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  1. Thanks! That is the temp range for humira. I will definitely look into them!
  2. @Sweetpea711423 We have gone more than twelve hours with the humira, and at that point were adding ice in zip locks to the cooler to maintain temp. Not ideal, but with monitoring it can be done. Again, I find it helpful to let people in a position to help (flight attendant, hotel kitchen) know ahead of time that I may be calling on them for ice. On cruise ships/river cruises, and in hotels, I have found staff more than willing to put my gel packs in their freezer and then return it to me. European hotel ice melts quickly - I think they don't freeze it as cold? - so I have on occasion taken a zip lock with me to dinner and asked the waiter to fill it with ice just before we leave. This has gotten me through a night on several occasions. It certainly creates a "worry tax" on travel to have to constantly be checking and adjusting. But on the other hand, before humira, my daughter was in a wheelchair, which added its own challenges to travel. I hope it's been as much of a miracle drug for you as it has been for her, to make all the hassle worth it. To answer your other question, no, I have not figured out how to get humira shipped overseas. We tried a couple of years ago when we did a two week family trip before leaving dd in Italy for another month of study abroad, and just hit a brick wall. Ended up taking the whole six week supply with us and I have never breathed such a sigh of relief as when we safely deposited the remaining shots in the fridge at the student housing! Finally, I too will be looking into the various coolers suggested here. But often coolers customized for insulin will not work for humira, as it must be kept at colder temps than insulin.
  3. I've done two with Tauck, with my third booked for this November. So I can't compare, but can say I've been very impressed with Tauck. We've made continuing friendships on both cruises, so from that perspective, I find the other passengers interesting and fun. The excursions always seem to have a little extra to them, that I'm not sure you get with other companies. We did the Rhine river cruise that ended at Oktoberfest in Munich and it was unbelievable all they had done to make that an amazing experience. Right down to a full phone consultation ahead of time about our sizing, so that we arrived to perfectly fitting outfits that had been rented for us to wear to the fest. We've had bartenders go looking for local craft beers for my husband while we are stopped in a town, just based on casual conversations at the bar. Guides have used their free time to show us their favorite out of the way spots or to help us order in a restaurant for meals on our own. Food has been outstanding, and the lectures and entertainment on board have been great. Again, I have nothing to compare it to, but you certainly wouldn't be disappointed with Tauck.
  4. Good point. I have been able to ask cabin stewards and hotel staff to refreeze for me. But also have not needed to keep a large supply cold over more than a week or so. The USB port is brilliant. You should be able to keep it going either with plane outlets or even an Anker portable charger. I may need to up my game 🙂
  5. We fly overseas with Humira, which must stay between 36 and 46 degrees. I believe Frio is designed for insulin, so may work well for your 45-50 requirement. Here is what has worked for me over the years: Get a really good soft side cooler. If you have the cash to throw around, Yeti makes a lunch box size that is ideal. Arctic Zone also excellent though pricey. Otherwise, a Coleman or similar can work. Your meds may be shipped to you with those gel freeze packs. This is what you want to reuse for travel. They stay frozen longer than ice packs you can buy in a store. If you get your meds from a pharmacy and don't have any packs, ask around your friends/neighbors. Someone will get either meds or a meal service shipped to them, and will have tons they'd love to share. Get a remote temp sensor. I like this one for reliability https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009Y7RPS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Important step: precool your little cooler. Put it in the fridge the day before. Then take it out and put your ice pack in it several hours before you put your meds in. Put your meds in last minute. Have your temp sensor as close to your meds as possible (ie, in the shot box if you can) and not right against an icepack. Keep the monitor portion where you can check it easily. (I use an outside pocket of my cooler.) If all goes well, you should be able to keep a stable temp for up to 12 hours. But keep an eye on the monitor. Always take ziplocks along in case you need to add ice. (Keep in mind that in European hotels, ice can be hard to come by, so don't push it to the last degree.) On a plane, it is cooler in the overhead bin than under your seat, and cooler in the back of the overhead bin than closer to the aisle. But if you're likely to forget what you don't see, maybe don't push it all the way to the wall. Alert the flight attendant that you might need ice several hours in and explain why. They can get cranky if you're asking for it out of the blue when service is off and everyone is asleep. Finally, you may want to play with your cooler and ice packs a few times without your meds. Do the precool and ice pack load, put the sensor in an empty med box, and watch the monitor over the course of a day. Make notes about how stable it is. Try different numbers and arrangements of ice packs. I even started with several different cooler brands, tags on, and returned the poor-performing ones. You will feel much more comfortable transporting meds if you have data to reassure you that they are ok. I know this all sounds like a lot. For me, if I had to replace a shot it would be several thousand dollars. Not to mention that a trip could be ruined if the meds didn't work. So it's worth it. And it gets easier every time you do it! Finally, you may want to reach out to your river cruise company and see if they can provide you with a medical fridge in your cabin. This is a small appliance that will work better than the mini fridge/cooler that is standard. I hope this was helpful and not overload!
