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  1. Actually, Australia and NZ are pretty close. NZ 68.5% first dose, Aus 69.7%. NZ 49.1% first dose, Aus 52.3%. That out of total population, not eligible population.
  2. No, the exemption was not given for a cruise line to operate. It was given to an NZ company to have a ship delivered to a business here. That business had leased the ship. That was given by the Director General of Health. Visas are issued by the Ministry of Immigration and they were issued for those staff required for the purpose of delivering the ship to the NZ business. That was the exemption that was applied for. The government did not change their mind about letting a fully crewed cruise ship into the country because that application was never made. If it had been it would have been rejected. The Russian ship brought in by the NZ Company was brought in with operating crew, not beauticians. Perhaps you are arguing that that ship should not have been allowed in either. Perhaps you are right. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/01/immigration-minister-kris-faafoi-scolds-french-cruise-ship-le-lap-rouse-for-setting-sail-for-new-zealand-before-securing-visas.html
  3. You know, I'm beginning to get a bit fed up with this pandemic. Still NZ is now at 47% vaccinated. Yay! PM has admitted that Auckland is now in suppression phase, rather than elimination. The rest of the country is at elimination, hence the border (sorry, boundary) in and out of Auckland. Desperate push for vaccinations. Health and education workers must be vaccinated by 1 Jan 22. There is a televised 'vaxathon' on Saturday. We'll see.
  4. I'm sorry but that's not right. Our maritime borders are closed at present and have been for some time. There are exemptions. Vessels may be granted an exemption to arrive in New Zealand in the following circumstances: All of the persons on board the ship are able to travel to New Zealand in accordance with the Immigration Act 2009; The ship is seeking permission to arrive in New Zealand for the purpose of: Reprovisioning or refuelling, or both; Carrying out a refit or a refurbishment of, or a repair to, the ship that is more than minor; or Delivering the ship to a business Le Laperouse was chartered to a NZ Company. It applied for an exemption on the grounds that the ship was being delivered to a business. Visas were issued to those crew deemed necessary to deliver the vessel in accordance with the exemption. These did not include such people as beauty therapists or bar tenders. Whoever wrote that article needs to do their homework.
  5. I'm just back from a quick trip to Wellington. The good people of Wellington are much more compliant re masks and distancing etc than the people of Tauranga. Meanwhile this latest outbreak is creeping closer to us with a case in Karapiro (only about 40 minutes away). The govt are desperately trying to encourage people to vaccinate. They have admitted that the virus is spreading amongst gangs who are disengaged from the whole contact trace, vaccination, mask process. Indeed, they are unlikely to follow the news at all. Sadly, we had a death announced today. We have now crossed the 40% threshold but vaccination rates are low among Maori who are a vulnerable group. Vaccine passports are being introduced and one will need to provide proof of vaccination to attend large public events like concerts.
  6. So, there are Covid cases in Waikato which is being moved to level 3. That's a bit close to home for me. Also, the NZ govt have announced that all non-citizens entering the country will need to show proof of vaccination. Not surprising, but as to how that proof will be shown is tricky as every country has a different system. Air NZ says that all travellers must show proof of vaccination on international flights. Also, our vaccination rate is slowing down. So, all doom and gloom from me.
  7. Which cruise is it Chili. I might be keen to make a booking myself.
  8. It's not all that significant considering the overall price of a holiday. I would have thought this was the perfect time to do it to be honest. Time for a bit of a reset.
  9. 45 today in Auckland. Not good. It is the gangs and they are not following the covid guidelines, or testing, or vaccinating.
  10. There are 26 million sheep in NZ, not 50 million. I believe it's 8% of the workforce, but that does include domestic tourism. https://www.tourismnewzealand.com/about/about-the-tourism-industry/
  11. Can't sleep. Saw this piece in the Guardian on demand for cruises in Australia. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/sep/26/we-feel-were-not-going-to-get-really-sick-why-the-pandemic-hasnt-dissuaded-ocean-cruisers
  12. Yes, we are still hovering around the 20 mark of new cases every day. I think we are just going to have to manage it.
  13. Oh yeah. One of my most disliked phrases is "get back to normal". We can move forward, we can look to open up, but we can never go back. I have ranted about this before I think...
  14. Happy Numbers! NZ at 35% popn fully vaccinated. A good milestone.
  15. I've never been interested in the internet packages. I'm there to get away from my phone going off all the time.
  16. 9 cases in Auckland today. Finally down to single digits. I am doubtful that we will ever reach zero cases again.
  17. I'd like to sail on the Edge but it has been quite expensive in the past. Curious to know what the prices will be.
  18. Auckland moves to Alert level 3 at midnight tonight. There are still 20 cases in the community. A roll of the dice for the government, assuming compliance in the populace and vaccinating for all they are worth. Unfortunately, there are cases in what is known as the Mongrel Mob cluster (not traditionally the most compliant group of individuals). We are now at 33% fully vaccinated.
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