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  1. We are also on this sailing and are disappointed in the port time changes. It's a very expensive cruise to say the least. My concern is sailing in the North Sea if there is an issue with engines or stability. Hoping Celebrity gives more detail so the speculation of what's truly behind all this can stop and give booked customers the time they need to make a decision go/not go. I remember this happening on a Princess Alaska cruise a few years ago...it created quite a stir...reduced port time, cancelled ports, little compensation, people cancelling, etc.
  2. When looking at the time table it will say how long the journey is along with how many stops. if you look at Trainline website for example, it lists London Waterloo to Southampton as 1.5 hours , 0 stops.
  3. Yes - I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. Spectacularly scenic. Took a ton of pictures and it did rain a bit so prepare for that in case. Pulpit rock is wayyyy up there but you can see it from the boat. I did finally get through on the Rodne site and booked it. We booked direct last time as well. Saved a ton of money. The sightseeing boat is within walking distance of the ship. Easy to get to.
  4. Rodne fjiord cruises in Stavanger....are they still actively in business? We booked with them before and when I try to book on their website, no matter what date I put in for the fjord cruise, the website just spins and locks up.
  5. Help! We are new to river cruising and looking at the 2024 end of Nov sailings. We are currently looking into a Nov 26 cruise from Regensburg to Budapest, so we thought we'd fly in early to Munich to perhaps cover Munich and Salzburg on our own. Traditionally, what dates would the market start to be open? It would be best for our work schedules to take an end of Nov cruise, rather than sometime in Dec, but don't we run the risk of the markets not being even open yet?
  6. Hello - for Olden, our port time is 8-5. So I'd like to be back at the ship at 4pm. Is it possible to do both the Loen Skylift and the Briksdal glacier on our own - somehow? Any suggestions as to how? The cruise line has two distinct (very pricey) excursions and there is no combo of the two. Also, in Kristiansaid, they are offering a train excursion - Setesdal Line Railway. Anyone ever ride this steam train to Royknes? Is it worth it? thanks in advance...this thread is awesome.
  7. That’s what I thought. Thank you. What is your opinion of this itinerary?
  8. Hi- we were on a cruise a few years back to the Fjiords and loved it so much we want to visit again. We are heavily considering this itinerary - it’s almost sold out. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on this but when the itinerary says Arctic Circle cruising…for two days, what would one expect to see?
  9. We have a ship tour booked but we tend to like to do things on our own . I've been reading the other recent post on this forum on how walkable Istanbul is and how to navigate the tram. That said, is it still worthwhile to stick with the ship tour as they most likely have access tickets already in hand? If we opt to do this on our own, are the lines to access these sites so lengthy that it's in our best interest to stay with a ship tour? We are overnight in Istanbul, so that first day timing isn't critical to be back on the ship at a certain time. Our goal for the first day was Hagia Sopha, Blue Mosque, Cistern, Grand Bizarre. Thanks to all.
  10. Mine all still say pending and can be still modified...and we are 11 days away. Does that mean we are out of luck?
  11. I should have booked a private car transfer awhile ago. But things here at home (water flooded our house) caused us to delay booking some final aspect of our trip. Shoot, at one point, we didn't think we'd even be about to go and thought we'd have to cancel. Now, I can't find a private car service that has availability. What are my options here? Is it possible to just arrange for a cab (maybe via hotel concierge) to take us from our Rome hotel to the port? I don't want to leave anything to chance but this may be all we have. Conversely, at the end of the cruise, is it hard to find a cab at the port to take us back to Rome? Train would be our proffered last choice...I'd like to save time as much as possible, and cab seems to be the way to go. Help!
  12. When I log into Celebrity, and select the Move Up option, all my bids (4) say Pending. Is that the standard status one would see once a bid is placed?
  13. Thank you! I was wondering if there was any reason to avoid cabins around these gaps.
  14. What are these gaps between cabins?
  15. I'll admit it, I haven't paid much attention to endless debates on infinite verandas as we usually book sunset verandas. But here I am with a concierge booking on deck 11 of Beyond. Deck 12 is under the pool deck and cafe. I've searched and can't seem to find the answer. We can still move our cabin to something on 12, but how shadowy and dark does the cabin get with the overhang? Conversely, how sunny - and hot - does the IV get when there is no overhang? I don't like to sit in the direct sun - I prefer shade. And I don't want the blinds closed making it dark like an inside cabin. From what I understand with the IV, it's all or none with the blinds. If the IV gets too sunny on deck 11, then I may risk the possibility of noise above and move my cabin to deck 12. Its a port intensive cruise, so I'll be up and out most of the time anyway. I just don't want a super sunny and Hot cabin.
  16. Well, that's my next question...what about the approach to Istanbul. And for docking overnight. What side of the ship gives the best view?
  17. Yeah i get that. But we sail in early, so want to know what side of the ship is best to have your cabin.
  18. What side of the ship is best for viewing for the sail in to Istanbul and while docked overnight in port?
  19. For the sail in to Santorini, what side of the ship is best for viewing?
  20. Scrolled to the end of this thread and still no burger pic . Someone has to have one…post it!
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