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  1. Option 4. We're fully vaccinated, are at week three following the second injection. We have a Canada/New England booked for September but waiting for Princess to cancel due to Canada's ban on cruise ships; I'm planning to rebook this for fall of 2022. We would prefer not to mask but cruise line excursions aren't a deal breaker for us. That probably means 2022 as well. We do plan on doing some traveling through the United States in the meantime.
  2. "Remain closed" means keep the door closed. I would think that means unless you are going out to your balcony or coming back in.
  3. On Princess, Norwegian, and Carnival, there have been cards attached to the wall right beside the balcony door stating that the door needs to remain closed. I don't remember reading anything in the daily newsletters, however.
  4. We did a 7 adult, 2 child cruise on Carnival about two years ago. We used their on-board app to keep track of everyone. We planned on dinner together every night but days were pretty much on our own. I usually like to lock my phone away at the beginning of a cruise but for this one, the phone plus app was very handy.
  5. This is ours as well but with Medicare Part B (hospital and pharmacy).
  6. I believe it's premature billing. I did billing/insurance at a dental office and what you describe was how it worked there, too.
  7. We received ours at one of our local hospitals. On Saturday I received a statement from the hospital stating that we owe roughly $17 each; I think this may be for the first injection only. I can't tell from the statement whether they billed our insurance (there is a line item stating $0 received from insurance). However, because our primary insurance is supposed to bill to Medicare after making their payment, I believe it will be covered at 100%. Our hospitals tend to bill immediately after services and I think (and am hoping) that this is just the beginning process in the billing.
  8. 1 cruise cancelled completely. 1 cruise cancelled but rescheduled for September 2021. I'm waiting for the cancellation notice from Princess as this is a Canada/New England cruise. I plan to rescheule with Princess because I outsmarted myself and bought gift cards when the were offering bonus gift cards. When my paid-in-full cruise fare is refunded, a good part of that will go back onto the gift cards. Unless I reschedule something with Princess, I'll lose that money.
  9. Mexican Riviera on Princess. I loved the entire experience and decided this was something I wanted to continue. We went in November and the Dawn was decorated for Christmas. Beautiful! I think it was remarkable because it was my first (and a surprise anniversary gift from my husband), but it definitely planted the cruise bug in me. I had wanted to cruise for several years prior so that played into it as well. Love your pictures!
  10. On our second cruise we entirely missed a port and were only allowed to hang out in the port area on a different port stop due to Tropical Storm Rita. That's it in the eight total cruises I've taken. Not bad!
  11. Thank you for this statement. My son is an ER doc. As much as he tries to keep us out of the loop regarding how he is doing both mentally and physically (because it becomes a mental issue for us), we see how much of a toll it's taking on him. It also takes a huge toll on his wife. Our hospitals are at capacity; decisions are being made as to who gets ICU care and who might be able to hang on without it. How on earth can someone make a decision like that? He recently recovered from a mild case of COVID. It was always a matter of when he contracted it, never if. Edited to
  12. My husband surprised me with our first cruise and provided the link to the Princess website so that I could make plans. I had no idea what I was doing, had no one to ask and didn't know about Cruise Critic. We were fortunate to be able to book exursions while on board and had a great time. Once I had that first experience (and discovered the Fodor and Cruise Critic websites), every cruise since then has been planned with a lot of detail, incluing on-our-own excursions. For me, planning is a large part of the enjoyment of a cruise. We typically book one to two years ahead so I have
  13. 60 Minutes had a segment about two weeks ago discussing this. US Army is waiting FDA approval and is ready to start distributing the vaccine. So possibly one of (many? a few?) who are waiting approval. Bruce Willis wasn't mentioned.
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