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  1. I just wanted to come back and update this thread. Celebrity has done the right thing and is refunding me everything except my original deposit. It took some time to get it done as they are swamped right now. But in the end Celebrity stood up, did the right thing and earned a life long customer as a result. Well done Celebrity!
  2. Racism? You do realize that crew members come from all nationalities and races right? SMDH.
  3. Celebrity is the one insisting on taking $900 from a $50 deposit on a reservation 60 days from final payment. So yes. I will accuse Celebrity of whatever I want. And issues like this is EXACTLY what this board should be for. Whether you agree with me or not. Others may find it good to know that if they pay their cruises off early and wish to cancel Celebrity will screw you. Period.
  4. This is exactly what we are challenging. That one sentence right there is what makes it wrong.
  5. So more details on this. Just got off the phone with my TA. In February the price for my cruise dropped and the perks went up. I called in and had my TA lower my price and add the additional perks. She is thinking that is when the deposit got changed somehow. Although I was never informed of the change. Still no resolution from Celebrity. But maybe some progress is being made. I am hoping for a good outcome either from Celebrity or my TA.
  6. No. Here is the cancellation portion of the original contract: Cruises of 5 nights or more (including holiday sailings and cruise tours*) 90+ days prior to departure: No fee 89 - 75 days prior to departure: 25% of total price 74 - 61 days prior to departure: 50% of total price 60 - 31 days prior to departure: 75% of total price 30 - 0 days prior to departure: 100% of total price And I have forwarded all of this to my TA and Celebrity. They are completely ignoring it.
  7. Lesson learned? You dont find this policy ridiculous if not outright theft? I pay for my trip and let Celebrity earn interest on my money for 6 months. And my reward for that is they dont honor the contract I originally agreed too?
  8. No I didnt start another thread. And that is all fine and dandy. Celebrity shouldnt book people with $50 refundable deposits and steal $900 of their money because they paid their cruise off early.
  9. I paid it off because I had the money at that time (tax return). And yes. I am 2 months from final payment and booked with a $50 refundable deposit and they are still trying to charge me $900. It is ridiculous.
  10. Beware. If you payed off a cruise early and try to cancel Celebrity will try to charge you a $900 cancellation penalty. Even if you booked with a $50 dollar refundable deposit. I am fighting with them over it right now.
  11. I am booked on a 11 nighter on Equinox for October 5th. I originally booked the cruise with a $25 PP REFUNDABLE deposit on Cyber Monday last year. Final payment is not due for the cruise until July 5th. I have paid this cruise in full already. I called my TA last week to cancel the cruise for a full refund. They called Celebrity and were told that I have a $900 cancellation penalty if I cancel. I have all of my original paperwork with the deposit listed on it. They dont care. They are sticking to a $900 penalty. Why would I have paid off the cruise 6 months early if I though Celebrity was goin
  12. Yukon while on an excursion. This was on the Eclipse last May. 10 Night Alaska cruise:
  13. "101 out of every 10 000 cases (99th percentile, 482) will develop symptoms after 14 days of active monitoring or quarantine." https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2762808/incubation-period-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-from-publicly-reported
  14. We are supposed to do this itinerary on Equinox in October. Following.
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