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  1. Encore - the queen of Nickel and Dime.
  2. the Ta to Europe starts April16th for 15 days. The next cruise at the moment after the TA is at May 28th. Maybe there will be a longer dry dock? we will see.
  3. And escape is big. I think they sell the Baltics good with high prices so it make sense. 2021 is escape doing the Baltic again. Wonder if 2022 the joy s coming to Europe for dry dock?
  4. yes, and the last Meyer Werft ship for NCL 😒, wish they had orderd 2-3 more away ship. Quote this post, thanks Doug, thanks to all who posted here. I liked to read dayli here the new posts and hope we will have a same everything...Leonardo......
  5. disny magic said goodbye too. that is even in front of the laptop awesome. great sail into ny, queen marry, escape, magic and the big apple, sun going down, wow
  6. Queen Marry II is in port too, but at the Terminal in Brooklyn. One of the prettiest cruise ships.
  7. thanks, the place is worth the haven, but with the vibe at both sites you canΒ΄t walk around at deck. only interesting how they handle this.
  8. Great place for sail in.Did they open Vibe, Haven for all?
  9. at the webcam i can see land on the horizon, wish you a great sail in to NY
  10. thanks for your review, love your and dougs review. Did you played Laser Tag? was it with VR glasses and how was it?
  11. Wow the Oktoberfest Looks awesome, great job.
  12. Did you liked the galaxy games? Read that some feel not so well after playing? Is the graphic good? Looks it real?
  13. If you want a front view at the top deck you have to book haven. Bliss vibe has no front view and I think joy either. ( and encore 2021 ).
  14. made my day πŸ˜‚ thougt that was a joke that they are selling vibe passes for a cruise northern atlantik in November but they really did 🀣 but now we know that they sell 300 passes. Did he said what he paid for the pass
  15. yes, have a vibe, a big vibe that lot of people can spend extra money to NCL. there is no H2O or forward included sun deck, so there is only the pool deck included for all.
  16. is that the lane for vibe passes? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  17. woo hoo, will follow, thank you Doug for posting
  18. hear something but do not see something at the video?? but sound rainy and stormy
  19. https://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/news/norwegian-encore-bilder-von-bord/191261/ therre you can find many pics
  20. hehe, you have 2 years time to get enough follower :-)) but maybe, after the Bliss deck plan gate, you are at a red list :-)) marinetraffic shows ETA Nov, 1st. 6:15 pm for arrive in Southampton ( that is normal the time the pilot meets the ship )
  21. for people who are looking for Encore in Southampton. The "schiffstester" ( the blogger from the youtube video i posted ) said, that the captain said they are going a little faster to Southampton and will be there evening tomorrow but not what hour. they ecpect a rough sea and going little faster.
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