends on your specific flights and connecting airport.
  8. Twickenham

    Air Portugal

    I assume you mean TAP? Never flown TAP, but considered them. Members of Star Alliance, well-established airline. Wouldn't hesitate to book if the price/schedule was right.
  9. Twickenham

    barcelona train station

    Google maps gives the weekday morning travel time to Sants station at between 16-35 minutes. Spain is unique in Europe in having x-ray screening for baggage of passengers embarking any high-speed train, so I would probably want to give myself 30 minutes before departure, so aim to be there no later than 9. So if you're off the ship by no later than 8:30 you should be good, but of course if you're like me you will want to pad that a bit to allow for time to get a taxi and such. Sants is fairly large, but quite easy to navigate. You check the big board to see what platform you're train is departing from, then make your way to the associated security checkpoint. The security check isn't that big a deal - just x-raying of bags, usually goes quite quickly. Then you go down one level to the platform, via either escalator or elevator. The Man in Seat 61 has a video of the journey:
  10. Well, Paris is much easier in combo with Barcelona or Venice than Dublin if you want to take the train, but still indeed doable. If you want to combine with some travel in the UK (either cruise or just a few days in London), you can take the railsail route via Holyhead. We did it in reverse a couple of years ago, very enjoyable. For you, it would be ferry from Dublin to Holyhead then train onto London Euston. And if you wanted to go straight to Paris, then it's quite close to hop over to St. Pancras where the Eurostar leaves from. Another option if you want to bypass the UK entirely is to ferry straight to France from Dublin, then train to Paris. Never done this, but can't imagine it would be that difficult.
  11. Twickenham

    Which ship, 7nt with Quebec City?

    We went to Bermuda on the Gem a few years ago, and very much enjoyed our cruise. Have only been on the Veendam to tour (back when you could do that sort of thing), and thought it looked very nice, but of course HAL tends to be a 'quieter' cruise experience than NCL. Note that the Veendam and Zaandam can go down to Montreal, whereas the Gem can't (too big to go under the bridge at Trois-Rivieres), so that could be another consideration if you're interested in going there. But these cruises tend to be about the ports anyways, so I would be looking at the cruise with the combo of ports that you want. Just checked the cruises on offer for next year, and saw that you also have the option of the QM2 to/from NYC at the beginning of September.
  12. Twickenham

    Earliest Flight home on disembarkation day

    Well, first things first: you are not cruising out of Orlando, as Orlando is quite far inland. You are cruising out of Port Canaveral. This is a critical point, as it has a direct bearing on your question. It is around a 45-minute drive from Port Canaveral to MCO, but of course that is subject to traffic conditions. Plus you want to be at the airport a couple of hours earlier. Is it doable? Probably. What would I do? I'd be booking that flight... for the next day. I just don't like that kind of stress.
  13. The tube doesn't go to Gatwick. You can however take the tube to Victoria from where you can catch a train to Gatwick.
  14. Twickenham

    Sheraton four points

    Any particular city?
  15. Twickenham

    Excellent Hotel in Quebec City

    The Auberge Saint-Antoine is a highly-rated boutique hotel - it's directly opposite Wharf 22, so you could potentially have a room with a view of your ship (if that's where they're docked). The restaurant is also highly-rated. If I were choosing a hotel near the port to stay, it would be my first choice. While right in front of the main cruise ship berth, you actually have to walk down a couple of blocks to the cruise terminal for embarkation; it's however a pretty easy, flat walk, so unless you're a massive overpacker, you shouldn't have too much trouble.