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  1. We tried to do the same for that cruise but our TA insisted it was not possible. So instead we just switched our deposit to a San Francisco Alaska cruise in July.
  2. I moved my late November cruise to an Alaska next year.
  3. It's about time they finally got around to the science of it.
  4. Cool.....mine is 10 days. I chose it because the price was really reasonable on that date.
  5. Happened to me too. What is your sail date. Mine is July 5 th, San Francisco.
  6. Funny! I will have to check my Alaska cruise too.
  7. I call it the "zombie look".
  8. Thanks for the answers. In the meantime I came across this article saying they would be using pier 27. https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/12/19/Carnival-will-launch-cruises-from-San-Francisco-for-first-time-in-2020/3891545198970/#:~:text=The Pier 27 terminal is equipped to handle,Messes%2C panic result when Carnival cruise ship lists
  9. According to this website, there are two. Just wondering if it is 35 or 27......or maybe which "pier" is a better question. "Cruise ships arriving in San Francisco dock at the cruise port terminal between the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Bay Bridge at Pier 35 and Pier 27." http://crew-center.com/san-francisco-california-cruise-ships-schedule-2020
  10. Which dock does Carnival use in San Francisco? Thanks in advance !
  11. They should have been able to move that deposit over because Carnival said all November cruises would be allowed to. Maybe you should call back and confirm that?
  12. I just canceled my November 28th cruise (final payment was this week) and was allowed to move my non- refundable deposit to a July 5th cruise. I am relieved.
  13. My November 28th cruise has been unbookable for a couple of months.
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