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  1. Because of an earlier post on this thread, I tried out Betabrand. Just received my 3 items yesterday and after trying on, can definitely say they are comfortable! I, too, am "blessed" with wider hips than waist, so for me, pull on pants work best, preferably in a forgiving fabric. I bought 2 pairs of the Boot-Cut Travel Pants (1 in Navy, 1 in Black) and also the Travel Crop Yoga Pant in Black. They will all be accompanying me on upcoming cruise and again on British Isles cruise this summer! As luck would have it, today I receive an Email that Betabrand is having a 'flash sale'. 20% off EVERYTHING on their site. I called to see if they could adjust my order, but No Go. So, with 20% off, give them a try!! Believe code is: FLASHINTHEPANTS. Happy shopping. Susan
  2. Hi magandab, I've ordered from them several times and have always been pleased with their items. I'm larger than you (generally a 12-14) and usually order a size L. That being said, you should look at the specific item's fitting measurements to see what would work best for you. I'd also call their Customer Service if you're still on the fence and ask their opinion. Whenever I'm in doubt, I always order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn't work, no matter who I'm ordering from. To me, it's worth the extra $$ to have options!! Good luck!
  3. Just ordered these today, love the neutral color, heel height. Can't wait to try on! The price was pretty, plus I found a coupon online which brought the total price down to $42, including shipping! For Naturalizers, didn't think that was too bad. Also available in brown, black and a light denim blue color.
  4. There is a typo in the original link. It should be www.baggallini.com Many thanks to hrhdhd for pointing out my error. Was so excited about the sale, I didn't pay attention to my typing fingers - Sorry!!:o Susan
  5. Personally, I like any style that leaves my hands free - typically a cross-body style. Since I also take a tote when travelling (on planes, not necessarily onboard the ship), it doesn't have to be the largest. Will use the crossbody for important documents, money/credit cards, cell phone, tissue pack. Am looking at their new style, called Horizon Crossbody. Once onboard the ship, will use the crossbody when walking about the ship during the day. If going on an excursion, will then take tote (to hold more stuff, like water bottles). Trying to decide on a color, have used red in the past. Navy seems appealing to me and is still fairly neutral. While this summer I'll be cruising in Europe, don't want to get too summery a color since the next time I cruise, it may be winter or to a cooler climate. The things you have to consider before making a decision/purchase!!! Ebags has great prices as well. Susan
  6. For those shopping for new bags/travel accessories, Baggalini is having a 25% OFF SALE, through 3/2. They'll also send a free luggage tag with each order. Sale is through www.baggalini.com So, start shopping! Susan
  7. Hi. We're sailing Saturday (8/13) on the CP. This will be our first Princess Cruise. Became a bit alarmed reading that cabins on the CP are hot. Are these cabins on one particular deck or spread out all over the ship? Why can't the temp. be adjusted? We're a SMALL extended family (total of 3 cabins) spread out on 2 decks: Caribe and Dolphin. Should I warn my other family members to bring a small fan for their cabins? We're heading north (CANE), so can't imagine it being THAT hot. However, I want everyone to be comfortable. Thanks for your thoughts/advice on this. Susan
  8. Just got off the Magic Saturday, so can answer your question. The dryers that come in the cabins are the ones attached to the wall (ugh). I asked our Room Hostess for a better hairdryer and she brought me a Conair blow dryer to use during the cruise. MUCH better than those old style wall versions. Don't know why Disney hasn't switched over. Oh, some other interesting notes: Washcloths were threadbare at best. Towels on the thin side No bathrobes provided in the cabins Enjoy the cruise!! Susan
  9. Hello and welcome! Have you already registered for the Meet & Mingle? Don't have any details yet as to when and where it'll be. So far, have only received confirmation that we met the "quota" and so will be having this fun event. Again, welcome! Looking forward to meeting you and your party at the Meet & Mingle! Susan
  10. Keep hoping more cruisers will join in on our Roll Call. We already met our "quota" for Meet & Mingle. How many of you have selected your shore excursions? How about getting a head start on packing -- or at least "mentally" packing? Hoping for warm weather without being too hot & humid. Will bring those dreaded rain ponchos "just in case". Hoping they can stay in the luggage the entire cruise. Well, enjoy the remainder of the weekend everyone. May's just around the corner, then it's on to June and our fabulous cruise!!! Susan
  11. Hello Dave! Glad you came forward to introduced yourself! You and your friend are experienced Crystal cruisers, I see! Unlike my husband and I -- this will be our first Crystal cruise, as well as our first visit to Athens. We are flying in a couple days beforehand and will be staying at the Electra Palace. I see from your signature that you are in "Sunny Florida". We are flying to Sunny Florida on Saturday for a week with family. Sure hope it'll be "sunny" the whole time we're there. Here in the Northeast, we are getting deluged with rain. Susan
  12. Hi! Just want to keep this thread alive - we're down to the 3 month countdown!! Anyone else cruising with us from beautiful Athens to romantic Venice on Serenity's June 18th sailing? If so, please chime in!! Susan
  13. Great news! Just checked our registered guest list for the M&M and I see that our count is now at 16! Thanks to RsrchPro, who with their party of 8, pushed us over the minimum attendance. A little under 4 months to go - - it'll be here before you know it!! Morah - I see that you and DH are still awaiting a sponsor, just like myself and DH. Hats off to Judith, who keeps the list going for everyone. Ciao. Susan
  14. Alidor: Not sure what website someone referenced, but I've purchased both those brands at www.barriepace.com. Haven't purchased from them in several months, but do know they carry a lot of Austin Reed and some Misook. Good luck!
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