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  1. yes, here better to see https://www.ncl.com/de/de/cruise/aqua/ocean-boulevard
  2. if someone want to watch the sail away, there will be a stream in about 37 minutes. But it will be dark and maybe not so much to see.
  3. i´m not at the TA, but i think the Aqua will become a show, hope so.
  4. some passenger who start or end their cruise in Hamburg will now have Problems with their flights
  5. yes and a better gym where tall people can use the crosstrainers ( or what you name that machines in english ) too.
  6. and a longer vibe / haven. the pooldeck looks small like at Prima, but for more guests. they have about 30 meters more, we will see how they use it
  7. Yes. But there are 15% more people on board then prima. the prima problems are the bad layout and not enough entertainment. We will see if they fix that.
  8. yes, but when you see what they have it is easier.
  9. can only say something about Seaside/Seaview. They have a lot of music and party on Board and every Evening a diffent show but no comedians. it is sometimes different of the ship class. Can´t something say about Armonia
  10. i don´t like that change. Have a great cruise and thank you for posting.
  11. https://www.ncl.com/de/de/newsroom/asset/f5ef049d-28d0-443e-a83a-afdffb2c2611/ncl-aqua-laterraza-12 Laterraza on Aqua
  12. https://www.ncl.com/de/de/newsroom/norwegian-cruise-line-opens-for-sale-the-all-new-norwegian-aqua-the-first-of-the-next-generation-prima-plus-class The new Glow Court, a digital sports complex with an interactive LED floor, will offer a variety of interactive guest activities by day and then transform into a nightclub in the evening. Guests will also be able to continue to enjoy some of their favorite Prima Class experiences aboard Norwegian Aqua, including The Drop, NCL's 10-story free-fall slide, and the Stadium, a now expanded game space offering complimentary activities.
  13. the cruises for 2025 / spring 2026 are online. TA sadly with no ports from Southampton to Boston. and then from Miami, Olando, NY. Maybe the northern Europe is only because of the TA? Or do she come back spring 2026???
  14. ship is back on the Homepage but not the Link to the cruises and the ship site.
  15. this deck plans are with some more informations. if they are correct? for example they write there aqua slidecoaster at the waterslides. when you search for that you find something like that at the video, that looks like fun. But we will see what to come, And sure we will not get all informations tomorrow.
  16. Glow court, maybe something with neo lights. something to play, for example neo mini golf or neo tennis or something. something you can play at day and in the night with neo lights. Vibe becomes a Waterfall.
  17. some minutes before it was on german site too, saw it there too, but now it is gone again.
  18. i think 1 dry slide is ok, the kids aqua park is now in the middle, is at prima/viva more on the rirght side.
  19. some first thougts: what want the hull art say to me? Northern Europe maybe to replace the Prima there, she will be bigger so better for colder weather. is that a slide above the race track, or no race track? not clear to see. rest seems like the sister. it disapperaed now again at the homepage, i saw it too, but when i clicked it i came to a normal ncl Page
  20. i opened a new thread, the honor belongs normal freestyleNovice but seems he was not here since a longer time.
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