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  1. I read the Post everyday and this is one article I don't agree with.
  2. Chocolate Cowboy, Silas, Bong, and all of the crew members on all of my sailings. Great people! Can't wait to sail with them again!!!!!!
  3. derek005


    No, it's not.
  4. derek005


    I found a better deal today on the MSC Seaside, but I have already paid for my cruise. Can I cancel the cruise and re-book without losing anything. Thanks, Derek
  5. Why is there a lack of or limited amount of 7 day cruises out of Miami for the month of May?
  6. He is always on the new ships. It is sad that people complained about his hat. He is a great guy and top-notch bartender.
  7. Was just wondering and will not make this political because we all have an opinion and I respect yours. I like NFL football, but college is my thing. My wife is from your local area and she is a big Georgia fan and I'm from Michigan and love the Wolverines.
  8. It looked like the Mojito Bar from the pictures.
  9. Is there a reason you don't watch it anymore?
  10. Enjoying your review as always Doug! Sure wish we could have made this transatlantic, but we are booked next month. Safe travels!!!!
  11. Chocolate Cowboy getting down again. The best Bartender at sea!
  12. I just read the article and some of these people are idiots for leaving signs and getting in the face of a ship officer and acting like a mob. Mother Nature is unpredictable sometimes. NCL is ensuring that you are safe vice taking a chance on your life. Shame on you folks that acted like children.
  13. A very sad day. Andy did great things for NCL and will be missed.
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