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  1. Thank you for your reply. I am a SSS member. My friends have booked the trip and filled out the appropriate form from the website including my SSS number. I was wondering if I can use this FCC on my current booking and where I can find out this amount on my profile.
  2. I've book a trip for 2023 and 5 of my friends have also booked the same trip. They have filled out the form & submitted it within 14 day of their deposit but I don't know if I've gotten the referral credit from Regent. Where can I find out how much I've gotten and how much can I apply to my booking?
  3. When you check into the hotel, they will give you a folder with your name tags, luggage tags & times for breakfast & the testing, what time to leave your luggage etc. You will get an embarkation group number card inside as well which tells you what time to meet in the lobby. For breakfast, they had a private buffet on the 2nd floor…the testing was in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor as well. We will disembark Sat morning. We asked them to call us a cab as we have an early flight. Have a great trip!
  4. The passengers are at max capacity but not the crew. The Wi-Fi on the ship isn’t that good. I’m using my cellular to post things. It is better when we are docked. I’m sure you’ll be fine with your Covid test and that was our worry too. Everyone passed that was in our hotel we had to sit & wait until we got the all clear. The testing at the hotel took about an hour because there were long lines to check your vaccine docs, then another line to take the test. We saw the lines before we had breakfast & decided to do it after breakfast…but the line was even longer afterwards.
  5. An update. Some additional new crew members arrived day before yesterday some from the Jazz. Service is a little better but still not up to what we think it should be. We inquired about the training new personnel get & we were told that because of the situation, many just get on the job training. We did see a large delivery of towels to the ship so the towel shortage has been fixed. So hopefully that it will get better for those sailing after ours. Someone inquired about whether all the crew members are vaccinated. We don’t know that answer. All of the passengers were given a Covid test the morning of the embarkation, no one at least at the hotel failed the test. I think almost all passengers are vaccinated but we have heard that there are passengers not vaccinated on the ship. We are asked to wear masks while in public places but we are noticing more & more not wearing masks & no one is enforcing it either. We are in Boothbay today. Most people are staying on board because it is pouring & it is a tendered port & 64 degrees. We are doing our laundry, there are 2 washer & 2 dryers on the 5th floor next to the exercise room. That’s all for now.
  6. On the positive side…the shore excursions so far are very good. Today we did the Camden Hill State park & then the Lobster bake-delicious. Weather was pretty much perfect today. We’ve issued a complaint to the management but they blame their suppliers & staff quitting as the issue. No wonder the major cruise line bring in mainly non-US staff to do these jobs. I’ll post more as we go.
  7. We are currently on the ship & we are very very disappointed in the cleanliness of the ship, lack of service & mediocre food. This morning they didn’t have any orange juice for breakfast. We still don’t have pillowcases on three of the four pillows. They replaced the pillow covers so we have clean ones, but they don’t have any pillowcases. Our room didn’t have soap, shampoos nor towels. We had to call 4 times to get them. There were crumbs on the floor so we had to have it vacuumed! We aren’t the only ones with issues as we had a few meals with others to learn of their problems too. While I understand the staffing storage, they should not book the cruise at full capacity. We were thinking about their lower Mississippi cruise, but it depended on this experience, Net net, this is our first & last American Cruise !
  8. Thank you Tom2 for your help. I'm glad the ship's office will arrange that. We thought with the disorganization, we might be stressed for our flight. Appreciate it.
  9. We have an 11 am departure and was worried about their shuttle being delayed etc. Were there cabs available so that we can leave early to make sure we get to the airport in time especially when the TSA may be crowded.
  10. We've sailed on both Regent and SilverSea. Here are some comparisons. The service on Silversea was more attentive than on Regent. For example, on Silversea, our butler knew we were on a boat tours of the city lights and recommended that she order either an early room service or she can make a reservation for a late meal when we return. I don't think the room stewards on Regent knew which shore excursion we were on or not. Silverseas was more formal and therefore we had to pack both sport coats and suits for my husband and more dressier things for me. On formal nights, the butlers are white gloved and escort you to either the cocktail party or dinner. But we like Regent better for their more casual attire and we didn't have to pack as much fancy clothes. We also like the block party night on Regent where you meet your hall mates with cocktails and hors- d'oeuvres. That being said, we would sail on either one of the lines and would choose based on itinerary and maybe price as Regent is more inclusive.
  11. We booked the Junior balcony suite on the Sapphire deck as it was a little less expensive and was told that the Diamond deck one has a slight obstruction. We did look at the brochures and layouts but wanted to see if someone had actual knowledge as the pictures look about the same. It is our first time on Scenic so thank you for your comments.
  12. we are on the July 14 sailing
  13. We are on this itinerary as well and the shore excursion which gave us time in the town of Bar Harbor was sold out. The only shore excursions left was just the one to Cadillac Mtn with 2 stops and no time in town. I called them and they said that that there will be a shuttle into town. I quizzed them about which town as the boat docks about an hour drive from Bar Harbor and they just replied sort of in a nasty tone without any further clarification that they WILL provide a shuttle into town. Very poor customer service.
  14. We have booked the Jewels of Europe and are on the Scenic Pearl. We are open to changing the date as we are flexible to another ship called the Scenic Jade. We have booked a Junior Balcony Suite. Anyone have any information on either of these ships? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
  15. So what would you say is an appropriate tip given it's already included?
  16. Did you have a Pre-Covid PCR test 4 days prior to boarding? Then you had another COVID rapid test and be in your cabin until it was clear?
  17. We had booked a Sept 2020 River cruise and our final payment was due Mar 27th. We asked for an extension....answer was NO. We also wanted to move it to a combined Ocean/River cruise in Sept of 2021. They wanted final payment in June 2020 so 15 months ahead. We asked to move that final payment to 1 year prior which would be Sept 2020 to see how things were ... ..we didn't think we'd know by June. It was escalated to upper management of Viking by our TA, but it was denied. So we cancelled it.
  18. We were not asked for any payment upfront for his tour. So there is no problem if the ship doesn't get into the port.
  19. We've gotten a private guide on the website https://www.toursbylocals.com/?msclkid=5171ccfa016f1762fad792ccc4cc982f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=18 General (USA)&utm_term=ToursByLocals&utm_content=002 private tours and tour guides You have to put the location eg. Santiago, Chile and your dates needed and a host of guides will appear and give you a description of the tour etc. There are bios of each guide as well as reviews. You can contact the guide directly for additional information.
  20. Thank you for your reply. I think we'll stick with metered cabs while we are there.
  21. We will in Santiago Chile in February and wanted to use Uber while we are there. I'm wondering how safe it is to use Uber there. Anyone have any experience using Uber there? Thank you in advance for any replies
  22. Did you have any trouble getting on the first tender off the ship?
  23. We booked their 2 night pre-cruise so our TA was told that as long as our flight comes in the day that synchs with the 2 night stay, they will pick us up. The hotel info for the 2 night pre-cruise says Marriott Santiago but has a paren (or similar).
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