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  1. What is interesting about vaccines is how many components are made in different countries. Planet Money did an interesting piece on it. https://www.npr.org/transcripts/897842961. So, if may be difficult to withhold vaccines from other countries when the component parts may be manufactured in those countries. Also, the first vaccine is not necessarily the best. What if a better vaccine is developed in Europe and the US wants access to that after stockpiling a more inferior version? There is also the fact that viruses don't understand border. If we want the vaccine to stop circulating, poo
  2. I think cruise ship passengers would probably be considered to be more high end tourists. The problem is when there are high volume low spend tourists who destroy the very attractions they are coming to see.
  3. He's not wrong. We should be encouraging fewer tourists who bring a higher yield not tourists who cost us money. I am not a fan of 'freedom camping". It's not free, it's just that someone else pays.
  4. There doesn't seem to be any recognition of externalities. For example, my 'freedom' to smoke exposes you to increased risk, my 'freedom' to drive drunk does the same. Masks are worn not so much to protect the wearer as to protect others from increased risk. If nothing else, it's just good manners.
  5. You are right. I feel so sorry for the Pacific Islands that are dependent on the tourist dollar and have little diversification in their economy. Yet if they open their borders their health care systems could be so easily overwhelmed. I think they will need a lot of support from NZ and Aus.
  6. Even if there is an effective vaccine, I do not believe we will see a return to the halcyon days of pre-Covid. The first vaccine to come along will not necessarily be the most effective one, others will enter the market over time. Also, even the best of vaccines with maximum uptake will reduce but not eliminate probabilities. We will need a culture change too including mask wearing and isolating oneself when sick. I certainly will only be looking at local cruises for the next few years.
  7. Look what popped up in my inbox today! A Luxury Escapes offer on an NZ Azamara cruise. Their foreign port is Norfolk Island which is very smart. I must admit to being tempted but I "lifted and shifted" a Celebrity Pacific Island to Jan 22. If it goes. Goodness knows if these cruises will go ahead but I can see that these small ships staying local are the way of the future. I hope this link works. https://luxuryescapes.com/nz/offer/azamara-journey-new-zealand-cruise/0062y000003IAeRAAW?utm_source=luxuryescapes&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=
  8. Here's an article in yesterday's Herald about the Heritage expeditions. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/cruising-returns-to-new-zealand-as-antarctic-ship-cleared-for-kiwi-only-season/DDSOO35OFW2KH2EKG57SOIXH3I/
  9. Yes, I think all scientific research into the virus points clearly to a source in nature but it is instinctive to look for other patterns and explanations.
  10. You are very welcome. It's actually a very interesting You Tube channel. If only the model didn't represent the illness of actual people and could remain theoretical.
  11. Well, it's an exponential curve, isn't it. Early in the pandemic, a mathematics and statistics vlogger that I follow did a very informative video using Covid as an example of classic exponential growth. Please note, that this was from back in March but the maths is still good. Of course, the rateof increase depends on getting that R0 number down, preferably to below 1 as they did in Germany. This is where masks, lockdown, hygiene practices etc come in.
  12. I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself properly. I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just interested to know what you meant by your statement that everyone is going to die and i thought you meant that therefore it was pointless taking measures to alleviate the increasing death toll. If I misunderstood then i'm very sorry. As to fear mongering I certainly don't want to do that. My personal opinion is that being afraid isn't a useful strategy at all and, in fact, probably does more harm than good when it comes to making decisions.
  13. That's an interesting perspective. It's true, everyone is going to die. Is it therefore your argument that there should be no measures to save people's lives? No treatments for cancers, no paramedics to road accidents, no intensive care units? Or is it just people over a certain age? eg 70 is the cut off - after that point, you've had enough life and you're of no value to society anymore, just a burden. Do you also disapprove of other rules meant to save lives - like road rules, or food and drug safety standards? Or is it simply a case of following the rules that keep you and your famil
  14. That looks very cool. I'd love to hear more if you decide to go.
  15. I thought it was interesting that Ponant is offering a cruise that is exclusively in NZ in January. https://en.ponant.com/oceania-pacific-islands-the-best-of-new-zealand-e120121-9. Don't get my wrong I think that January is ridiculously optimistic and I can't see it happening. It does, however, make me think that smaller luxury cruise lines will be the first to come back because they will be easier to fill from local populations and they will be able to develop interesting local itineraries because they can go into smaller ports. They will still have to deal with the issue of crew quarantin
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