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  1. NCL isn't sailing out of Florida yet, but have cruises booked for end of August. They are requiring vaccinations to be completed with a minimum of two weeks following second vaccination and before sailing. You can't complete the on-line check-in without attesting to being vaccinated; I understand that they will require a copy of the vaccination card to be uploaded in the final three weeks before sailing. So it sounds like both suing and sailing.
  2. Does NCL provide luggage tags (for bags to be put aboard the ship) or do we print them ourselves when they are available?
  3. I see the same thing on my Aug. 28, 2021 cruise out of Miami to Western Carribean and it has been that way since I first booked about two months ago. I spoke to someone at the Excursions phone number who told me the return times just haven't been uploaded yet. She e-mailed me a copy of the itinerary showing the port departure times.
  4. Both NCL and Princess reps have stated that showing a copy of the paper cards we received at our hospital would be sufficient. The NM Dept. of Health website shows my vaccine information, but my primary physician's office said until we gave them that information, our records in her office weren't updated after vaccination.
  5. I verified my phone number around 75 days prior to sail date. I tried several times because I had problems with it but the photo, email, and phone number are all verified.
  6. We were in the same situation a couple of years ago. We chose Carnival during Thanksgiving week to Western Mediterranean and don't regret doing so. Not a party atmosphere but lots of kids on board. Lots for our then 8 and 10 year old granddaughter and grandson. We've never sailed with RCCL so can't do a comparison.
  7. SO excited (and envious) for you! Have a wonderful cruise.
  8. OP states he's sailing MSC out of Florida, so they will have to deal with the CDC and its rules.
  9. Yes, when you flatten a curve you elongate it. The stated reason to flatten the curve was to keep health care facilities from being overwhelmed, not to eradicate the virus. Even with the flattening attempt, many facilities were overwhelmed, so much so that both Texas and Arizona were transfering COVID patients to New Mexico hospitals. NM has limited hospital capacity, especially compared to TX and AZ.
  10. No cat, but when we had dogs we had a niece come stay at our house for the duration. That way we had dog care where the dogs were most comfortable and someone in the house so it didn't sit empty. That's always been our preference.
  11. i got an email from Princess cruises regarding Alaska sailings as of July 2021. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/alaska-sailings-departing-seattle-in-july-2021.html "...Plans for these itineraries to fulfill our obligations under the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) are expected to be approved as are final instructions from CDC. Princess is continuing its return-to-cruising preparation already underway..." No information about what is expected to be approved regarding PVSA, and the aboe sentences is the only mention of the PVSA. Also posting on the Princess Board. This was posted on the Princess Board already.
  12. Yes, those were the luggage tags I meant. Sorry to not be clear. PLUS, luggage tags in general. 😊
  13. Plastic cruise luggage tags, individually wrapped insecticide wipes if taking an excursion in the tropics, a first aid kit containing antacids/ibuprofin/bandaids/etc., (some?) Carnival Corporation ships have self-serve laundry, some 3-in-1 laundry soap/softener sheets (Wash-Eze on Amazon) if interested in doing laundry on board, water shoes.
  14. It's now 535 days. We were scheduled to go September, 2021 but I moved everything over to next year. Same itinerary, same number of days. We had a move-over offer from a balconey to a minisuite, from Sky Princess to Caribbean Princes and are now in a balconey on Enchanted. 😢 At least we will (hopefully) take this cruise. Third time's the charm, right?
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