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  1. yes, and the last Meyer Werft ship for NCL 😢, wish they had orderd 2-3 more away ship.


    Quote this post, thanks Doug, thanks to all who posted here. I liked to read dayli here the new posts and hope we will have a same everything...Leonardo......


    On 10/30/2019 at 8:36 PM, FreestyleNovice said:

    A small thank you for Doug! As a real Jedi, a young Skywalker he mastered the fine essence of the Everything threads again with Encore and this thread would not be the same without his continuous effort and endless enthusiasm; this one is for you Doug, cheers!


  2. 16 minutes ago, FreestyleNovice said:

    So.. I need to rename myself to BloggerNovice for the next ship? :classic_tongue:

    hehe, you have 2 years time to get enough follower :-))

     but maybe, after the Bliss deck plan gate, you are at a red list :-))



    marinetraffic shows ETA Nov, 1st. 6:15 pm for arrive in Southampton ( that is normal the time the pilot meets the ship )

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