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  1. I guess my cruise must be cancelled too then. I haven't heard from them yet.
  2. I don't think there will be a grand reopening of the border here. More like a gradual opening to countries with similar strategies. I can see different border controls for countries with different risk profiles. Yes, there are likely to be small outbreaks but I predict compulsory contact tracing and isolation for all contacts.
  3. That was the point being made by Mr Brilliant. For smallpox, universal vaccination wasn't working, so they did targeted vaccination campaigns. Also, it was a global focus. Rich countries will need to vaccinate poorer countries.
  4. Listened to an interesting interview with Larry Brilliant who was, as a young man, part of the smallpox elimination project. He said that they eliminated smallpox by ring vaccinating ie detecting a case, contact tracing and vaccinating intensively around those cases. That means, neighbours, others in the community. Intensive vaccinating in at risk areas may be the way to go as well as contact tracing as a priority.
  5. Thank you Clay. That's very helpful. I'll contact our travel agent. It's a wee way out, anyway, so gives me time to wait for a promotion.
  6. UK's vaccination rate is very impressive (particularly compared with NZ) but I am seeing 55.4% vaccinated in the quoted figures, not 80%.
  7. I do not think it is appropriate to accuse any individual or organisation of being "wimps" because they make choices based on minimising the health risk to themselves and/or those they care about. I can understand your disappointment but you cannot be surprised that a visit to the UK is considered to carry a too high a risk at the present time.
  8. We are booked on Viking Orion in Dec 22 from SYD-AKL. This is our first Viking cruise. We are considering bringing our adult daughter with us. It seems from what I have read that there is no provision for a third passenger in any of the rooms ie no fold out sofa bed. Is that the case? If so, I guess I could hope for a single supplement sale in a less expensive room (assuming this cruise is not cancelled). Does anyone else have experience with an extra guest on Viking?
  9. That is spectacular. One of the (few) positives of this pandemic is looking in one's own backyard and realising what it has to offer. You do indeed live in a very beautiful place.
  10. I don't think the risk of participating in the Tokyo Olympics with their strict protocols can be compared with the risk of visiting the UK with their current grand national "freedom" experiment.
  11. God dammit, the stupid thing lost all my text! I hope I'm not saying this twice. So sorry to call your beautiful boy a Scottie. Plainly, not a dog expert. We have had GSPs and Sharpeis but this is our first Pointer. A wonderful dog but very demanding as a puppy. She needs a lot of exercise and fun. She has huge separation anxiety when young and destroyed our spa pool lid and cedar door amongst other less valuable items. I's like to get another from the same breeder but a grown dog. The re-home them sometimes. My husband thinks I'm nuts and is yet to be convinced. So fright
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