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  1. I currently have a cruise booked for October 2021. Final payment date is in July, 2021. I plan to monitor the Covid situation, paying special attention as the final payment date nears. Depending on what I'm seeing world wide, I will cancel the cruise before final payment date rather than take the chance that a mask, social distancing, etc. will be required. With the situation as unsettled as it is, I won't take the chance of paying for a cruise in full with even a remote possibility of masking, etc. So your question doesn't come into play for me; I plan to be overly cautious. I have no plans to cruise sooner than that. My cruise is with Princess, so far I've been happy with the information and choices they've given me in regard to the October 2020 cruise that they cancelled. Princess shortened the time between final payment and cruise date, which was a plus. It would have given me more time to decide. If a shortened time isn't offered, I'll make my decision by the payment in full date. PS: Post #100 doesn't have a question in it.
  2. Which is what you've been saying all along. Whis is also the way I feel, for what it's worth. If masks, social distancing, etc. are required on a cruise ship, we won't cruise either.
  3. The buffet is important to us so we do care. 😊
  4. 5. They may be too tired from a shore excursion to dress up sufficiently for the MDR and prefer something fast and easy.
  5. I love that the pass also includes up to four (?) additional people in your party. Sorry, I don't remember off-hand what the limit is. White Sands is interesting and shouldn't be too hot during October. The only shade out tthere are metal awnings but the dunes themselves are a lot of fun. Carsbad Caverns, on the other hand, are fantastic. I've been there four times and would go another few times if given the chance. In my mind, that's a perfect long weekend trip. A leisurly drive up mid-morning, spend the next day hiking the caverns, stay for the bat flight, then a liesurly drive home the following day. When we went this past June, the motel/hotel rooms in Carlsbad were ridiculously over priced (if you could even find one) due to the oil field workers working in the area. Carsbad is big on oil. We stayed in Roswell to get a reasonable rate and made the hour and a half drive to and from White City. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.
  6. But if "this situation is a moving target" and the report is from early March, I wouldn't go by that information. And in my opinion, Dr. Fauci isn't "changing his mind", the information available is changing and he's going by that updated information. Certainly wash your hand often, don't touch your face, but social distancing, mask wearing, and sheltering in place when possible is also necessary, in my opinion.
  7. I wonder if this is the same report I heard. Fox News, Jessie Watters. There was a date on the upper left screen showing an early March date, which made me question if that's when that interview was done. That may have been the thinking then, but just within the past few days it's been reported that the virus isn't picked up by touching an infected surface but is airborne, so totally opposite of what that doctor said. If the early March date is correct, hand washing/hands off the face would make sense, but not with the most recent information.
  8. That's actually been the recommendation from a few posters, let it run while you unpack (or eat lunch, or...) then it's out of the way.
  9. My husband has seasonal allergies - they kick up in the spring and fall. He's allergic to the vegetation in our area (lots of pecan orchards). He says he clears up really well on a cruise. In his case, the allergen isn't around so he's fine.
  10. Granted I've only sailed Carnival once, but that drill on the Vista was in one of the lounges. Maybe on select Carnival ships?
  11. Chem trails are spreading 5G. Lizard people are up to something else.
  12. The 8th annual Sierra Vista multi-distance trail run was held Feb. 29/Mar. 1. March 11, White Sands Missile Range cancelled the 31st annual Bataan Memorial marathon, which was to be held March 15 with over 9,000 participants and thousands of support personnel. Hearing about the rest of the country being so hard hit and wondering if the marathon was actually going to proceed caused a lot of anxiety (for me) but the cancellation made it real. Governor Grisham locked New Mexico down shortly after that. We might be released May 15. More likely it we'll start a gradual opening of businesses. School is effectively over for the year other than on-line classes.
  13. I just confirmed that the total amount paid into the cruise would be doubled, not just the deposit.
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