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  1. This past February we requested permission to disembark the evening of our overnight in Laem Chabang to stay in a hotel because of our early morning flight. The affirmative response took a few days because my TA said they actually had to get the answer from the ship. Also keep in mind that once it's on record that you're disembarking early, they will close your account (and internet access) early as well. If you have refundable OBC coming back to you, make sure the accounting is correct a few days before you plan on disembarking and get the cash if you don't want them to send a check. Because they cut off our internet service early we were not able to use Whatsapp to contact our driver to let him know we were boarding the shuttle to get to the pick up area. Luckily the front desk let us use a house phone to message him.
  2. Thanks for all the info. May just take the plunge for 2025.
  3. Based on past history, when might they release the balance of 2026? Seabourn will give us an a10% discount if we rebook a cruise by May 1 for the one we canceled yesterday. Would like to get something in the Arctic, if possible.
  4. We are on the original CT to Las Palmas segment so losing four ports is a deal breaker for me.
  5. Very easy taxi stand at the airport and they take credit cards. At the present time they are allowing Uber to drop off but NOT pick up passengers at the airport. We used Uber all around the city the rest of our stay and then back to the airport.
  6. Check your booked cruise on line and click view credits. It may appear as Complimentary Shipboard Credit. Mine appeared the evening I submitted the request.
  7. We recently booked this cruise because the last itinerary change created a lot of availability and they started offering cabins at 40% off to fill the space. When I saw the overnight in Istanbul, I knew that could be changed at any time. Been there before and would like to see more but if it doesn't happen, it won't be a surprise. We're getting to Europe on our own but letting Oceania handle the return, just as Mauibabes said. Go ahead and make your plans with a reputable company that has a liberal cancellation policy. Join the Roll Call for this sailing and we can share information more directly. See you on board.
  8. Yes, there is a clothes line in the shower on the R ships.
  9. Didn't matter to us. We enjoyed the food.
  10. No table cloths on two nights on our TA in September
  11. Lovely Mike. Sorry we didn't get to meet you and Cathy on this one. Maybe next time...
  12. Definitely opened at 7 AM on Riviera and sometimes a queue to get in. The dryers take 2x as long as the washers and are harder to claim. Sometimes if I did things later in the day and couldn't get a dryer, I'd either hang things on the line in our shower or come back at 7AM and be the first to grab a dryer. Another question, Concierge says complimentary pressing of garments upon embarkation** but do they still use the Complimentary pressing cards to have things done after embarkation? Thanks.
  13. I stopped when they asked for my brokerage account number and password. Freaked me out about giving out that information.
  14. My guess is if they drop Turkiye from the itinerary, we'll disembark in Athens. Works for me. Got a good cabin at a good price so floating around the eastern Med won't be a hardship :).
  15. Thanks for sharing this. This is what I fear may happen to our July cruise where we have an overnight in Istanbul at the end...and why I chose to have Oceania make our return air arrangements. Not sure where the cruise may end so we'll let them figure it out.
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