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  1. Correct. I have searched every where and there are no pics of the handicap bathrooms. We need a roll in shower so that is an important thing for us to see.
  2. He doesn't mean it will stop at a Canadian port. There is train excursion which goes into Canada from Skagway. I suspect that will not be possible either.
  3. And only the lowest decks for the non-vaccinated....in keeping with the historic context.
  4. ".....but they still will need to have a CSC under the CSO issued by the CDC." I had to chuckle because it reminded me so much of the novel "1984".
  5. This article is from March. Nothing came of this effort to circumvent the law.
  6. That's certainly not news to me. I have closely observed the ping pong ball of the CDC from the start of this.
  7. I hope that will work for someone like me who does not want the vaccine. I have good reason for not wanting it. I am keeping those details to myself.
  8. Thanks! Always great to have first hand information.
  9. Thanks. :). just for clarification, did you mean you wore them while walking around outside ? Did you see anyone reminded by crew to put them on while walking around outside? Thanks again.
  10. Did you have to wear a mask when on outside decks?
  11. I will not be getting the vaccine for various important reasons which I do not wish to discuss. So I am sad my cruising days are over, but I have wonderful memories of my many past cruises. Looking forward instead to some wonderful fly /road trips to some of the same locations cruise ships used to take me.
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