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  1. No, unless they had some great cruise and air deal. Airfare is over $900 round trip for 2 from Nashville so that adds too much to the cruise cost.
  2. I asked the poster “thewebbys” for his source of the CDC stating no sailings until November too. No response. Appears to be misinformation.
  3. The Florida legislature is trying to reverse the Key West decision. Will have to wait and see how this plays out.
  4. Our first cruise was on Song of America in 1988 - sailed in the Caribbean. Family reunion cruise when I was in college.
  5. Hi Ryano - I believe we had the same Sep 2019 Dorian cruise on Harmony as you that ended up being only 3 nights. We ended up using the FCC for a Jan 2020 Majesty cruise... wasn't what we really wanted, but who knew it would be our last cruise for a while!!! Hopefully you get this all worked out and I hope they are very flexible in extending the dates for you to use the FCC since so much has happened since then. We had a May 2021 Europe cruise on Anthem just cancelled today and we Lift & Shifted it to a Norway Fjord cruise next May. Spending too much time Lifting
  6. We are booked on that too. Just waiting for everyone to get past final payment and then I expect them to cancel it.
  7. Twangster- a huge Thank You for the detailed info on how to connect an iPhone to the HDMI port on the cabin TV. I’ll have to try that on Anthem next May. My Apple lightning to HDMI cable being delivered today. For those with Apple products looking to share an internet connection there are some options, just not as easy as the Samsung method unfortunately. And it requires having a MacBook connected to the internet to share it to other devices so not as convenient if outside of your cabin. I’ve used a MacBook to share an internet connection while in the cabin. It works b
  8. I’ve sailed on both a few times and you will be very happy sailing on Allure. While Harmony has a few newer things that were mentioned above, they are really minor compared to the overall experience on these Oasis class ships. And since you have not been on one before, prepare to be wowed!!!
  9. Looks like we will be one of the first sailings after this is lifted unless it is extended. Sailing on the Harmony April 19th.
  10. Been to all of the restaurants and I’d choose 150 Central Park of I had to choose only one.
  11. All good ideas. And as a fellow allergy sufferer, I know exactly what you mean. I will have a big selection of allergy medicine on my April Harmony cruise so I don’t get thrown overboard if I sniffle / cough.
  12. From the few news reports I read no policy changes came from the meeting. Pence noted how they needed to do whatever possible to mitigate the risk and that elderly should carefully consider whether they should be cruising. The cruise industry lobbyist did say the cruise industry is prepared to pay for the transfer of affected passengers and crew to health facilities.
  13. I see they specifically say 100% FCC if they deny you boarding. Then later they say if you have a fever to call them and they will provide a FCC but they did not say 100%.
  14. We were able to get anything we wanted as far as multiple appetizers, entrees, or desserts when on Harmony last September. We never had 2 entrees each, but one dinner the 2 of us could not decide on 3 entrees and the waiter said he would bring out all 3. Izumi Hibachi was included and then $4 extra if you wanted a 2nd meat. It looks like they are now charging $10 for that from the comments above. What we liked is you can also go to a restaurant for a 2nd visit later in the night for something small if you like. For example, we had an early (5:30) dinner at 150 Central Park and re
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