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  1. Testing is is almost useless as a strategy to get people cruising again. The reason...there is a rather high false negative rate (upwards of 30%). The cruise lines can have people quarantine all they want and someone, either a passenger or worker, will turn up positive. The only way cruising will begin before an effective vaccine is developed is if everyone changes their philosophy and is willing to accept the risk of infection. For the most part, the folks who are dying from this aren't out and about traveling. There are exceptions to this, including children, but if you are worried about your child dying from this, then you should definitely NOT ever put them in a car because they are any dozen of tines more likely to die in an auto accident. That is a fact. Cheers, Brad
  2. No, because Royal Caribbean cannot press charges against anyone. The fact is that within three days of the accident, the family had retained the attorney, who then immediately blamed Royal Caribbean publicly many many times for the incident. The family, including both the parents and the Step Grandfather, also blamed Royal Caribbean in the media repeatedly. The Puerto Rican authorities have great leeway in their decision to charge or not charge the grandfather. What I am saying is that if the GF had been honest, instead of changing his initial story and taken full responsibility, the authorities might not have charged him. But when he began mouthing off to every camera how it wasn't his fault, that may have had an impact. I mean, if I am the prosecutor and I see a very upset and contrite GF taking responsibility for his actions, I am much more likely to take the approach of "He has suffered enough" rather than charging him. If he insists that RC is at fault, I am much more likely to proceed with charges. Cheers
  3. 10 am was my experience as well on my recent back-to-back. It appeared that everyone was off around 10:15. Cheers!
  4. I have had this card since 2011 and for many years, used it exclusively as my daily card. I pay it off at least twice per month and have never paid a single penny in interest. If you ever plan on carrying a balance, do not get this card. That being said, the reward system can be used in many different ways, which can cause confusion. I will comment on how I have used it exclusively over the last ten years. If you use the reward points to "Pay for purchases" which essentially means cash back, you can actually get 1.5% I stead of the standard 1% as long as you are applying it to a charge which was at least $1,500. E.g. If your cruise fare was $1,872, then if you select that purchase to pay towards, you will get 1.5%. So, let's say you have 50,000 points to use. If you selected the $1,872 purchase then you would get $750 cash back toward that purchase. What that means is that if you use the card solely for purchases on Carnival, then you would be getting 3% cash back since 1.5 times 2% (double rewards for Carnival purchases) is 3%. That is how I use my card today. I have many other cards, but my Capital One Savor card gives my up to 4% for dining and some other purchases, so I use it for everything else now. Otherwise, the Carnival Mastercard is a good card for those who cruise frequently and NEVER carry a balance. Good luck!
  5. 11:30 is their check in time, not boarding time. FTTF boards after Diamond, Platinum and suite guests and would typically be around 11:30. I would speculate that their group would board about 15 minutes or so after you. Good luck.
  6. I embarked on the Freedom of the Seas on the very next voyage after that one. I was pleased to see that the windows were still in a mixed state of open and closed as usual. By the way...this window was located right next to the bar in the "Children's play area." There was no additional signage posted or any other evidence that the tragedy had happened. It is clear that the GF knew exactly what he was doing based on the two videos which were released. Something that has never been pointed out before is this...millions upon millions of people, including young children, have cruised on ships similar to the Freedom and this has never happened before. That makes a very strong case that the circumstances were beyond extraordinary which led to the child falling. That being that an irresponsible adult dangled her out the window and dropped her. I am not saying he dropped her on purpose, but he did hold her out the window on purpose. I also think that if the family had not hired an attorney and threatened a lawsuit, the GF would not have been charged. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Yes, that is a great point. Our favorite place in Cozumel is Paradise Beach. We always take a taxi there. Now, they off an all-inclusive option, which includes food from the taco truck, for $63 per person. Good luck!
  8. I've cruised been on 22 Carnival and 8 Royal Caribbean cruises. Honestly, they are similar, but based on what you've described I would recommend the Carnival Fantasy 4 day (Thursday - Monday) out of Mobile. The only port day is Cozumel and that sounds like a port that your group would enjoy. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  9. I am currently sitting in Houston Hobby Airport on my way home after doing a B2B on the Dream (my 4th). You should receive a letter in your stateroom on the last day of the cruise with specific instructions on where to meet. If you don't, make sure and go ask at guest services. They did forget ours once. The only better than a B2B is a B2B2B!
  10. On the Dream the most recent two cruises were luggage tags. They seem nice enough. Cheers!
  11. While that may be true, that is not why the Enchantment couldn't leave and the Dream couldn't arrive.
  12. The port of Galveston was closed to all marine traffic due to the dense fog. You couldn't see 100 feet off the ship. It was the worst I've ever seen. That was announced and reiterated more than a dozen times throughout the day. The salvage and rescue was taking place on Wednesday.
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