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  1. clskinsfan

    things stolen - what would you do?

    I would think the ops family must have put their coats in the cabin next door thinking it was thiers? I really cant see any other way that the post would make any sense at all. If that is the case and they approached their neighbors. Maybe the coats will magically reappear at some point. After all IF their neighbors have the coats it is not like they can go walking around the ship with them on.
  2. clskinsfan

    Early booking catastrophe

    My number one rule in cruising. I NEVER look at pricing after final payment date. That can lead to nothing but ruining your cruise you spent so much time planning for.
  3. clskinsfan

    Southern Caribbean--June? Sept? January?

    I will second/third the January option. It is just really nice to have a warm weather break in the middle of winter.
  4. We just take an Uber after we disembark to whatever we are gonna do for the day. We have rented cars and reserved hotel rooms after cruises in Miami many times. We prefer to book a hotel if we have a late flight. We can go to the hotel and use their pool then take showers before going over to the airport. Most of the hotels will have a closet or storage area for you to keep your bags until they let you check in.
  5. clskinsfan

    Celebrity Summit Oct27

    Depending on when you are cruising all of the cabins/suites will be updated in March 2019. They will be torn down to the steel and completely redone.
  6. clskinsfan

    Revolution (Renovations)

    I am booked on the Summit for January 2020 in a sweet 16 cabin. Glad to hear that she will be updated before our cruise.
  7. clskinsfan


    Yeah. I read the reviews that are out there and they are not good. The most concerning part is that the negatives are not about service or the staff. They are about the ship itself. Infinite veranda's are not liked so far. Cheap interior finishes. And long elevator waits seem to be the biggest issues. Not really problems that can be worked out with time.
  8. clskinsfan

    OH NOOO forgot my luggage tags!!

    You can probably print them out at your hotel if you dont want to worry about the baggage handlers.
  9. clskinsfan

    Newest XL LNG ship to be named Carnival Mardi Gras

    What a monstrosity that thing is. We started on Carnival cruises MANY years ago. And they were great. Of course we were much younger and into the late night partying then. The last Carnival cruise I took was a guys trip with my teenage son on the Sensation in 2016. We had a blast. But the ship was showing its age. It is a shame that Carnivals new definition of fun is going to be 8000 people crammed on a ship that should hold 4000. But I suspect that will be the future of cruising in general. With the kids out of the house my wife and I have moved on to Celebrity. But a younger part of me will always miss the "fun ships". 🙂
  10. clskinsfan

    Celebrity Summit

    Fair enough brother. Happy sailing!
  11. clskinsfan

    Celebrity Summit

    Not trying to be a snip here but why come to this site if other peoples opinions mean nothing to you? Isnt other peoples opinions what this site is all about. I have booked a Southern Carib on Summit in January 2020. And yes we will have fun regardless. But knowing there may be some service issues up front helps to temper my expectations for that cruise.
  12. clskinsfan

    ISP whale watching

    We are also booked with Glacier Winds for a May trip. And I agree Teresa has been great so far.
  13. clskinsfan

    Alaska Earthquake

    Check this out!
  14. clskinsfan

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Anyone else notice how much smaller the Retreat looks in the video above than in the mockup that Celebrity put out? Not complaining. Just something I noticed.
  15. clskinsfan

    *LIVE* From the Edge 12/1/2018

    The Edge is just sitting there waiting for you all on the Port Everglades webcam. I will follow along/ https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/