  6. It doesn't seem that bad to me. We will be there on a day when another ship is at Coco Cay as well. The cabana ensures privacy, relaxation, and service throughout the day. If it rains, we will have cover and still be able to enjoy our time on the island. Other people's darling children will be their darling selves not near us. Someone will bring food and drinks to us. We paid a little more than $500 for a a bungalow on Labadee last cruise, and felt it was worth it, even though we still had to get off our duffs and go through the buffet ourselves. It did rain that day, and we would have been miserable without the roof. As it was, we took lovely naps to the pitter patter of the drops. A nice dinner out can run several hundred dollars, and only lasts a couple of hours. It seems like an easy choice to skip a few of those and instead have an entire day of spoiling. Of course I'll keep an eye out and try to get a lower price, but I've paid my $999 to make sure I have one reserved. Spending is such a personal thing, and everyone has their own interpretation of value. My neighbor always comments about how crazy it is that some people travel instead of buying a new car every other year. 🤪
  7. The sides are actually high enough (in both) that you could sit down on the edge and swing legs around/over, then stand up in the tub. This may help with the bad knee. The other thing to look at is an accessible jr suite, which will not have the tub. However, as someone pointed out, the GS perks are significant, especially in O class. Lots to consider.
  8. Thank you all so much. My TA is switching us up a deck. I will take lots of photos when I finally get onboard!
  9. We are booked in an aft corner suite on Enchanted Princess, on Aloha deck. I had originally thought there was no difference in these suites deck-to-deck. But now that I (finally!) have a cruise booked that will go (2023), I am obsessing over every little detail. Looking at deck plans, it appears that the balcony on the corner on Aloha deck (A734) is narrower than just one deck up on Riviera (R730) Obviously there are no videos/photos from passengers, since no one has cruised Enchanted yet. I've tried searching for Sky and Royal with mixed results. Does anyone have better search techniques or more direct knowledge about this? I'm wondering if the Aloha balcony is narrow enough to feel tight, even though it's technically large and wraps around, and also wondering if the shape confers any advantage over the seemingly more roomy shape on Riviera deck, such as an overhang that might protect from soot at all? Any experience, thoughts, or wildly speculative input would be appreciated!
  10. Yes, they provide all equipment. I understand they also make you wear the little snorkel vests, which can be annoying, but safety first I guess. It's all spelled out in the cruise planner.
  11. DH did a snorkeling excursion through the ship at Labadee and said it was actually not too bad. They went out a ways in a boat though, not from the beach. My understanding for Coco Cay is the snorkeling area is off Chill Beach. We are looking forward to trying it on our next cruise!
  12. sideways question from this.....I've never gotten even one marketing email from Royal for any of my cruises, despite having that marked as my preference on my cruise profile. Is this because I always book through a TA?
  13. In October on the Rhine, I wore a light weight down jacket over a fleece on deck for the day we were cruising on the river. In towns, a cotton jacket or fleece pull over were enough.
  14. Just booked this for November. We originally tried to book when they first started advertising this river cruise, in 2019. They were sold out for 3 years! I'm sorry for all the people who got their plans canceled due to this awful pandemic, but pretty happy that we are now able to go without such a long wait.
  15. We did a family cruise over Christmas on Royal Princess one year - 18 of us! All the young kids had an absolute blast. I was so impressed with the kid's programming. Tons of arts and crafts, kitchen activities, and they put on a full holiday concert in the Piazza on Christmas Eve. If you love Princess best, I'd try that first.
  16. OP, just to add in about the getting charged extra - I tend to order wines by the glass at dinner that are a little more than $13 and get charged the difference about half the time. Not sure what makes the difference, maybe just if the server is paying attention. As for tipping, I also tend to throw around 1s and 5s like monopoly money at the bars, and always get treated like a princess as a result, although that's not why I do it. It's humbling to think that a few dollars can make that big of a difference to someone else, so I give it out of gratitude that it's not that big of a deal to me. Where in real life can we make someone so happy for so little?
