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  1. I second the vote for S-Class or Edge Class ships. After sailing Infinity, and more recently Millennium, our personal decision is to avoid M-Class ships going forward if possible. We just felt "bored" on those ships since there is quite a bit less to do. We found Reflection and Edge to be worlds apart from M-Class. But to us, the ship experience is just as important as destinations regardless of itinerary.
  2. For us, being able to separate the living area from the bedroom like a true suite is worth $2k if, like us, you haven't different "schedules" (one gets up early, one sleeps late; one likes tv at night, the other doesn't, etc...). The massive jump to Royal Suites is usually cost prohibitive in comparison, although as mentioned the perks ones get do add to the value.
  3. Regent Explorer provided one of the most opulent and luxurious vacations of my life - simply impeccable service, loved the truly all-included business model and gorgeous atnosphere. Entertainment was great and food spectacular. Another ship you don’t hear too much about is Scenic Eclipse - a luxury expedition vessel. We had a unforgettable time onboard and was unlike anything we have ever experienced at sea.
  4. Totally makes sense. Although it’d be nice if every few years they could do a refresh of the menus to keep the food interesting. Not that it’s bad! But when you’ve sailed enough that you can memorize the menus, sometimes you do wish to have some changes here and there.
  5. When I sailed Odyssey in July, the MDR menus were exactly the same as the MDR menus I've experienced on other RCI ships. That's actually becoming my one disappointment after doing so many cruises - realizing how the menus rarely or never get updated through the years.
  6. After sailing Infinity in April 2019 and Millennium June, 2021, as well as Edge in December 2019 — my family and I agreed we would likely no longer book a cruise on a Millennium class ship. While we had a great time on all, our recent cruise on Millennium felt a bit boring in terms of ship experience. Not as many dining venues, entertainment not as snazzy. Shops a bit limited. I agree with another poster here who felt the decor on Edge class to be a a bit "blah" with the gray and beige color palette everywhere, but on the whole we really prefer Edge class (and Solstice class) ships. In our own personal experience, the dining, nightlife, and entertainment experiences just didn't compare.
  7. The whole thread is about the Simply Sail rate in which tips are not, nor is anything else, included VS the Always Included rate in which they are.
  8. I've read that on Edge, the rocking chairs originally placed in the Sky Suites which were later removed are still available if you request one with your Butler. Is this true on Apex? Figured probably not since the Apex Sky Suites never had them in the first place — but thought I'd double check here in case anyone knows for sure.
  9. Does the Persian Gardens benefit extend to the SEA Thermal Suite on Edge Class which does not have Persian Gardens?
  10. I believe on M and S class ships, you can order room service from the MDR dinner menu during their open hours. With the 4 main dining room concept on Edge and Apex, is this allowed? And if so, how does it work since each restaurant has a few items that are exclusive?
  11. I too have a mint allergy and have yet to across another who share's that condition until now! I discovered mine after always getting sick after brushing my teeth as a child. Always a bummer to get excited about a watermelon & basil salad and find out it's actually mint, LOL. Like you, I've removed more dessert garnishes than I can count 😬
  12. While undoubtedly well-intentioned, your post is both inappropriate and over dramatic. Chances of a flock of Cruise Critic users all on the same sailing overwhelming.Luminae are next to none. And as the previous posted pointed out, by the time many sail the settling in period will likely be eel behind us. Everyone please continue to post their dining requests without hesitation 😊
  13. I've read that if given 24 hours notice, Luminae can prepared off-menu dishes on request. I'm curious to know what such dishes people have ordered on their past cruises that they'd recommend. Huge foodie here and am looking for some inspiration for my upcoming cruise 🙂
  14. Hope the pasta station comes back soon — one of my favorite parts of the buffet.
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