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  1. No mention of actual Covid Testing but who knows? ADDITIONAL PRE-EMBARKATION HEALTH SCREENING All guests will undergo pre-embarkation health screening including an enhanced health questionnaire and touchless temperature check.
  2. On line check-in is available at 21 days prior. And, we get to take our own photo to try to insure that the crew won't be checking some gawd awful image for the duration of the voyage.😲 What you need for check in Your passport as we will ask you to verify that all information contained in your reservation is correct A credit card to register for purchases during your voyage A camera-enabled device such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet to take a selfie for our friendly shipboard security team
  3. Just posted on another site: Updated Info received today in regards to Oceania protocols: Pertinent protocols unique for each itinerary will be sent to you 30 days before your cruise Mixed vaccines will not be accepted for any cruise leaving from the USA. They will be accepted for any other cruise. Masks are NOT required on board but maybe required in countries visited. On-line check in will be mandatory and will be available 21 days before the cruise start date. You will receive an electronic boarding pass and will have to do pre-embarkation testing. All restaurants will be open on board The culinary center will be open but with reduced capacity
  4. This doesn't have to be complicated: IS THERE A DRESS CODE? Updated June 6, 2018 Recommended on board clothing is resort or country club casual. For evening dining, elegant casual resort wear is suggested. We request that casual jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, or tennis shoes not be worn in the restaurants after 6 PM. Baseball caps may be worn in the Terrace Café after 6 PM.
  5. The Seabourn product is very nice. The size of the ships, excellent food and service and yes, lots of caviar👌.
  6. We've sailed on Marina several times and have found the service to be very good. Not at the level of "luxury" lines as the CC review points out, but overall, we have been pleased. My biggest complaint would be with the amount of time it takes to get served in the Grand Dining room. Some of the wait times between courses for breakfast, lunch or dinner have been interminable. Now we either eat in a Specialty or the Terrace Cafe. Others may not care for the idea of a "buffet" but we love the choices offered and the ability to sample small portions of lots of things, including what is being offered in the Grand Dining Room.
  7. We definitely had 2 butlers on our last TA. We actually saw the 2nd one more frequently than the one who introduced himself when we boarded. One butler cannot be expected to be on call 24/7 for several weeks.
  8. This is a very fluid situation. There is a great "chance" that masks may be required at any time for the forseeable future. Best to cancel now if you feel so strongly about never wearing a mask on board. Mine are ready to be packed as soon as our cruises get the go-ahead.
  9. Yes, both allowed. Great for hosting cocktail parties in your cabin.🍸🍹🍷😅
  10. Just booked Seabourn for 2022 - Fuerte Amador, up the Pacific side to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, back down and thru the canal with stops in Panama, Honduras, Belize + and ending in Miami. Not your typical ports.
  11. I found it very hot and humid and I LIKE the heat. Loose clothes, lots of water and take a wash cloth from your cabin for drying off.
  12. Wide enough for two loungers, chairs and table😃
  13. Best to make the most use out of your Indian visa because getting it is (was) tedious paperwork. We did the coastal ports, which are interesting, on our Dubai to Cape Town cruise but just did not have enough time to make it the Taj. We're planning on doing the Singapore to Tokyo shortly after your cruise for a taste of some of the places we've not yet been. Have not been to Viet Nam but Cambodia (Siem Reap) and Thailand are places where you can certainly spend a great deal of time. As Tranquility said, check out where you're docking-that Bangkok traffic is a killer.
  14. Have neighbors on board. Anxious to hear of their experience.
  15. Agree with all that's been said. Not the kind of laundry service you would expect from O. Not at all like a "main stream" line we sail occasionally that sends laundry back hung, ironed and "smalls" wrapped in tissue paper in wicker baskets. The laundry room iron will become your friend.
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