  17. We have often found good deals on the combined voom and deluxe beverage package. And at least it makes it easier to justify. 😉
  18. Hi, again, back from our cruise and wanted to give an updated report about the Bungalows. One thing that took me by surprise was they wanted our whole party present to check into the bungalows I had envisioned myself getting off ship early and setting up, then others joining through the morning. Luckily, this was made clear the day before when the ticket was delivered. Secondly, another ship was in port a couple hours ahead of us, so there was no chance to be "first come first serve" but it turned out to not be an issue. My group was only the second one to arrive at the beach bungalow area. The way we arrived was so convenient. I stopped at the information desk on Labadee to ask directions, thinking we had to get ourselves over there. The guy checked my ticket, confirmed entire party was present, and loaded us on a private golf cart to run us over the the Bungalows. Perfect! Finally, something to consider: I had envisioned us lounging on the beach, retreating to bungalow for shade, wandering over to the buffet, bringing food back. In reality, most of our time on Labadee it rained. Occasionally light showers, but for an hour or so at a time, it was truly a torrential downpour. I live at the beach in NC, and have seen lighter rain during hurricanes. Rivers of water running through the sand streets. Entire plates swamped with water in the dash between the shelter of the buffet and the shelter of the picnic tables. Labadee is not set up for rain. BUT, the bungalow has a plastic liner above its bamboo roof. Not completely water tight, but it saved the day. We were able to huddle on the parts of the sofas where the roof did not leak and still have a fairly relaxing day. Good napping weather! We still had a great day, and for us the outlay was not a big deal. But if one is on the fence about the expense, being aware that not every day is perfect and sunny could influence you one way or the other. For example, those who paid for the clam shells just basically lost that money, as the rain was lashing sideways. (the wonderful bungalow attendant spent a good deal of time adjusting the curtains to keep the rain out) On the other hand, those who had spent nothing were perfectly happy to go back to the ship with no money wasted. We felt the bungalow saved the day from being a complete wash out, no pun intended, because we were still comfortable, and during the brief periods of sunshine (the clouds did clear every hour or so between storms) we were able to be right there at the beach - again the attendant dragged the chair pads back and forth all day, stowing them dryly every time it started to sprinkle, then putting them back out if it stopped. Bless his hard working heart. And, if it had been a perfectly sunny day, with two ships there I imagine the beach would have been super packed and we would have been even more grateful for the privacy and dedicated space. So just more data for those looking into this. @shoppgirl I'm so glad you first posted the review I found that convinced me to reserve a Bungalow, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
  19. just off 9 nights on Explorer yesterday. It was full and next cruise office was hopping the whole time. I did notice much more focused handwashing when I was in the public bathrooms. And crew was constantly sanitizing hand rails. Washy washy folks were in front of WJ and dining rooms every single time the doors opened. In the airport on the way home, noticed a lot of masks, and lots of hand sanitizing. This might actually be a pretty good time to travel, if people are being more careful than during a normal flu season.
  20. Awesome. Very helpful, thanks all! and @Wine-O , not sure if the glass of wine is your regular sign off or your suggestion for keeping warm, but to be safe I shall have a glass or two before I watch the show!
  21. Last minute packing review, and it occurred to me: am I going to freeze while watching the ice skating show? Like pack jeans and a jacket? Or will a light sweater over a cotton dress be ok? I know everyone has different levels of cold tolerance, so somewhat subjective. I rarely feel the need to wear a sweater on the ship in general though so didn’t think about it while I packed. thanks!
  22. My church has been doing the "no handshake" thing this flu season. Even so, after the greeting, the smell of purell wafts up from every pew, lol. Folks are serious about not spreading germs! OP, it's hard when someone is already anxious to get through to them with reason. Can you offer a back up plan in case there is an unforeseen delay, like someone on call to check on your grandmother? (obviously, there won't be quarantine, but sometimes it helps to address the fear, no matter how unrealistic)
  23. if you don’t want to pack these, a pants hanger works great we bring mini shower puffs to lather up the provided gel soap
  24. Thank you! Headed on ABC cruise next week and going to the bank Monday for my travel denominations. Perfect timing.
  25. good to know! but wait, I was promised cruise food contains no calories???
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