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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by the current inability to go further into the park.
  2. We are thinking about booking the Alaska cruise and wanted to get an opinion about the Denali Extension or the Pristine Alaska. We are thinking of booking the direction from Seward to Vancouver so it would be a pre-cruise extension.
  3. Intended Address in Japan Postal code 1600023 Prefecture TOKYO TO City Shinjuku Ku Address 6-6-2 Nishi-Shinjuku Hotel Name Tokyo Hilton
  4. tango223

    Tipping in Japan

    I would like to know what the norm for tipping in Japan. Tour Guides, Taxi drivers, Private car services, Private guides, restaurants/bars. Thank you in advance for the help
  5. We are also arriving early on our own 2 days prior but staying at the Tokyo Hilton which is the hotel for the "free" 3 days. We did not opt to pay the almost $2000 for the two days but only $900 for booking it on our own, we have to pay for our own transfers to the hotel. Can I ask you which service are you using? Our hotel recommends the Limousine Bus but we are leaning towards getting a car service (from Narita). Our transfer to the airport from the ship upon debarkation is included and not charged.
  6. You can check it at guest services so you don't have to walk around with it until your room is ready. This was our experience in our past Regent cruises (pre-Covid).
  7. We did an air deviation to come into Tokyo early but had Regent booked the flights for us. We were told that we had to provide our own arrangements from the airport to the hotel (which we booked the same as the Regent 3 day land), but we were told that all the other transfers were included. I'm wondering why you had to purchase the transfer at the end of your cruise.
  8. I googled the question and the answer was Yes for US. Citizens.......but I had a question whether it applies to cruising to S. Korea from Japan for US Citizen. Will an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) Visa be required ? I don't see a notice from the cruise company for any visas necessary. Thank you in advance for help with this question.
  9. Since Nov 1st Japan has started a program to allow visitors to pre-register passport and COVID vaccination data in advance of arrival to get through quarantine, customs and immigration faster. To Anyone Entering/Returning to Japan (mhlw.go.jp)
  10. I have the hotel information for the fast track...but it asks for postal code, prefecture, I have the following information Tokyo Hilton 6-6-2 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku 13 160-0023 JP Is the 160-0023 the postal code? Prefecture is TOKYO TO? Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for your quick reply. We would rather not be stressed out with having traveled 19+ hours and with our luggage so we would opt for a private transfer. We appreciate the cost information on that from both airports.
  12. Did you call the hotel to make sure you keep the same room? We are doing the 2 nights on our own and then Regent has the included 3 night land portion (same hotel). We wanted to keep our same rooms for all 5 nights. Wondering if that was hard to do.
  13. We just got cleared on the waitlist for our precruise hotel and we were surprised on how expensive it is vs than doing it ourselves. I do know we would have to pay for a transfer which shouldn't be too difficult to arrange , pay for the air deviation fee of $175/person, the hotel/breakfast itself.... but when I add all those together doing it myself is a lot less costly (around$400). Am I missing something?
  14. We are booked on a cruise in Mar 2023. We are leaning towards canceling our additional pre-cruise hotel through the cruiseline and doing it on our own & saving some $$. I have a question on private car transfer from either Narita/Haneda to Tokyo Hilton. I do see various companies on the viator website but wondering if someone has any experience with a particular company. Also if someone has a recommendation on companies that would do private tours as well. Thank you in advance.
  15. Thank you 1982 CruzStart and Wendy for your quick reply. We wanted to know if Japan happens to not open up to cruises in the Spring of 2023 and they have to cancel but we would already have our deviation request in. Appreciate the information !!!
  16. Question on the process. If I request for an air deviation for a trip in Mar 2023 and they give me the route I requested, what happens if the cruise is cancelled (Japan)? Do I get the $175 refunded or just is it credited to when I rebook to another cruise? I'm assuming that the amount paid for the cruise would be converted to a FCC.
  17. We just learned that Regent is using the Tokyo Hilton for their hotel pre-cruise and pre-free land option. It is waitlisted but we have booked the hotel using the Hilton Honors deal. We just have to contact the hotel prior to our arrival to make sure we get the same room so we don't have to move when the 3 day Pre-Tokyo Regent portion starts.
  18. Thank you all for all your helpful hints. I'm not sure which hotel yet. I've asked for a quote from Regent to compare, but pretty sure it will be less expensive to book directly. The bus seems like the less expensive way to get to the hotel.
  19. We are looking to add 2 nights in front of our free three nights too. What category of rooms (eg. Executive levels include breakfast) did you book so that you can connect the reservations and not have to change rooms? Also does the hotel provide a shuttle from the airport?
  20. Interesting concept to start with just the deposit….but Viking wants final payment 18 months prior to sailing which is much more than 4 months. I’m leaning towards getting insurance 120 days prior at this point. TY for your reply
  21. We are booked on a Viking cruise which is over a year 1/2 away. We were offered Travel insurance from Viking which included cancel for any reason & pre-existing conditions if booked within 15 days. The price is pretty good considering the above coverage. The cruise is in 2024 & if we book the insurance, we’d have to pay now. Is it a good deal?
  22. I heard that all US citizens (tourist) will now need a visa to enter Japan. Is that a temporary requirement? Our cruise in not until Mar of 2023.
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