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  1. Class A gas. Very first RV, but looks like we will be upgrading to a diesel in 2-3 years.
  2. I just bought a 2021 Class A RV and will vacation with that until the cruise lines are back to normal. We will all weather the storm!
  3. Jose will be missed. What a great person! Errol is with HAL and will be missed as well, but we still have the Chocolate Cowboy!!!!!!!
  4. This is false and you know it. Cruise lines will be able to cruise when it is appropriate and I'm fine with that.
  5. Politics has nothing to do with this. You can post, but you should leave politics out of this.
  6. Jose was just a great person period. He ensured that all guest were treated as VIP and royalty. Errol will ensure that his legacy is carried on.
  7. Papi always ensured that we were happy every time we cruised with him. He was always positive, happy, and going above and beyond to ensure that everyone were treated like VIP's. He was the ultimate entertainer. We will miss him and I'm sure The Chocolate Cowboy will ensure that his legacy lives on. Rest In Peace Papi.
  8. I read the Post everyday and this is one article I don't agree with.
  9. Chocolate Cowboy, Silas, Bong, and all of the crew members on all of my sailings. Great people! Can't wait to sail with them again!!!!!!
  10. I found a better deal today on the MSC Seaside, but I have already paid for my cruise. Can I cancel the cruise and re-book without losing anything. Thanks, Derek
  11. Why is there a lack of or limited amount of 7 day cruises out of Miami for the month of May?
  12. He is always on the new ships. It is sad that people complained about his hat. He is a great guy and top-notch bartender.
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